Monday, October 31, 2011


It will be a great day in America when we rid ourselves of King Alinsky, a wannabe dictator and serial liar who has absolutely ZERO accomplishments to run on and many screwups to attack, so he pulls an "Alinsky" and simply lies.

EXCERPT: "White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said President Barack Obama will "continue" to act "independently" without congressional authorization to "benefit the American people" as part of the White House’s "We Can’t Wait" campaign. "He [Obama] fully understands that the kinds of things that are contained within the American Jobs Act require congressional action, require laws being passed, and that’s why he’s pressing for Congress to take action legislatively," Carney told reporters on Monday at the White House.

Let's be clear here. King Alinsky's "American Jobs Act" was pure bullsh*t. There WAS NO ACT just a mishmash of gibberish and sloganisms that King Alinsky, when speaking without his teleprompter, is famous for, only this crapulence is on paper. The GOP introduces a REAL jobs act into Congress and King Alinsky says nothing. One more point, the Dems MAJORITY in the Senate did not pass it either, so what now Baghdad Bob Carney?

BTW, WE CAN'T WAIT either Barry, to be RID of you and the First Grifter and November 2012 CANNOT COME FAST ENOUGH!

EXCERPT: "But he can also act independently or, rather, administratively, and exercise his executive authority to benefit the American people in other ways. And he will continue to do that."

THIS is simply MORE 100% pure unadulterated BULLSH*T from the White House and Carney's oral sewer. He usurps the Constitution and THAT does NOT help the American people by any stretch of the imagination, no matter HOW FAR to the Left that imagination is.

EXCERPT: "He is simply acting to help the American people, whether it’s with their mortgages, their student loans, their access to vital drugs, assisting businesses to speed up the process by which they get a, you know, contracts, with their payments from the federal government. These are all measures he can take administratively, and he will continue to take them."

There is no excuse for usurping the Constitution, no matter the reason. If this was a WHITE Republican acting in this manner, the Congress would be all over him like flies on a bull's ass. Obama should have ALREADY been impeached yet this has not been done. WHY? Is the Congress afraid of black flash mobs rioting because of it all? So Congress picks the easier road to travel vice JUSTICE and the Rule of Law? Congress enjoys a 14% approval rate and an EIGHTY-SIX percent DISAPPROVAL rate and can anyone question WHY that is? They absolutely deserve it. That they ignore King Alinsky's usurpation of the Constitution and things like the War Powers Act of 1973 in Libya is nothing short of a criminal act themselves.

This petty tyrant has taken over infrastructure funding, bypassing Congress, taken over student loans, making them MORE forgivable at the expense of the US Taxpayer, bypassing Congress, taken over home loans through Fannie and Freddie, bypassing Congress there as well, i.e., home foreclosures, closed down oil drilling, closed down coal mining, groped old people and babies through the American Gestapo (TSA) and now set up roadblocks in Tennesee and other states. Obama is nothing but a dictator with a toothless Congress and Senate UNWILLING to do what is right FOR America.

The ONE bright side of the despotic rule of King Alinsky is that the NEXT POTUS will be held to a stricter standard, as it should be, than King Alinsky, bought and paid for by Soros ever was and maybe another is that Congress will remember that THEY are supposed to protect US from a rogue president.

I'M KING OBAMA LIKE MY COUSIN KING ODINGO!‘continue’-to-act-‘independently’-without-congress/


  1. Good post.

    We must stand firm. Only 446 days to go and then we will be "zeroed out".

  2. I think he has the Dic part down. The tator comes later.

  3. You know. I really wouldn't be surprised if something like OWS happened next year and got real violent.
    It'd give Zero the chance he's looking for to suspend elections...

  4. Gunny, Great post...this all reminds Mr of the campaign as even back then nobody in the MSM questioned the "o" regarding any of the things that were in his background. Now these same people give him a pass as he governs "without congress". I never thought that I would live to see a President in this country rule like a dictator, ignore the law and the Constitution and go in-challenged in the media. I thought that if this ever was to happen that surely the Congress would step up and do their job. There has never been a clearer case for impeachment and removal from office than currently exists. Letting this continue only makes it harder to stop it as we go along. Between now and the election I believe things are likely to deteriorate to the point of Great violence from the Left. Congress must step in and do their DUTY and put a stop to this and we'll take of any "problems" that may arise as a result of them enforcing the Constitution. God Bless the United States of America...

  5. How many executive orders did GW Bush sign while he was dictator? Does anyone have that number?

  6. Buck, Christmas is right around the corner and, when most of those OWS clowns get the new Warcraft under the tree, they won't be out of the basement for at least 6 months.

  7. Good post. EVERYTHING on his list is NONE OF HIS GODDAMN BUSINESS.Help the American people.My ass. The BEST way this asshat could help would be to RESIGN.

  8. From "The Ten Commandments":"So let it be written, so let it be done"

    Must have ben an ancestor of Obama's or he's reading old scripts.

    Pack Rat

  9. He can sign all the executive orders he wants - but who will pay for them?
    He still needs congress for the moola.
    As he runs against the "do nothing congress" the irony is the do nothing demoRat senators.
    More political desperation to divide and conquer - great post as always Gunny.

  10. mud-rake,

    The curernt count is: Obama in 3 years has written 95. Bush 43 over eight years wrote 291.

    HOWEVER, did Bush seal HIS records with an EO? Nope.

    Moreover, how many REGULATIONS have been written by Obummer's various Tsars? In just AUGUST of 2011 ALONE, your Fuerher wrote 9 BILLION in new regulations through his Tsars.


  11. Buck,

    Did you see yesterday that armed neo-nazis joined with one of the OWS groups and that the San Diego group attacked a cop?

    Leftists are violent, that much is certain and you are correct, this is ALL AIMED at civil unrest that will allow dickhead to impost martial law.

  12. Hey look at me I'm king of the ebda, ebda , ebda PIGS. Also known as an illegal kenyan sob. Gunny, congress is in collusion with this illegal son of the worst bitch that ever lived.

  13. kitman3,

    Yep, typical Obummer at work. It's all he learned from ACORN.