Sunday, November 27, 2011


Whether you like Newt or not, he DOES take the fight to Comrade Community Organizer!

Many Conservatives do not like or trust Newt but here is a thought. If Newt brings in someone like Santorum or Bachmann in as VEEP and sets him or her up as a follow-on POTUS, i.e., Reagan/Bush, with the exception being that THEY would be a Conservative vice a GOP Establishment goon, is that not a big victory for US in the long run?

BTW, HILARIOUS that Kid Teleprompter did not reply to it. VERY telling.


  1. Newt,with his baggage,is FAR more qualified than the Slug-in-Chief.Only thing wrong with your scenario,Gunny,is Newt would STILL be the head of the ticket. Just like McCain/Palin in '08.Remember how well THAT went? I do not believe for a second he would be second fiddle. Newt has to have a HUGE epiphany on the illegals issue,along with some others,to get me in his camp.

  2. Gunny,

    If Callista buys him a chastity belt, I could hold my nose and vote for him. I almost hope he gets the nomination just to watch him chase Oblamo around and badmouth him.

  3. Gunny,
    You pose a very good question. The answer of course is yes.

    Before that happened I would like to see Newt wipe the floor with barry in a few debates first.

    I like Newt but not as POTUS. I think he'd amke a great Secretary of State. However if he is the last man standing and he gets the nomination then I will supprt him.

  4. I could live with Newt.
    Hell of a lot easier than Romney.
    Or Perry.

  5. Poluminum Platonium Putin has warned the west he is comming back. So to be forwarned by the only atomic bomber of western europe is good to know what he has in mind. Gee i wonder if his atomic bomber is still in the Putin duma or dumma as in dummy parliment. Just another technocrat rigger like his chicom pals. Better the ruskys r saddled with him. Any leaders getting a polunium handshake best double wash they hands to remover the plutonium blood that is still on Putin's hands. Ode to Able who's righteous blood still calls out from his grave. We know Cain's accuser lives in russland or redland.

  6. clyde,

    I hear you. Newt HAS a lot of baggage but WHO doesn't at his age? I'm trying to think 20 years down the road when we've held the WH, Congrss, and Senate for about 12 years or so in order to unf*ck the Obummer Era! Newt MIGHT like illegals but HE can't do squat if Conservatives hold the Congress. Mitt, Paul, and Huntsman WILL NEVER EVER ge my vote but Newt MIGHT depending on how he kicks the sh*t out of Kid Teleprompter AND who he picks as VEEP.

  7. TGP,

    If Newt gets the nod, he'll wrap up Odumbo like a pretzel and that WILL be great entertainment. I really think the Obummer crowd, as well as Odumbo, FEARS running against Newt who is ALREADY on the attack.

  8. Hardnox,

    I agree. I COULD NEVER vote for Mitt, Paul, or Huntsman. One is Bain-money slick, the other is a nutjob anti-semite, and the other is Obama's lapdog.

  9. Now that the media has successfully destroyed Cain and Bachmann, I guess Newt is the next best. Rommey makes me want to puke! Whoever the nominee is, the media pukes (redundancy) will go after big time. I believe Newt will tell them to pound sand whereas Mitt will smile and hope they will be nice to him ala McLame. The election will be won by the votes of the lamebrains that read and watch the Marxist media. We need someone to point out the obvious to these nitwits.

  10. Navyvet,

    Brother, you could not be more right. Mitt IS McLame all over again.

    If the GOP pushes Romney, and he wins the primary, you'll see the picture of him at Bain plastered everywhere and on the Liberal Lapdog Media 24/7, until the election.

    THAT is why Obummer WANTS to run against Wall St Romney!

  11. A fellow commenter stated something to me the other day on another blog page (One of your good buddy's page Gunny)and after reflecting on it; it might just have some validity. He told me, "We have a two party system; the evil and the stupid of which he and I are the latter."

    Evil is sitting in our White House right now. Evil controls our Senate right now. Personally, I would prefer to have the "stupid" in power rather than the evil. So, while I have my own opinion of who I would like to see as the Repub nominee and veep; I will vote for whoever the Republican Candidate ends up being. There is no way he could screw things up as bad as Obama. Obama must go.

    I believe that to be a MUST to even give us a chance to begin the repairing process. We can't afford another 2008 where too many Republicans sat home and didn't vote, because they didn't like McCain. I didn't like McCain, but I voted to try and stop the evil from winning.

    I also hope the move back to right we saw during the midterm elections, which allowed the Republican's to regain control of the House, shows up again next year and puts the Republican's back in charge of the Senate.

  12. Gunny,

    I will vote for Newt if he's the nominee. To me, and of course this is just my opinion, to not vote or vote 3rd party this time around, is like being complicit in this fraud's regime. The Liar in Chief has got to go. To me it's almost akin to treason to allow that creature to remain in the WH.

    Newt has baggage. Don't we all? I'm not the same person I was 20 years ago. I don't even recognize that person, now that I'm a bit older and wiser (I say that in all humility of course). So, why can't Newt have changed too? He's admitted to some dumb ideas he had 20 odd years ago. All of us are guilty of dumb ideas at some time in our lives and doing dumb things. Anybody who says they didn't are liars.

    Besides he would have a cabinet of "smart" people not dummies like the O man, who would give him advice and Newt would most likely be smart enough to listen to his advisers. If he gets out on a limb too far, somebody would haul him back in. That's what I think. I don't see Newt as being as stubborn as what we've got right now in taking advice.

    I also would love to see Newt bloody the Liar in Chief during debates. Newt would have him down on the boxing match floor in seconds. The Dictator in Chief couldn't hold a candle to Newt's brain, wit, or common sense replies to anything that fraud says. If for only that it would be worth it.