Tuesday, November 22, 2011


"How do ya like it, how do you like it? More. more. more..."

The Commerce Department's REVISED estimate of growth last quarter yielded a surprise (that is, if you believe the LIES from THIS REGIME, the economy grew at 2.0% rate vice the Obama estimated 2.5%! It IS an improvement of the 1.3% in the second quarter. And if you STILL believe the lies coming out of the Ministry of Propaganda and The Regime itself, the 4th quarter might actually top a whopping THREE PERCENT!

How's that Hopey/Changey doing ya America?

"How do ya like it, how do you like it? More. more. more... How do ya like it, how do you like it..."



  1. Dang Gunny! Now I have that song in my head! You are spot-on again! Thank you for your blog and your service to our country! Dawn in Easton, MD

  2. Dawn,

    Thanks for the kudos. I HOPE that Americans are waking up to the fact that Obama and his MINIONS suck and are KILLING this nation.

    Liberalism IS a mental disorder.

  3. Gunny,

    The economy has to grow at 3% to keep up with population growth, so anything less is really recession. Propaganda is the enemy of the ignorant.

  4. Gunny:
    I certainly have, but I knew that before the 08 vote - no way in he// that jacka$$ was getting my vote - I did my homework. I tell everyone I know about your blog. Keep up the good work!


  5. Catchy tune. Liars lie,that's all these asswagons know how to do. I simply believe NOTHING from this bunch,and the poltroons who are their media minions.

  6. TGP,

    It is criminal that it is that low to begin with!

  7. Dawn,

    Thx again. I'm like El Rushbo in that I don't do this for ego, etc, in fact, I could care LESS if I have one follower or a MILLION! I want the TRUTH to get out and Americans to get back to being exceptional and motivated.

  8. Clyde,

    Indeed. Even Fox has gone a few degrees Left. I believe NOTHING that comes out of the WH or any Liberal Lapdog media outlet.

  9. Truth be Known hope started running the other way in 06' when the dimwits took control. As far as the change it has all been for the worser with malice aforethought and full intent. The osamabinoBobamster is a geo soro stool. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Gunny and everyone here at the ALZ.

  10. Or how about the band on.... Jimmy Kimmel (?) that played "Lyin Ass Bitch" as Michelle Bachman walked on set as an invited guest???

    What'll the network do about that?


  11. Ever since day one of this regime, they make an announcement claiming some kind of improvement, allowing the media to hype it...and a few days later REVISE the numbers quietly.