Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Folks, this is the kind of stupidity that we are dealing with in America today. Is it willful ignorance or willful stupidity or minds so open that their collective brain's have fallen out? The Gunny did not want to publish it on a blog post so far back but rather, put it up here for our examination of what passes for thinking inside the brain of a libtard. Read on:

"President Obama has NOT imitated our moron Bush who destroyed our nation. He has been working very hard to reverse Bush's failled [sp] policies and wars that brought our nation to financial ruin, no jobs, and a huge debt. Funny that only racists here are calling for his impeachment! Those who call for Obama's impeachment is as racist as the sole reason for impeachment, Racism! You are one Grade-A racist! By Anonymous on THE KENYAN USURPER WHINES AGAIN at 1:56 PM"

Where can one ever START to refute the utter nonsense spouted by this libidiot? When Bush 43 turned over the reins to numbnuts Obummer, we had:

1.  a TRIPLE "A" credit rating. It is now AA and probably going to A after Bernanke does Quantitative Easing #3.

2.  a victory in Iraq and were kicking ass in Afghanistan with LOW US casualties. MORE GI's have been KIA on Barry watch than the ENTIRE Bush years there!

3.  UNDER a fourteen trillion dollar debt.

4.  a dollar that was worth something, unlike now.

5.  an unemployment rate UNDER 8%.

6.  not lost 3 MILLION jobs as we have under Obummer.

7. caught Saddam, put him on trial in Iraq, by Iraqis, and THEN executed him, we did not simply assassinate him. Rule of Law versus Rule of a Tyrant.

8. Egypt was an ally and Libya was chilled out. Now BOTH are in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Look, the Gunny could go on and on about this but the fact of the matter is that liberals are idiots, it MUST BE a prerequisite for being a lib. Liberals are so stupid that they overlook the Bonnie Fwank and Chris Dodd Fannie/Freddie debacle and blame it on Bush43 who was trying to REFORM them before they sh*t the bed.

Maybe it WILL be good if the system crashes and civilization takes a major hit because liberals are like a caged bird, they're ill-equipped to survive once their master forgets to give them their handouts. Hey, the Gunny has ALWAYS held the position that liberals make GREAT fertilizer because they're so full of sh*t. The above post from an anonymous liberal chisels that fact in granite! But perhaps what is the most hilarious is that this idiot supports a guy who is:

50% white, 1/8th black, and 3/8ths Arab Muslim and who is 100% Kenyan

while the Gunny supports a guy who is:

100% Black and 100% American (with the birth certificate to prove it!)

but Gunny G is the racist! Now THAT is liberal logic for ya! 

What passes for a human in the liberal camp:


(Sepp, figured you'd like this one!)


  1. Gunny, thanks for sharing that idiotic comment. Liberals want to go after the banks and they did do some shifty things but we all know that the liberal politicians are responsible for the housing crash. Because of policy's put in place by the Clinton admin. that allowed, and in fact forced banks to lend money(mortgages) to people who could not afford to pay them back under threat of great penalty

  2. Gunny, thanks for posting the idiots comment as it truly shows the mental capacity of the left. We all know that the ridiculous policys's put in place under the Clinton admin., that Bush and several republican lawmakers tried to reform, absolutely created the conditions that led to the housing melt down! The banks were forced, by the democrats to make the bad loans that created the housing bubble...FACT! Unemployment under Bush averaged 5-6% for 7 years...FACT! Budget deficits under Bush as much as 10x less than Obama...FACT! I could continue but we all get the point. I believe in the next few years we will see liberalism/progressive listed as an official mental illness and diagnosed as such ny the medical community. To constantly deny all facts is truly sick. God Bless the United States of America...

  3. you are both royal nutjobs. but you do have a right to speak your nutjob talk as nutty as it is. keep on enjoying those rights that bush and cheney tried to take away. you folks are worse than UFO people. kooks.

  4. Is he the 99 or just Porky ebda ebda ebda Pig?

  5. No arguing with it. Just needs to be eliminated.I DO enjoy when you post this crap however. Lets us know that the job is far from finished.

  6. EKC,

    Thanks. Now you can go back into your libtard echo chamber and kiss your picture of Marx.

  7. clyde,

    It will take 100 YEARS to undo the damage the libtards have done to our education system. The idiots they turn out can't think their way out of a thick fog.

    I read one libtard was whining that her major of CLASSICAL STUDIES left her UNEMPLOYABLE and 50K in debt for student loans!


  8. Gunny,

    Classical studies should come in handy when we go back to a 1700's lifestyle. I bet she learned all about useful stuff like bread making and butter churning.

    What kind of parent lets their kid waste money like that? Criminal negligence.

  9. TGP,

    It is the study of the classics, i.e., Latin, etc.

    That chick was whining that her studies in Latin left her unemployable! WELL DUH!

    Beck has a great point on that today in that the SCHOOL should advise her that it is a worthless degree BEFORE taking her money!

  10. How can you argue with such studity you say? Well you can't, liberals have been brainwashed their whole lives. Only way they can learn is a reality check and what I mean by that is when these useful idiots are sent to concentration camps by their "communist savior". But even then they will probably blame it on Bush lol.

  11. BTW check out this halarious article on liberalism. It hits the nail on the head.