Monday, December 5, 2011


There is so much evidence on Operations Castaway and Fast and Furious out there in Congress that the impeachment trial should already have been started! Now the breakers of the story are apparently going to testify to Congress and hand over a MORE documents that SHOULD seal the deal with an impeachment nabbing Obama, Sellapardon Holder, Janet Incompetano, and a bunch of underlings who should already be doing time in Club Fed!  WTF is Issa waiting on? Impeachment proceeedings handed down before the Christmas break as a Christmas present to the American public?

Here is what the Gunny would LOVE to see happen. (hat tip, Boss Spearman)

American citizens entering Holder's office: "We got a warrant sworn for illegal gun sales, interference in interstate commerce, illegal interstate transfer of guns, the murder of agent Brian Terry, violations of your oath of office, extortion, obstruction of justice, perjury, violations of Federal and State laws concerning securing the border, attempted murder for the agents trying to secure the border, intimidation of witnesses and whistle blowers, and Treason to the US Constitution of the United States. Swore out another one for your boss Obama who headed up this treasonous cabal and another for Napolitano who aided and abetted this. Only ours ain't writ by no tin star, Holder, bought and paid for by George Soros! It's writ by us, and we aim to enforce it and see you tried and convicted and sentenced at the level of your crimes against America! We've got a right to protect our property, our lives, and our nation and we ain't letting no damned tyrant or his bought and paid for lawman take or destroy either. NOW STAND UP and TURN AROUND!"

Holder: [Stands up and turns around and the CUFFS GETS SLAPPED ON!] "I want to call my law firm, Covington and Burling! They're good at defending terrorists!"

American citizen: "And there will be additional charges for your Department's money laundering for Mexican drug cartels. Now GIT MOVING!"

Scene fades with Holder joining Obama and Napolitano in the back of a US Marshal's vehicle headed to Federal lockup.
Holder's COMPLETE lack of ethics (like all Dems)!

SAVED ROUND: Obama trying to nominate an ANTI-GUN judge to the DC Court of Appeals. (Call your Senators ASAP! and tell them HELL NO on this bum!)

Additional reading on NEW Obama/Holder VIOLATIONS: (MORE LAWS were violated)

VIDEO:  Money laundering by the DOJ/ATF


  1. Quit teasing us,damn your hide!! EXACTLY what should be happening there.Good post.

  2. Nice fairy tale.
    Some big wig on Nixon's administration was sent to prison.
    I think he did his time at McDill AFB where they have a vip penitentiary complete with swimming pool, tennis court and a 9 hole golf course.
    That's how big wigs do time.
    If they have to do any time.

  3. Clyde,

    Thanks. I'd love to be there when they and if they slap the cuffs on this turd.

  4. Buck,

    Yep and I think there is a new Club Fed in WVa where they do easy time. Typical.

  5. Dang Gunny! You're a playwrite!