Monday, November 28, 2011


Knute Rockne, a great American, once said, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." Well, if you're a liberal, like The Banking Queen Bonnie Fwank of Taxachusetts, the saying is, "when the going gets tough, run like a raped ape," and that is what The Party of Cut and Run does best.

EXCERPT: "Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) announced Monday that he will not seek reelection in 2012, ending a three-decade career in the House. Frank, 71, is the top Democrat on the Financial Services Committee and the architect, with former Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), of the sweeping Wall Street regulatory reform law enacted in 2010. He announced his decision at an afternoon press conference in his hometown of Newton, Mass., where he said redistricting played a major role in his retirement."

President Alinsky had this to say: "This country has never had a congressman like Barney Frank, and the House of Representatives will not be the same without him. It is only thanks to his leadership that we were able to pass the most sweeping financial reform in history designed to protect consumers and prevent the kind of excessive risk-taking that led to the financial crisis from ever happening again."

Once again the Community Organizer GOT IT WRONG! Fwank is the lispy old pervert who stood in the way of financial reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which ended up being THE EPICENTER of the financial meltdown. But then again, liberals LOVE misery and inflicted it on Americans just makes their day.

President Alinsky DID get it right when he said, "the House of Representatives will not be the same without him," and THANK GOD for it. Fwank is a communist and a pervert. He ran a gay pimp service out of his house, lied about it, and got over. Now, after his stupid and asinine policies and stances have screwed the pooch, put millions of Americans out of work, caused financial ruin not seen since the days when FDR was making the Great Depression WORSE with HIS idiocy, The Banking Queen just walks away scot free with his fat pension. One less corrupt POS liberal stinking up Congress.

Perhaps THAT is the legacy that liberalism leaves behind and the lesson that this nation so desperately needs to learn. That liberals tamper and meddle and screw around with things because they're stupid like that, until the whole damn thing crashes, people get shafted, and the bastards just walk away. Unpunished. Unrepentant. Uncaring.

If there was one iota of justice in America, liberals like Dodd, Fwank, Maxine Waters, Obama, Holder, and a host of other scurillous vermin would be on the inside looking out. Although, in retrospect, sending Bonnie Fwank to prison for punishment would be like punishing a kid by sending him into a candy store.

Bonnie Fwank's seat, now more wide open than usual.

"Damn that is one hot male intern..."

may you fade into history and be forgotten

SAVED ROUND: Ethically challenged Commie meathead Maxine Waters to take over banking committee. Talk about the Peter Principle... One corrupt scumbag OUT and another takes its place, like roaches.


  1. Maybe soon he'll die of AIDS and join his pal,Ol'Dead Ted. What Bawney DIDN'T eff up,Maxine sure as hell will.

  2. Its just creepy reading about Massachusetts politics.

  3. Gunny,

    That is truly great news.

    When I heard the news today, my first thought was here comes the stampede. Lefties know zero will get hammered next year and their prospects for continued corruption will come to a screaming halt. Best to scurry to line up a new gig, maybe along side of Eliot Spitzer or Al Sharpton.

    Our local radio talk show guy Chris Plante opined this morning "that a position for assistant coach at Penn State just opened up and it is rumored that Fwank applied, mind you it's just a rumor...".

    I'd be willing to bet that more are to follow.

    To Bonnie Fwank I say A.M.F. and don't let the door hit you in the ass!!!

  4. What a good day for conservatives to see this perp quit. Although, like you Guns, I'd like to see his azz and some others behind bars. It would be fun for ole Bwany though to be the best piece in jail. He'd had a ball. Maybe even go for some hormones (paid by the tax payer of course) to make himself look more like a woman. Who knows.
    I too hope like Hardnox, that this is just a start of the biggest crooks jumping off the ship. They all know if things keep going along the way they have been sooner or later someone, hopefully someone is going to land in jail.

  5. "Now waitaminnit!" (Bugs Bunny circa 1953)

    If the GOP is in charge of the House how come Maxine Watters is in charge of anything???

    "It don't add up!" (Bugs Bunny circa 1959)