Tuesday, November 15, 2011



EXCERPT: "Former Marine Kevin Hiltunen, a former NYPD officer, yesterday grabbed an Occupy Wall Street demonstrator by the collar and dragged him out of a Queens school where he’d been heckling US Rep. Bob Turner at the congressman’s swearing-in ceremony."

1.  GRAB LEFTIST SH*TSTAIN (preferably with gloves on).



Too bad there wasn't a few of us out there with a few Louisville Sluggers to greet the scumbag, THAT would have been good clean fun. The US Marine Corps can ALWAYS be counted on to locate, close with, and destroy the enemies of freedom, whether overseas or domestically!


  1. Gunny,
    BWHAHA LMFAO SEMPER Fi Job Well done Marine!!!!!
    God Bless America!!

  2. Dennis,

    INDEED! I worked as a bouncer in a few bars while on active duty as a second job and ejecting idiots like that is AWESOME!

    Check out the RAGE on the Devil Dog's face in #1 pic. He threw the bum out so forcefully, the cop had to JUMP out of the way!

    He gets my nomination for the Freedom Medal! haha

  3. Gunny, Great Post...Nuff Said! This is truly comfort food for the soul! Great to see real men deal with these vermin....God Bless the United States of America...Semper Fi, Marine

  4. Back in the day, this is how all real Americans handled scumbags

  5. The look on the libstain's face is priceless. He hasn't a clue what he did wrong. I'll bet that was the first time in his pathetic life that someone told him "NO".

    Good post.

  6. TexMan,

    You got that right brother. I once tossed a sh*tbird out of a bar and kicked him in the ass going out the door. The manager nearly pissed himself laughing.

  7. Craw,

    Yep. My grandfather once tossed four dirtbags out of his bar, one right after the other, from an eleven step stoop to the street and he was in his 50's!

  8. Hardnox,

    Yeah, he's one of the "everyone gets a trophy kid."

  9. Great job by MR.Hiltunen. Too bad the maggot will more than likely lawyer-up.DEAD maggots CAN'T lawyer-up.

  10. Throwing scumbags at cops! What a great game. How do you get on that gameshow?

  11. Thanks for posting. It made my day.

  12. Yeah, Hardnox. I was going to say they same thing the Gunny said. Then I read his answer to your post.
    Exact same thing.

  13. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=p.2085604870832&type=1

  14. No one even held the door for him.

  15. Calling the scum (that this non-active duty Marine tossed out the door) "garbage" insults the word "garbage".

    Nice going Marine.

  16. Out Frigging Standing Marine!

    Semper Fi
    Gunny T

  17. Looks like an assault to me. Too bad he couldn't have grabbed somebody who won't tolerate being grabbed.

    Free speech for him, but nobody else.

  18. Good ol' country boy,

    The clown was invading a swearing-in ceremony and needed to be removed just like the remove the Code Pink vermin from Congress as needed. He was interfering with an official act and as such, was in the wrong.

  19. TGP,

    I wish they'd throw em as us from, say, the 500 yd line with us on rapid fire! haha

  20. Protester == enemy of freedom? I don't see the connection. I guess what I'm asking is, what did he do that made you see him as an enemy of freedom?

    Thanks in advance for any clarification.

  21. Cody,

    Good post.

    1. He was attempting to halt the swearing in of an elected official thus blocking a duly elected official from going to Congress. Turner is a Conservative BTW.

    2. The dirtbag is a Socialist and socialists and socialism are ANTI FREEDOM. Thus, he and his ideology are enemies of freedom. You do not have the right to infringe on the rights of others, period.

    Check back tomorrow for an essay that addresses this entire issue.

  22. Anti-freedom to anyones freedom but their's. They don't have the cognition to understand, that if their philosophy was in place, they wouldn't have the right to voice their opinion or try such a thing. Incapable of connecting the dots.
    Or a sandwich short of a picnic as a friend of mine says.

  23. Thanks. Thanks for the service to our country too. I agree that halting the swearing in of an elected official was at the least disrespectful.

