Wednesday, November 2, 2011


EXCERPT: "Should a man whose company paid $35,000 for a woman to keep quiet be president?" asked NBC’s Luke Russert.

Now we all KNOW that liberals are morons and the so-called "Journo-lists" in their ranks are really nothing but syphllitic whores whose last brain cells died from loneliness or spirochetes but this question should take the cake as the epitome of liberal ignorance, even over Obummer saying today that we're better off than we were four years ago, even though MORE people are ON FOOD STAMPS than ever before, but the Gunny disgresses.

These are the same type of scumbags who covered for a drugged-out adulterizing clueless JFK.

These are the same liberal vermin who covered for BlowJob Bubba at every moment, even to the point of DESTROYING the lives of women who came out against BJ Bubba with claims of rape. Sexual harrassment is such a bullsh*t claim, implemented by the Left in order to enforce a change in human behavoir which will never happen. ANYONE who went against BJ Bubba or his ragged hag Hitlery was crucified in the press and attacked by that guy who could play Gollum without a mask, James Carville.

These are the same scumbags who covered for King Alinsky ALL THROUGH THE CAMPAIGN and into the present day! ANYONE questioning the Boy Blunder was trashed, laughed at, and scumbagged, i.e., Joe the Plumber. THEY elected an idiot WITHOUT ONE SHRED of executive experience and with a resume that would not have gotten him a job any higher than burger flipper at Mickie D's and this idiot has the gall to ask such a stupid question? THEY elected a fool with associations that would PREVENT him from getting a security clearance through normal means (commies like Frank Marshall Davis, Ayers, Dorhn, etc.,) and they are worried about something that happened in the 90's and MIGHT or MIGHT NOT have happened? THEY are the same scumbag liberals who covered for Obama to the point of destroying the videotape of Zero partying with a PLO TERRORIST (Rashid Khalidi)!

Whether you like Cain or not, is inviting a woman to your corporate apartment sexual harassment? What if Cain wanted to ask her questions on the company and to try and see things from HER point of view? What if he was going to interview her for a higher position in the company and did not want to have it publicized yet? What if all Cain did was say, "you look great today," and the woman took offense; something that many of us in the private AND public sector have seen on many occasions by a gold-digger looking for a payout and in the 90's, it was epidemic.

Luke Russert is an absolute moron for asking that question but then again, NBC really stands for Nothing But Commies anyway and the morons who work there, i.e., Al Sharpton, are a ton of bricks short of a full load..."resist we much."

If Perry released this crap, then doom on him, likewise with RINO Romney, it is intolerable and unforgiveable. And big government lover Karl Rove just said, "Cain should allow the women in question to come forward..." Gee, Rove ain't backing RINO Romney is he? THIS is why the GOP party MUST be purged of the big government progressives, like Rove, who have taken it over.

If Americans bail on Cain for something so minor and stupid and likely so full of sh*t, that happened TWELVE YEARS AGO, then they deserve exactly what they get in 2012, either Obama or Obama-lite (Romney). If Americans believe ANYTHING that comes from the Liberal Lapdog Media or the GOP establishment station, Fox News, on this, then they're suckers but the Gunny ain't buying it.

Once again for those just joining us, the Gunny will not vote for ROMNEY for any reason. Period. In fact, the Taxachusetts technocrat can stand in line behind Obama to kiss the Gunny's white ass.


  1. What should cause every freedom-loving American to just hurl is seeing Romney defend Romneycare when he claums to be agenst Obummercare!!Cain is being attacked the same way Thomas was. Cain needs to weather this squall --people will see--and that is whats important.

  2. Best way to shut this down,IF Cain don't survive this,write him in on primary day. Hasn't been a single frigging vote taken,and these assholes are eating each other,instead of going after the REAL problem. Namely,the hijacking of the government by the Alinsky faction.And what THEY intend on doing to FIX it.As for Russert,too bad his late father doesn't bitch-slap him from the beyond. Or,as my dad might say,"stop being an idiot,you moron".

  3. Knight Racer,

    I am simply sick of the Liberal Lapdog media and their extreme hypocrisy. Puke Russert is a journalist like I'm a Shuttle pilot!

    Your point that if Cain weathers it, he'll be unbeatable but IF Obama had been subjected to this in 08, he'd folded like a cheap accordion.

  4. clyde,

    I could not agree more. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR ROMNEY, period. In fact, F**K him AND the GOP elites. The way they did Bork, Thomas, Estrada, and now Cain, with the GOP hiding like the little bitches they are and NOT fighting back, it is revolting.

  5. Remember that one of the comments made from the stage was that the one thing ALL of rthe candidates had in common was their desire that Obama be a one term president. It seems like once a candidate is chose , they will be willing to bury the hatchet. Otherwise "United we stand, devide we fall"
    Let's be sure that Obama is one term Barry.

    Pack Rat

  6. Tim Russert's son. It runs in the family.
    He looks like he's in pain in this pic. He must be trying to think. That would cause pain for a libidiot.

    In the late 80's my husband got a complaint about sexual harassment because he touched a woman's arm. She never tried legal action, she complained to the boss.
    The so-called complaints against Cain could have been something as simple as that.