Monday, November 28, 2011


put a bunch of idiots in charge.

Now like him and Cheney or not, when they left, WE WERE WINNING!

1.  Egypt fails to Muslim Brotherhood after Obama assists
2.  Libya falls to al-Qeada and Islamofascists after Obama and NATO assists
3.  Yemen in trouble after Obama assists
4.  Obama widening the war in Somalia
5.  Putin warns West as he launches presidential bid
6.  Russia targets US missile silos and Obama is silent
7.  Kuwaiti government collapses (another ally gone)
8.  Pakistan PM issued warning to US
9.  Protesters Burn Effigy of Obama (now THAT the Gunny can dig)
10.  NATO braces for reprisals
11.  Saboteurs blow up Egypt gas pipeline to Jordan, Israel
12.  Iran threatens to nuke Israel...Obama says and does nothing to stop it
13.  IRAN: We'll fire 150,000 missiles at Israel if attacked...
13.  IMF drafting $800 billion bailout plan for Italy, Spain (WITH US TAXPAYER MONEY)
        (Just days until collapse)
15.  US domestic scene a total f*ckstory
16.  GITMO still open
21.  Iraq on the verge of going bad (after we pull out)
22.  MORE GI's KIA under Obama, in Afghanistan, with NOTHING to show for it.

Will we EVER learn our lesson that putting moronic liberals in charge NEVER EVER WORKS? It NEVER WORKS folks, from Wilson and his asinine League of Nations to FDR's asskissing of Stalin to Truman's idiot Dean Acheson and the Korean War to JFK's Bay of Pigs, LBJ's Vietnam, Carter (enough said), BJ Bubba and the Rise of al-Qaeda, and now this idiot.

You may not like Bush or Cheney but when THEY were in, we were WINNING! There was not massive instability in the world and everything that President Alinsky touches has turned to sh*t! And Hitlery Klintoon, jetsetting all over the world with her Russian reset button and her head up her fat ass is no better! She is actually as bad, if not WORSE than Maddy Halfbright, BJ Bubba's embarassment of a SecState!

On the domestic scene, these idiots are as bad if not WORSE, i.e., the filthy, violent, mentally deranged and disease-ridden Left's version of the TEA Party, the Occupy idiots.

Liberals are a hazard to the health of this nation and one day, hopefully before the system crashes or we're turned into french fries from a suitcase nuke, snuck in over an open southern border because the Regime and the TSA, DHS, and the DOJ are more interested in selling guns to the Mexican drug cartels than in defending Americans, we will realize that.

"We were WINNING when I left office!"


  1. Gunny, Great Post...I have been watching all of these things unfold as well. It is as if radical Islam has been handed the advantage at every turn. They are in the process of taking over nation states (Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and possibly more) which enables them to have much greater ability to "plot and attack" as well as spread their beliefs. We are in much greater danger than ever before. The administration has enabled these radicals at every turn. As for the situation in the Homeland WTF...we have got to take back control ASAP. We have so much work to do and so little time to do it. Keep up the good work Gunny we must understand all that is at stake...our very existance. God Bless the United States of America...

  2. I sure miss him. I always appreciated his off the cuff remarks, such as:

    Someone needs to tell Syria to knock this shit off.


    Wanted. Dead or alive.

  3. to call Obama Carter II is much too insulting to Carter.

    Carter at least believed in what he was doing and was working on his own, vs being a puppet of outside interests.

    To grade Obama, take the inverse of the national debt, as in one over 1.5 trillion percent.

    If Obama had been pres in 1941, "sprechen sie Deutsch?"

    Pack Rat

  4. Gunny,

    Great article. And to think that the fraud told us he'd make things "so much better" and give us back a "good reputation" once he became president. Of course I never believed him for one moment but apparently a lot of loons did. As if GWB had made this many enemies while he was in office. The Liar in Chief has done a hands down job of creating more enemies than we've ever had. And for Israel too and I think it's on purpose myself.

    He has made us a mockery everywhere he goes and now we're more vulnerable than ever.

    I like that one cartoon where it has Bush saying "Do you miss me yet?" I'm not saying I approved and agreed with every thing Bush did, but bloody hell he was so much better than what we've got now. Like Gar says the LIC is going to turn us all into a 3rd world fecal hole.

