Wednesday, November 30, 2011



Be warned, getting close to parasites like this may infect you with the disease of liberalism, or as we all know it, "what is yours is mine and what is mine is mine."

Oh, and make sure that before you watch what Obama's ILLEGAL ALIEN AUNT living in SOUTH BOSTON has to say, do not have any guns lying about or you MAY be tempted to shoot a few holes in your PC in anger.

Oddly enough, the way President Alinsky acts, the extreme assholery and arrogance must run deep in that family of takers and users.

What the Gunny wonders is WHY ICE is not forcing her deportation even after a Federal judge, probably a liberal, who likely got a kickback from Obama, allowed her to continue grubbing off of the fruits of other people's labors.

Ain't Liberalism grand?


  1. Unless that federal judge has the Constitutional authority to rewrite our immigration laws, it matters not what that fool said. Deport the illegal leech!

  2. What the hell can one say about this shitbag? Convinced she's OWED just because she landed on our shores? A humungous clyde W T F. Way to effing go,democrats. Aunty Zeituni,and the rest of the damnable parasites, IS the result of YOUR assholery,make NO mistake. Can you IMAGINE what this assbite is going to be like as an EX-POTUS?? HJC,he's going to out-Jimmuh Jimmuh.

  3. This made Dave turn into Therave! Or perhaps a better description would be Therage! Thanks for the "Warning Label" Gunny, because I was cleaning my .45 this very evening! So, my PC is still in tact. This beeotch is the poster child for "Screw Over the US citizens!" She has a PhD in how to become well off, while being illegal. She could make a fortune in Mexico giving them lessons! And no influence from Obuma...bullsh*t!!!!!

  4. "If I come here as an immigrant it is your obligation to make me a citizen." WHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??

  5. Seems like not only is the whole damn family here illegally but every damn one of them is living off the public dole.

  6. You gotta remember.
    Jomo Kenyatta.
    Idi Amin.
    Now you understand
    Barak Obama

  7. She put on quite a show in court. She and her lawyer arrived with Aunti Z using a walker to get around.
    After her (probably known beforehand) ruling, she got right up and walked out of that court room completely on her own.

  8. beachmom,

    I don't give a damn if these parasites come in on a STRETCHER! Deport em.

    ANY lawyer defending an illegal alien should be disbarred.

  9. Dave,

    Amazing how the Liberal Lapdog media IGNORES this issue.

  10. Buck,

    I LMMFAO when I hear of Obambi's mommy-in-law living in the WH! When has any POTUS done THAT!?

    What a p*ssy Obama is.