Monday, November 7, 2011


It is amazing to see how far the government can crack down on ANYONE that "THEY" deem as a threat, even a few old guys down in Georgia. Did THIS little incident slip under your radar?

EXCERPT: "An alleged plot to attack federal and state officials by suspected members of a fringe north Georgia militia group was inspired by an online anti-government novel, authorities said. Court documents state that 73-year-old Frederick Thomas, a suspected member of the group, told others that he intended to model their actions on the online novel "Absolved," which involves small groups of citizens attacking U.S. officials."

EXCERPT: "They were part of a group that also tried to obtain an unregistered explosive device and sought out the complex formula to produce Ricin, a biological toxin that can be lethal in small doses, according to a federal complaint."

So the DOJ under Eric the Red REFUSES to prosecute blacks who call for separation, i.e., Nation of Islam, Reverend Wright, the New Black Panther Party, Van Jones, etc. Eric the Red and the DOJ also refuses to do anything about Democrat politicians talking about suspending the elections, Obama just doing what he wants to, etc, etc. The FBI, the DOJ, and DHS are also doing NOTHING about the OWS crowd who advocates overthrowing the US Government and who are calling for violent revolution in America as are some Democrat POLITICIANS!!

But they manage to swoop down and bust the Geezer militia? And then the Geezer militia then tries to tie their actions to a book written by a right-wing author?

Anyone else smell the bullsh*t here? The Feds can get a double whammy here. Bust a few old guys in a "militia" and then nail a right-wing blogger, whose website, the Sipsey Street Irregulars literally DOGS the Regime (worse than the Anti Liberal Zone does)! Next step is, they'll ban his book and maybe hold a weinie roast while they burn it.

These guys are in their 70's and they're gonna cook up Ricin in their basements? They're gonna whack a few of the Regime's bureaucrats? This whole affair stinks on ice.

Dig this line of federal bullsh*t: "Adams, meanwhile, is accused of showing an informant the formula to make Ricin and identifying the ways to obtain the ingredients."

So, if the Gunny pulls up a schematic of a A-bomb, available in your local library or online, and then discusses making one, that's a crime? If the Gunny looks at an armored car outside of Wells Fargo and says to a passer-by, "Man, I'd rob that sucker if I could," that's a crime? This is the thin gruel that the Regime is passing out as a nine course meal? It is more like a trampling of the First Amendment, which is nothing new to the Regime.

Maybe the fat unqualified lezbo that Obama installed in the SCOTUS was only slightly off of the mark when she yammered: "some speech can be disappeared." Maybe she meant to say that under this Regime, "some RIGHTS can be disappeared." 

The Feds have pegged the BS meter on this one.


  1. Gunny, smells like a total set-up from the jump. Like you said this is a "double" for the administration and the left. The MSM will go overboard to pin this to the tea party and conservatives in general. This next year will be brutal! By the careful which websites you look at and don't talk about robbing thing...ha, ha...also, great post, thanks...God Bless the United States of America

  2. Will share this...The stink is rising from this one!

  3. TexMan,

    This regime is so see-through it ain't funny.

  4. JACK,

    Thanks. Added you to the blog list, keep up the good work.

  5. Sure don't pass the smell test. Bullshit meter has been busted quite a lot here lately.

  6. It appears that Obama and the DOJ are trying to "put a scare" on anyone who opposes them. I say this because I note that the MSM has not reported this. So far ony Fox News has said anything. In other words the Administration wants rumors and hints to go all over the internet, perhaps scaring the Right.

    As for the age of what is reported as one of the members (i.e., 73), a man that age can be very dangerous.

    Other than that, and like you Gunny, I too smell a stink on this particular incident.

    Remember the milita group in ...Wisconson, I think..?
    They will come after Americans and the press will spout how these milita are ultra right wing fringe supremacist radical religious nuts and the government is just trying to protect YOU!

    count on it

  8. Aside to Buck: that was here in Michigan,in the town I grew up in,Dexter.That guy was about as dangerous as a feather.

  9. Clyde:
    Thanks for the affirmation of my suspicions.