Wednesday, November 2, 2011


WHEN will the libtards EVER LEARN that the truth will always come out. It is coming out that a wannabe tough guy named Rahmbutt Emanuel is behind the attack on Cain!

EXCERPT: "According to a source who is friends with the Cain campaign, not only is the Rick Perry campaign involved but also the Mayor of Chicago and former Obama White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is likely involved with the sexual harassment accuser attacks. A friend of the Cain campaign believes a National Restaurant Association (NRA) employee out of the Chicago office leaked the story to the Perry campaign via information and influence from Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office."

A little background on a supposed tough guy is needed here. Rahmmie ran off to Israel and joined the Israeli Army during the Gulf War, vice the US Army, and greased axles on trucks while US troops were facing the enemy. (One wonders about the conflict of interest here when he was in the WH - another OBot who would NOT have gotten a security clearance the normal way.) He later claimed he was wounded and lost a finger but in reality, he lied. He lost it when he sliced it, it got infected, and they lopped it off. Perhaps the funniest thing about a guy that ALLLLLLLL these weenies fear is that he is a BALLERINA! Like Obama and his MIA girlfriends from his years in college, that can't be produced, this tough guy can't produce anyone who's ass he kicked. Well, other than sending dead fish to a reporter and stabbing a steak knife into a table, all we hear is how tough he is. Kinda like how we heard that Obummer was a genius but we never see any evidence of it.

Maybe to liberal metrosexual pansies he is a scary guy but to real men, this pansy is about as threatening as a little girl. 

The Gunny wonders if Obummer is WORRIED about having to debate a REAL BLACK MAN who is a REAL AMERICAN (not a fake one, with a fake SSN, a fake birth certificate, and a fake draft registration number), without his trusty teleprompter and so the Tyrant places a call to his former buttboy, and asks for a little Alinsky work on Cain. In any event, Americans have seen behind the curtain and as a result, Cain's fundraising is booming. And if Perry was involved with this, WHOMEVER is running against him in Texas, will get the Gunny's money, time, and effort.

(Was Rahmmie auditioning for the Village People?)


  1. Gunny,
    I hope that is true, however the Cain campaign is blaming the Perry camp for this. See my latest post.

    Damn shame if it is true.

  2. Gunny, I could not agree more. Also, apparently this guy is also fond of screaming, yelling, and pounding his fists on the desk...sounds more like throwing a fit, as a child might. Tough is not the first adjective that comes to mind...just sayin....God Bless the United States of America...

  3. Gunny,
    Can't have a black guy who's left the left's plantation succeeding.
    Why black people don't get mad at the left constantly telling them they're too stupid and unable to succeed unless they have the left rigging the system for them is beyond me.

  4. Gunny,
    "was he auditioning for the village people?" BWHAHAHAHAHA what a wuss. The Heminator is the real deal. I really like this guy he scares the hell out libstains and so they have to make crap up. Typical low life leftest tactics. Mark Levine tried to get both the lawyer that was spewing forth on all the lefty outlets and the two idiots that wrote the smear tripe in polshitico, but they wankered out and wouldn't face a REAL lawyer who would 've asked real questions. I heard the woman involved told that professional lier. opps I mean lawyer who hasn't seen the complaint for 12+ yrs. to shut his pie hole and drop it and they don't even know if Mr Cain was even involved in the complaint and I doubt he even was. Judging by his character and everyone I've heard speak so highly of him has worked for or with him or has known him for a very long time and said he would never even think of pulling a Billie humjob Klintoon type stunt. I also heard someone on the radio the other day that was an HR director for 25 + yrs. stating that this type of case is very common especially for big Co.'s and most of the time it's complete BS and the Co. just wants to settle so it will vanish and not create a PR nightmare and an expensive trial. Good job as usual Guns, God Bless America, Dennis

  5. Got to have some strength to toss the anorexic ballerinas in the air,wouldn't you say ?? (sarc off)
    Seriously,though,NOTHING about these allegations would surprise me,except if they were proven to be true.If the Hermanator were to come out,and just say what happened,it would NOT change my mind. After all,these types of allegations ARE resume-enhancers for DHIMMIS.