  5. A damned dead raccoon would be better than this cluck.Really have to wonder,Guns,WHY any thinking,rational,sentient being would ever vote for libs? However,there IS GOOD news today. Bawney Fwank,he of banking queer fame,has decided NOT to run for re-election. Apparently,redistricting got him. Heard it on the meathead Rush's show.

  6. Clyde,

    Saw an article on Bawny retiring too. Good news for all of us. I just hope we get someone decent to replace that miserable crook.

  7. That was some good writing Gunny! But, I must admit the more I read the more depressed I got! And also, the more "peeved" I got!

    Obamapuppet's ideology was already out their for everyone to know as an IL Senator. So, the Idependentidiot's that greatly helped vote him in should not be surprised by what he is doing; nor should the GOP voter's that didn't vote last time be complaining. To many people "listen" these day's instead of "read!" To many people see evil, but do nothing to stop it. Probably our best "reader" is Obama; cause he couldn't speak without his teleprompter!

    I cannot reiterate enough that every registered Republican voter this year go out and vote for who ever the GOP nominee may be! If we have another 2008 election of GOP voter's standing on the sidelines and watching the better get very familiar with the Karan!

  8. Hey clyde,

    Thank you for sharing some good new's coming out of DC! WE don't get much, so will gladly take every scrap we can get right now!

  9. Hey pep,

    You do love that phrase by Gar!LMAO..And so do I!! I believe all signs in DC that read White House should be changed out with Gar's new slogan!

  10. TexMan,

    It will take 20 YEARS to unscrew the mess Obummer has sh*t out and I simply don't think the majority of Americans can stay focused that long. In my heart of hearts, we're screwed and it is going to get worse before it gets better.

  11. TGP,

    I had my problems with Bush 43, i.e., spending like a drunken Senator from Taxachusetts, but he was far far more of a President than the steaming turd from Nairobi is.

  12. Pack Rat,

    Indeed. Obama IS the ugly face of the FIFTH COLUMN in America.

  13. Pep,

    Obummer TRIED to do us in but he and his master Soros DID NOT expect the RISE of the TEA PARTY and MILLIONS of pissed off Americans.

  14. clyde,

    It was just an easy excuse for Ol Lispy. He was going to have to COMPETE this time, for the FIRST TIME, and did not like it.

    May history quickly forget the scumbag was an American.

  15. Gunny,
    I'm sure if you had another hour you could have taken that list up to 100 and not broke a sweat. We would be better off with the Wizard of Oz running things than we are with BO.
    Enjoyed the post.

  16. Dave,

    While I get your point, the point of voting for whomever the GOP establishment shoves our way got us McShamnesty in 2008. WE need to tell THEM to stop sending us RINOS and get back to sending us someone we can vote FOR!

    I hope that MANY MANY of us are ANGRY enough to demand that Obummer be impeached, Holder too, and that WE THE PEOPLE enforce OUR WILL on the Congress and the Senate in order to bring them BACK under the Constitution.

  17. Paladin,

    No lie. The more I typed the more pissed off I got!

  18. I have a sneaking feeling the office of Secretary of State has become a showplace to put a woman and satisfy the nags.
    Hell, even Bush went that way.
    None of the females represented the best choice. Not even Rice.
    Maybe the politicians feel SoS gives a woman a chance to occupy a high visibility position without having to actually make any crucial decisions.

  19. Gunny,

    I definitely agree with everything you wrote. I just believe in this day and age we are not going to get the perfect outcome we all desire right away. In my opinion, it will take several voting cycle's to really clean up the White House and Congress; but we have to start somewhere right now.

    That is why I personally have the position that this is a requirement to vote for any Repub candidate just to get Obama out. Nothing the GOP offer's would be worse than allowing Obama to get a second term.

    I understand your point and I totally agree and wish it could all be taken care of in the 2008 election. I simply just believe this is going to be a step by step process over a period of time to get DC headed back in the RIGHT direction. If Obama gets re-elected, then in my opinion; the rest is mute. The damage he will do with another four years will be irreversible no matter how congress ends up two, three, four years...down the road.