Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Mittens Romney is a scumbag. Instead of DEFENDING a fellow Republican (Romney is actually a Dem in GOP clothing) Romney scumbags Cain.

EXCERPT: "WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney says allegations that rival Herman Cain groped a former employee are "particularly disturbing" and must be addressed."

No, what must be addressed is WHY RINOs like Romney and Huntsman (Obama's lapdog) are allowed in the GOP when it is clear that they are nothing but liberal-lite but then again they fit in the same organization that gave us Juan McShamnesty.

So the new site springs up and the Gunny has joined with them GLADLY!


Once again for those joining us, NO WAY IN HELL will the Gunny vote for the Taxachusetts Technocrat and liberal-lite Mittens Romney! If one researches what Mittens has stood for in Taxachusetts, then likely, they will join us at "NOT MITT ROMNEY"!



  1. WHEN the goddamn lying left starts sliming Mutt(and you KNOW it's coming)maybe the asshat will think about what he has said. Would be NO surprise to me if he were in on this sleazy shit.

  2. clyde,

    Yep, it is 2008 all over again. The Liberal lapdog media loves The Mutt and once he is picked by the GOP to run, he'll be excoriated like he was the antichrist.

    The GOP will NEVER learn that WHO the Left loves on OUR SIDE, is OUR ENEMY!

  3. R E,

    Mutt is a HUGE RINO! I see that Scott Brown is going wobbly on undoing Obama's Net Neutrality BS. Typical RINO who ranks right up there with Murkowski, Snowe, Collins, etc..

  4. I am not even sure that Romney rises to the level of RINO. Perhaps a new classification is needed for Romney: DIABuN (Democrat in all but name).

    Romney is one of the reasons that the GOP has trouble. Independents look at the GOP and see too many "Romneys".

  5. Gunny,

    I think I may have mentioned my distaste for Willard, but to be certain there is no misunderstanding - I wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire - on my couch.

    Romney is certainly not the only RINO in the Republican Party - but he is the most repulsive.

  6. What's with the GOP bluenoses?
    First McCain...no, First Dole. Then Bush then McCain.
    Now another Democrat in GOP clothing.
    Are they trying to destroy the country or their party?

  7. Even Fox has Romney crowned as king.