Friday, November 11, 2011


Old Dominion just kicked Obama's ass and you WON'T hear about it on the Liberal Lapdog Media.

President Alinsky was the first liberal scumbag to win Virginia since 1964 wich really isn't a big deal because he was running against Juan McShamnesty aka Liberal-lite, brother to Mittens Romney. But the Leftists were more excited than when Gerry Studds (D-MA) came out of the closet.

FACT: Team Alinsky held 1,600 events in Virginia in just the last six months.

FACT: President Alinsky took Marxist 1 on a three-day bus tour in Virginia an North Carolina just last month.

FACT: Obama party hacks like Tim "spend it all" Kaine ran their oral sewers in VA daily.

FACT: Crime Incorporated, aka The Jackass Party, got their asses handed to them on Tuesday.

Old Virginny's Republicans added seven new seats to their majority in the House of Delegates, which gives them two-thirds of the vote there. They also seized control of the Senate there AFTER Crime Incorporated tried to pull a liberal and gerrymander their way to stay in office.

In a nutshell...ALL GOP INCUMBENTS WON and their total control is the FIRST TIME since the end of the Civil War! Let us not forget that three U.S. House VA Democrats got the boot in November 2010.

Oh, and remember that almost EVERY Dummycrat DISTANCED himself/herself from President Alinsky, to no avail.

FACT: Quinnipiac poll shows Mr. Obama's approval rating among Virginia independents at 29%.

The Leftists mewled that the turnout (30% approx) was too low to prove that it was all on President Alinsky's head, now on a nine day vacation to the Far East with his Klingon War Bride.

What makes this so delicious is that Obama's number 2 asskisser, David Plouffle, just got spanked like a toddler in Ol' Virginny! Well done Patriots, well done indeed.

The Gunny figures that Virginia's motto: "Sic Semper Tyrannis," ain't their motto for nothing.

The coming tsunami in November 2012 is going to wash the White House clean and send the Kenyan Usurper back to whatever rock Soros hauled him out from under along with a bunch of other liberal vermin in the House and Senate.


  1. The Great Awakening is going to be the dhimmis RUDE Awakening.While this was a good flush,we're STILL a LONG ways off.Too many turds to go.

  2. Gunny,

    To you and the rest of America - you're welcome. We are kicking ass and taking names here in Virginia. Follow our lead to freedom and prosperity.

    It took a lot of work and a collection of good solid Republican candidates. It doesn't happen by accident. There are 361 campaigning days until November 6th, 2012.

    November 6, 2012 is coming - who will be ready?

  3. Clyde,

    Watching the Left crapping their diapers in Nov 2012 is gonna be great fun.

  4. Common Snse,

    A hearty WELL DONE to y'all!

    I'm putting my money where my mouth is amigo, $200.00 to the Cain Train and $100.00 to Perry.

  5. I hope Virginia is a glimpse into the future. But this is very scary and I hope everyone will spread the word.

  6. Gunny- Just wanted to stop by and drop a line. Thank you for your service.

  7. Anon,

    I read that report and think it is full of crap. Don't worry about that, the troops would NEVER go for it and Constitutionally, I do not think it would hold water.

    Let's focus our efforts to eject the Kenyan in 2012.

  8. J.O.B.

    Thanks. As I look back on it, and I am sure that most Vets feel this way, it was an honor TO SERVE this nation. Remember one thing, WE can't do it w/o the Homefront who serves as well.

  9. J.O.B.

    Thanks. As I look back on it, and I am sure that most Vets feel this way, it was an honor TO SERVE this nation. Remember one thing, WE can't do it w/o the Homefront who serves as well.

  10. I'm a few posts behind..but here's a piece of the puzzle that fits quite nicely. No surprise really.
    JoeDaddy in NC.

  11. Overconfidence is not good policy.
    Remember Thomas Dewey v Harry Truman in 1948.
    The democrats are desperate and will be pulling shit out of the bottom of the septic tank.
    You will see more dead people and illegals vote than you ever expected. There may be intimidation of the timid at the polls ala New Plack Pussycats or other far left groups.
    Then there may be that "Reichstag moment" that will "necessarily" call for the postponement of elections.
    Count on it.
    They have spent too many years obtaining the power they have to let it slip away just at the whims of the American people without tooth & nail fight.
    NEVER underestimate your enemy!

  12. Gunny,

    Outstanding. Tell all your friends and neighbors - don't take this one for granted. We have to win by a sufficient margin that we overcome the democrat (progressive, liberal, socialist, whatever) fraudulent votes. We need a landslide election to turn this ship around.

  13. Please don't forget about Mississippi Gunny. The Governor (Phil Bryant), the Lt. Gov. (Tate Reeves), Treasurer (Lynn Fitch), and most other state offices went GOP. Only the State Attorney General (Jim Hood, unfortunately a relative of Mrs. Gray Ghost) stayed Democrat.

    The Mississippi House and Senate are now controlled by the GOP. This is the first time since Reconstruction this has occurred. My own state representative, in a predominately black district, is now a Republican (57% to 43%). The voter identification initiative also passed (62% to 38%). This should help cut down on voter fraud by requiring a picture ID to vote.

    My personal opinion of why the MSM is NOT showing what happened in VA and MS is that they know what is coming in 2012 and are doing everything they can to stop it.

  14. And actually Gunny, I like the State of Mississippi's mottoo better than Virginia's:

    "Virtute et Armis" ("By Valor and Arms")

    PS: The mottoo is also the title of an excellent book by James Street. The book concerns Mississippi, the city of Vicksburg, and the ironclad CSS Arkansas (built in Yazoo City, MS and the ONLY Confederate naval surface vessel to accomplish anything during the Civil War by raising the first seige of Vicksburg). I guarantee this book is worth reading.