Thursday, November 3, 2011


EXCERPT: "CANNES, France — President Obama was greeted at the G-20 summit in this seaside resort Thursday with a plea by French President Nicolas Sarkozy to get more involved in resolving Europe’s spiraling debt crisis. "We need the leadership of Barack Obama," Mr. Sarkozy said after the two leaders huddled to start the meeting of the world’s industrialized and large, developing nations. "We need the solidarity and support of the United States of America." Mr. Sarkozy met with Mr. Obama within an hour of his arrival at the summit, which is threatening to be consumed with the unraveling of a bailout for Greece."

First off, SCREW YOU EUROPE! We've had to bailout you out TWICE in one century at the cost of hundreds of thousands of US lives and a few trillion in cost. We are STILL covering your ass with NATO at the cost of a few hundred billion a year. You have pissed on the USA at every turn, dragging your feet when WE needed you. You backdoored the USA with the "Oil-for-Food" scandal. You backstabbed us in Iraq and Afghanistan, over and over, from that assh*le Hans Blix to outright betrayal, and you NEVER pulled your weight in ANY conflict since 1917.

Second, ANYONE in our government who commits ONE DIME to a bailout of Europe should be tried for Treason in a trial lasting les than ten minutes and then hung from the nearest lamppost. The EU, for the uninformed, IS OUR COMPETITION on a global scale and YOU DO NOT BAIL OUT YOUR COMPETITION! 

Third, WE ARE BROKE. In fact under the current regime, Bernanke and Obama have collaborated with scum like Soros and the ChiComs and other vermin to devalue our dollar through Quantitative Easing and now creeping inflation.

Fourth, Obama is an idiot, he can't wipe his ass without Reggie Love's help. Under this idiot, the USA has enjoyed a RISE in the U3 (unemployment) from 7% to 9% and the U6 (long-term unemployment) from 12% to 27%. He skyrocketed our debt. He lost 3 million jobs. He has almost destroyed our energy development in oil and coal.


So the Chump in the White House says he can't help Sarkozy yet just about two weeks ago, the Obummer Administration agreed to help fund the IMF and the announcement was made by none other than Turbo Tax Geithner. Here in lies the rub. The IMF needs 2 TRILLION to bail out the Nanny Socialist Staters in Europe. OUR share in the IMF, yet ANOTHER unconstitutional money drain on the US taxpayers, is 17.09%.

So we owe 341,800,000,000 or 341.8 BILLION dollars.

Obama says we won't help yet we are through the US Treasury and the IMF. Once again, the Father of All Lies in the WH works both sides of the issue like a three dollar whore working a busy intersection.

Maybe the EU can pose as a "green energy" company then they are shoe-in for Obummer to throw OUR money at them! One loser helping out another loser.

"Socialism always works, until you run out of other people's money." Thatcher.

No doubt Obummer thinks we have plenty to spare to bail out the Nanny Staters in Europe, the Gunny and hopefully, our GUTLESS Congress disagrees with the jackanape.


  1. This was no surprise was it? I doubt Sarkozy wanted leadership from zero. Ol' Nick just wants someone dumb enough to write the check since the Germans are out of cash.

  2. Hardnox,

    And bailing out that nest of Muslim terrorists from Oslo to Athens with OUR money after 9/11? HELL NO AGAIN!

  3. No problem. Obama will simply BORROW it from whomever,most likely his pals,the ChiComs.OK,OK Sarcasm off. As to Sarkozy asking Obama for leadership is like asking muslims to love Jews. Nothing there.This sob couldn't lead thirsty truck drivers to free beer.

  4. Gunny,

    I hate Obama. I'm not an isolationist, but we should let Europe save (or not) their own asses this time.

    Totally agree with your points on us pulling their nuts out of the fire. Did they ever repay us for all that? I doubt it. Like the descendants of the slaves, all Americans deserve reparations from Europe.