Friday, December 9, 2011


[OBAMA'S] CHICKENS...are coming roost!

WHO IS TO BLAME? The Commander ALWAYS takes the blame for what happens in his command. Bet on it that Obummer was in this up to HIS EYEBALLS because it was HE who told serial hoplophobe Sarah Brady that they would do gun control, "through the backdoor."

The entire Obama regime is lucky it ain't Congressman Gunny G from AK there or there would be impeachment calls DAILY and questions to his fellow Congressman/women as to WHY we have not impeached them all yet.

MORE chickens coming home to roost? Ayers ghostwrote BOTH of Zero's "memoirs" (having TWO memoirs is ITSELF A FUGGING joke for someone who never accomplished sh*t) but were they the result of a plundering by Ayers and allowed by Obummer?

OH what a wicked web we weave (Obama), when YOU practice to decieve...


  1. Right.
    A commander assumes blame for what happens on his watch.
    Zero has never accepted blame.
    Zero ain't no commander.
    He is merely a White House squatter until a real commander arrives.
    He has compared himself with Lincoln, Roosevelt, Roosevelt and Reagan.
    What he has failed to do is compare himself with Carter.

  2. Buck,

    I can understand him comparing himself to Lincoln and FDR, both given credit for crap they didn't do and often overlooked for the sh*t they did do. As far as Reagan, we'll, I guess even liberals need a Super Man to look up to and admire!

    My guess is he left our Carter, because that was too recent a National Disaster and he fears those still living actually remember that POS!

  3. "Fast and Furious" should be the codename for this administration.

  4. As CIC, he is responsible for all that goes on during his watch. Isn't that the way the liberals said it was with Bush. They said he knew or should have know.


    Pack Rat

  5. The only thing Obuma is going to take credit for is spreading his illusionist lies about his "accomplishments" and how the GOP have stopped so many more of his "accomplishments"; while he is now in full campaign mode.

    I refer to them as Dumbocrats, because the shoe does fit. They'll blindly except his lies. The Independents are the ones that hopefully do not and also a great more Republicans vote in 2012 than did in 2008; whether the GOP nominee was there man or not during the primary process.

  6. zero needs to build a really big chicken house. This and the other scores of scandals are coming home to roost.

    As Buck opined, he is in charge and the buck stops with him. He should not get a pass. Even the lapdog media is finally being forced to admit it. That said, how BIG are his problems that even the media will now reluctantly report on them?

    The GOP needs to hammer day and night over these scandals.

  7. If he knows and denies,he's a liar. If he doesn't know,he's ignorant and incompetent. Take your pick.

  8. HN,

    I'll add something to your comment...DITTO!

  9. clyde,

    You have me befuddle...I can't decide which one to pick....both apply!

  10. Jeff:
    Fast & Furious. Before it's over it's going to have Holder squealing like Ned Beaty in "Deliverance".