Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Democrat Voter Fraud gets an Illegal President from Kenyan elected. Go figure.

Our government is so out of whack that it is going to take WE THE PEOPLE, and the Gunny excludes liberal vermin since they are little more than lice, bedbugs, pubic crabs, etc., 20 years, maybe more, to get it back into line with the Constitution, as the Founders intended.

No doubt the SCOTUS, if it gets that far, will have to search for their guts because they were AWOL on Barry's Bogus Birth Certificate and Social Security number, simply because of the fear of race riots. Ain't that what the National Guard and bullets were made for?

Naturally, you will hear NOTHING about this on the Liberal Lapdog Media so feel free to pass the link on.

Ronaldus Magnus sums up Liberals quite well.


  1. all you hear Gunny is that the evil republicans are oppressing minorities right to vote because states have been passing logical voter registration laws requiring a photo id which is something every one needs in our daily life yet has you rightly point out this fraud goes unnoticed and fully unreported.
    Further progressive hypocrisy.
    Obama has sunk so low he is now selling mugs with his "birth certificate" featured for $20 a pop - very presidential or a photo op with the queen for 10k - these people know no shame.

  2. Kitman3,

    These grifters are like BJ Bubba and Hitlery in that they have been living off of the taxpayers for so long, they think that they are owed.

    I saw that 10G fee for posing with the Wookie. F that!

  3. Gunny,
    The daily "outings" of fraud by this regime makes my head hurt. What's the total now... 1287 so far?

    This could lock up the court system for the next decade.

  4. Of course they'll ignore it. Right along with the morons at the RNC,the OLDM,ad nauseum,and any of what passes for "leadership" in the house and senate.

  5. The SCOTUS was the last and newest branch of government.
    At its inception more than one of our founding fathers was against it.