Wednesday, November 9, 2011


(Hat tip to Mrs. K)

Mayor Bloomberg is a scumbag. He could be worth a hundred billion dollars and that still would not make him little more than human flotsam or take the sh*tty stench of a Nanny Stater off of him. He is a serious progressive in Republican clothing and is as anti-American as anything the Taliban could muster.

He has sent out agents to surrounding states to try and buy "illegal" firearms via strawman buys, which is and of itself a felony, and the ATF did nothing.

He then performed the same actions at a later date, sending agents from NY as far South as Georgia, in order to perform the same felonious actions as before, and the ATF did nothing.

He has disrupted businesses in other states and nothing was done about it by the Federal Government.

So when a Mayor in Mayor Nanny Stater’s little group of "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" kicks the bucket, what does Mayor "I want to run everyone’s life" do? Why, simply continue to use the dupe as a strawman member of Bloombutt’s MAIG! Liberals are interchangeable, really, being the useful idiots that they are.

FACT: Three letters to Congress, One letter to the Senate, One letter to President Alinsky, and two advertisements for the hoplophobic group have gone downrange with a deadman’s endorsement on it.

FACT: Freeland Borough Mayor Tim Martin passed away on 2 September 2010. And like dead Democrats, continues to vote and petition DC against GUNS!

FACT: Letter dated 10 December 2010 to the US Senate has Mayor Martin’s name in it with the other hoplophobes.

FACT: The Washington Post published the advertisement for these gun grabbers on 25 January 2011.

FACT: Congress heard from a deadman in an anti-gun letter on 11 May 2011.

FACT: Congress heard from a deadman again, in an anti-gun letter on 6 July 2011.

FACT: On 8 July 2011, a deadman’s name was in a letter to President Alinsky that included them using Gifford’s shooting by a crazy leftist as political hay:

"Six months ago today, the tragic shooting in Tucson, Arizona left six people dead and thirteen others wounded, including Representative Gabrielle Giffords. Every day since, 34 more Americans have been murdered with guns – an estimated 6,150 since January 8. This daily pattern of gun violence rips families apart, tears at the fabric of communities across America, and poses a constant threat to the police officers who put their lives on the line every day to protect us all." (Never let a good crisis go to waste right libs?)

FACT: USA Today ran an advertisement for these hoplophobes on 20 Oct 2011, against the Federal carry-conceal law, over a YEAR after Martin was in the ground.

But this should not surprise anyone considering how many members of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns have ended up on the wrong side of the law themselves!

FACT: Mayor Sheila Dixon, member of MAIG, busted for theft, perjury and misconduct.

FACT: Mayor Eddie A. Perez, a member of MAIG, charged with receiving a bribe and falsifying evidence.

FACT: Mayor Becker, a member of MAIG, busted for child porn.

FACT: Mayor Langford, a member of MAIG, was busted for fraud.

FACT: Mayor Jerramiah Healy, a member of MAIG, was busted for obstructing justice and resisting arrest.

FACT: Mayor Kilpatrick, a member of MAIG, resigned for perjury.

FACT: Mayor Frank Melton, a member of MAIG, was charged with violating search-and-seizure laws by conducting warrantless raids.

FACT: Mayor Sam Adams, a member of MAIG, was charged with perjury after lying about having sex with one of his male interns.

It is not surprising that they are all Democrats and the entire MAIG organization is loaded with gun-grabbing Democrats bent on controlling us. The Gunny has a few of the letters in pdf format in case anyone would like to read something from the lying Leftists. Mayor Bloombutt can't clean the streets of snow, lets the unions rob the city, and he is told by his girlfriend on how to deal with the Zucotti Park vermin after SHE got her marching orders from senior libtards in the Obama Regime.

But he wants to tell OTHERS how to live their lives! Amazing how many of the East Coasters are little more than sheeple. Sucks to be them.

Oh, one more point on Bloombutt the Hoplophobic liar. Carolyn Floyd IS NOT the Mayor of Kodiak Alaska and HAS NOT BEEN since 2010, but her name is still listed as a member of MAIG. Guess it looks better for the leftists the more strawmen/women you have on your rolls.


  1. Uh... Gunny..
    Why would anyone expect the ATF to do anything to Bloomberg?
    The ATF is doing the same thing down on the border so Bloomberg is just helping their cause which is:
    Guns are too easy to come by for criminals so we'll make it extremely hard for citizens who if armed we are afraid of so we'll set up some phoney case scenarios to show the dumb, ignorant and stupid how we could better protect them if all guns were banned from everybody.

  2. Liberals and lying. Goes together as well as pretzels and beer.Guess the fools who support dhimmis just simply like being lied to.Of course,NO ONE in the Alinsky regime will bat an eye at this. Sadly,neither will the GOP.

  3. Forgot something: Happy Birthday x236 to the Marine Corp. OOOOHHHHRRRAAAHHHH.

  4. Bloombutt is a putzminding everybodys business but his own, sending his straw buyers into states where he has no juristiction and nothing is done, disgusting, yet the yahoos in the rotted apple still put him back in office.


  5. Let's see, the MAIG bunch wants to disarm the public, yet many of their anti-gun cities have higher violent crime rates than thos who permit an armed public.

    They must fear an armed, informed public, preferring to have them ignorant and unarmed.

    Pack Rat

  6. Bloomberg is a f..k face rat!

  7. Democrats Pledge of Allegiance:

    I pledge allegiance to the Klown
    of the 57 States of Kenya,
    and to the dictatorship for which he stands,
    one Kluster fu@k,
    under allah,
    with deficits and no jobs for all.
    BY gone fishing on 11/10/2011 at 19:02

    "I will gladly go to war with my government in oreder to save my country" -

    New American Revolution

  8. @Anon: That pleddge is so true for the demrats, likedd your rant. As far as the war thingy, I got your 6.