Thursday, November 10, 2011


The Teleprompter President did FAR FAR worse in September 2008 yet the Liberal Lapdog media ignored it.

Bet on a repeat of this in 2012 if teleprompters are banned from the debates with President Alinsky stammering and stumbling like the idiot he is.


  1. Agreed, Perry should just relax and be himself. He didn't get elected to three terms as governor because he's an idiot.

    I would like to see Perry debate resident zero. Zero would look like the imbecile that he is. For that matter, I would like Perry debate any of the talking heads and see if they would do better.

    These non-debates are bullshit. I want to see them articulate their positions.

  2. I'd be pleased to see these debates OVER. Been WAY too many of them already,and the ONLY ones paying ANY attention to them is the goddamn media.Trying to play their little grab-ass gotcha games.The ONLY "debate" there needs to be is the debate whether or not we want Euro-socialism,or to be a relatively free nation.

  3. Gunny,

    I was really pleased with Perry's performance until that point. I was an instructor at TBS in Quantico and I know it has happened to me while teaching a class I had taught a dozen times before. I can tell you that I saw Perry in Richmond and he spoke without a teleprompter in a clear, concise, and understandable manner.

    I think that we would all be better off if Perry took a page from Newt's book and just said "That's certainly an ignorant question" and then just spoke directly to the American people.

  4. Happy Marine Corps Birthday, Gunny! Thanks to you and all your fellow Marines for everything you have done to protect America! Hope you have a great celebration today!

  5. Porky Pig is easier to follow. What an absolute PILE.

    My daddy would have slapped the crap out of me for uh-ing and er-ing half that much.

  6. Gunny,

    Happy Birthday to you, Gunny, and the Marine Corp and all of your service.

    Yes, Rick Perry needs to breathe. He panics. And he loses it. Poor guy. I can't help but feel sorry for him because I forget what I'm going to say half of the time. But, I'm a couple years older than he, but it doesn't matter.

  7. ...And how many folks voted for this clown?

  8. So now it’s come to that... It’s come to the point where even the left who have been calling the rightwingers “racists” for years now have come to the point where they are calling the right “racists” because they support a man who is not the “right kind of black” I guess that we have now arrived at the day in America where a black man is vilified by other black men, because he doesn't fit their black profile. I guess that the true black man must be a liberal or he is not really the black man that the country needs. I have seen it all now. Blacks like Danny Glover, Harry Belefonte, and Al Sharpton as well as many others calling a back man a Uncle Tom once again only because he doesn’t fit their mold. You all should be ashamed of yourselves, and especially the lefties who claims to be so tolerant. Who say that they is for “Diversity”.
    Isn’t it amazing how twisted they make things when they don’t agree with the party that the individual belongs to.

  9. Exactly. Obama stumbled his way through his debates. With Perry, they were writing his epitaph by the end. But if this were Obama, they not only would have minimized it, they would have declared him the winner in spite of it.

    Jeff - PBR

  10. So Perry is down and Newt is gaining in polls, by arguing his way up. Earlier some of Newt’s staff quit and signed on with Perry. Now with Perry down and Newt rising, what will happen? There will be a lot of musical staff before its over.