Monday, November 14, 2011


The gall of the Kenyan Usurper knows no limits. This taker of vacations while Americans suffer, this eater of Wagyu beef while 45 million Americans are on food stamps, this clown who plays basketball and who golfs while Americans are jobless and our allies are betrayed, this despot who bypasses Congress, pisses on the Constitution, and who rules like a Czar says WE’RE LAZY! But the true gall and ignorance of the Kenyan Usurper surfaced when he and Sarkozy bitched like little girls about Bibi Netanyahu.

"The conversation apparently began with President Obama criticizing Sarkozy for not having warned him that France would be voting in favor of the Palestinian membership bid in UNESCO despite Washington's strong objection to the move. The conversation then drifted to Netanyahu, at which time Sarkozy declared: "I cannot stand him. He is a liar." According to the report, Obama replied: "You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!"

How did Obummer say it, oh yeah, "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." This should not be a surprise to those of us who knew that Obama was a 20 year veteran of Jeremiah Wright’s church of hate and liked anti-semites like Calypso Louie Farrakhan and Al "twanda brawley" Sharpton. 

So Iran is working on getting a nuke even while their little needledick president threatens to use it on Israel, our ally, and our own tyrant is more concerned with going on vacation in the Far East, covering it as a meeting with other leaders (no doubt Hu has already punked out the Blunder Boy) than in making sure we got the back of our long-time ally.

Let us put this into context shall we? Obummer first pisses on PM Netanyahu in DC, then doubles down on it by going on vacation while PM Netanyahu speaks to Congress (to a thunderous ovation  BTW), then compounds it all by consistently taking sides AGAINST Israel all the while kissing the ass of the little needledick tyrant in Iran. (Jimmy Carter and 1979 seem to be the gift that keeps on giving…)

"The US leader was rebuffed last month when he demanded private guarantees that no strike would go ahead without White House notification, suggesting Israel no longer plans to "seek Washington's permission", sources said. The disclosure, made by insiders briefed on a top-secret meeting between America's most senior defence chief and Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's hawkish prime minister, comes amid concerns that Iran's continuing progress towards nuclear weapons capability means the Jewish state has all but lost hope for a diplomatic solution."

So WHAT does our little despot do? "Alarmed by Mr Netanyahu's noncommittal response, Mr Obama reportedly ordered the US intelligence services to step up monitoring of Israel to glean clues of its intentions."

President Alinsky orders our intel services to monitor Israel? Like they were an enemy? The Gunny could tell President Alinsky their intentions, that is, if the walking dildo with ears could take a minute or two from golf or vacationing. Their intention is SURVIVAL you incompetent triple-vested jackanape from Kenya. The runt from Iran has stated that Iran wants to wipe Israel off of the map and as the Talmud says: 

"If someone comes to kill you, rise and kill him first."

If Israel calls for volunteers from the USA, like China did from the Flying Tigers, to help them against our mutual ENEMY, Iran (and any other Muslim nation there), then let us go by the millions to help them. The Gunny could arm and equip his own fire team and the Iranians have MUCH to answer for since 1979.

How far have we fallen that a sitting President would work against an ally but then again, who would have thought that the bust of Winston Churchill, a gift from another ally, would be sent back to where it came from? But he DID give the Queen an Ipod with his speeches on it. So here is how the Gunny sees it… IF the Iranians get their nuke operational BEFORE November 2012 they will use it against Israel because THEY KNOW that our tyrant, President Alinsky, will do nothing to THEM, other than whining like a little bitch to the UN. They KNOW that our tyrant, unlike their runt, WILL get the boot in 2012 and the conservative President will hit Iran hard enough to send them back into the Stone Age, like KGB Karter should have done in 1979.

It is a shameful, corrupt, and morally repugnant administration that sits inside the Beltway and there is only one recourse left to the citizens of this nation. They must be scourged and hounded out of office, thoroughly investigated, put on public trial, and many imprisoned for the sake of our Republic. Many of them need a one-way trip to Gitmo.

The only thing the Gunny has to say about Obummer is: "May his days be few; may another take his place soon, and may Obama live forever in shame and low standing."

November 2012 cannot come fast enough.


  1. I don't think most folks realize the magnitude of the insult Zero did to GB when he sent the bust of Winnie back.
    I don't think most folks understand the magnitude of the insule to both the American people and Great Britain every time he plops his #11's on the desk in the Oval Office.

  2. Craw,

    I think they'd be looking for trigger pullers! haha. Although you never know.

  3. Can't blame BiBi at all for going it alone. I think he had a REAL good idea as soon as shithead was immaculated that he and Israel would be on their own.

  4. Buck,

    You got that right. It was a HUGE insult sending Winnie back. He is a national hero of the UK as well as my own personal hero. The guy knew the deal from start to finish.

  5. Gunny,

    Check my post on Hardnox's "White Feather" post. I can pull a trigger, and I'm willing to provide my own gun and ammo.

  6. TGP,

    I've emailed some contacts in Israel and told em, in an emergency, have El Al flight land in a few cities in the US so we can embark and fly out. I know a few grouchy old Gunny's who would join me!

  7. Gunny:
    Winston Churchill's political career illustrates just how fickle the voting public can be.
    After Chaimberlan sold the Czechs down the river and war was inevitable Great Britain elected Churchill whose indomitable spirit and bulldog tenacity (hell, he even looked like a bulldog) carried the country through the darkest of periods.
    But as soon as the war was over a very unappreciative electorate kicked him out of office for another liberal PM.

  8. O'Vomit told everyone that if it got bad he would stand with the Muslims. Until after the 2012 elections, Israel is on her own. But O'Vomit's actions are back-firing on him. At this point in time he has lost 50% to 60% of the Democrat Jewish vote.

    The 2012 elections are shaping up to be a bloodbath for the Democrats, and they know it. Many Democrats in the "Purple" states are starting to "distance" themselves from O'Vomit.