    My main issue is labeling someone an enemy of freedom. I see someone an enemy of freedom if they do anything that infringes upon rights guaranteed to me by the Constitution and bill of rights, not someone who interrupts a hearing such as this one.

    While many of my beliefs can be considered liberal, I follow the beliefs of far right and left wing blogs/news sources/etc to try and keep a level head on everything.

    About socialism, it's what I see as a misguided attempt to fix everything, but it is usually done out of a good place. I'm not saying that makes socialism a good idea, but seeing that those who support it aren't coming from a place of malice is very comforting.

    'You do not have the right to infringe on the rights of others, period'

    Agreed, but this needs to apply to those in positions of power to an even higher degree. If we were a socialist government, the type you didn't agree with whatsoever, wouldn't you deem some actions necessary to getting your point across? Even if those infringe on the rights of other people?

    I guess my overall question is: Is there a point where you'll say 'that is not ok and needs to stop' despite your opinions and feelings about a certain person/group of people?

    Sorry for the wall of text, awaiting your essay to address the issue.

  24. KatieLee,

    Good point and it is spot on.

  25. Cody,

    You are what this blog is all about. You are asking the right questions and seeking straight up answers. I would direct you to others like Hardnox, Craw, and TGP to name a few.

    First, I will defend to the death ANYONE's right to say ANYTHING as long it does not break the law or infringe upon anyone else's rights. Can the Left say the same? No. Obama put Kagan on the SCOTUS and she stated that, "some speech can be disappeared!" THAT is anti-freedom.

    Second, NEVER EVER believe that socialism, progressivism, or liberalism stems from benevolence. History proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they bear ill will towards their fellow humans. In fact, read John Holdren's book from the 70's (available on Amazon) wherein they openly discuss genocide for the sake of the planet! He is Obama's science advisor and he is not the only one who thinks like that and who works for Obama.

    Third, I am guessing that you are a student. Is it fair for you to study hard and get an 100 on a test only to have the teacher gut 20 points from your grade to give to a guy who did not study,so his 60 is now an 80? That is socialism.

    Last, communism and socialism, along with their enablers, liberals, murdered over 200 million people in the 20th century and I was in the MC with a kid whose grandfather was murdered BY CHE for nothing more than being a LANDOWNER!

    Amigo, the ONLY ideology thay GUARANTEES freedom, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is conservatism. I wrote an essay called the Ten Principles of Conservatism Revisited about 7 days ago, check it out.

    Please note that your respect here and gotten the same from me and others who are likely to post to your comments. Ask yourself, would I be treated thusly at Huffington? moveon.org? Does the Tea Party get the same respect from Obama? The liberal media?

    That is the difference between us and them.

  26. Cody,

    Saved round. I would suggest that you read:

    The Federalist papers, The Rights of Man, Common Sense, and any OLD American history books that taught REAL history, not liberal revisionist crap. Another great read is the Conservative Mind.

    BTW, if you're a student, listen to your professors with a ear to what they are saying because you are waking up to the real deal.

  27. Gunny, I'm reading your responses now. Just wanted to let you know they aren't going unheard. I'd also like any comments on a post of mine I think you might like:


    I'll respond to any constructive criticisms/comments in the post directly. Anyway, reading your comments now.


    You likely would not get the same respect and that is something I believe to be intrinsically wrong. I don't consider myself a liberal, but I do hold many of their views. I don't consider myself a conservative, but I hold many of their views.

    The Tea Party is something I'd recently seen as nothing but a political tool for the uses of Palin, Beck, Etc. More recently, I have seen the possible legitimacy in the movement after doing research.

    I appreciate your help in my search for the truth, whatever that may be. Just want to note, that I will respect anyone that can have a real discussion without resorting to inflammatory remarks, Ad Hominem, etc.

    Will read your post about the 10 principles of conservatism, as well as adding the other suggestions to my reading list.

  28. Cody,

    Having attended numerous TEA parties in Virginia, Texas, and Alaska, I can tell you that Palin or Beck DID NOT speak at any of the ones I attended. Just normal everyday Americans who get up and go to work 5 days a week and are sick of paying the way for freeloaders. We want a return to what our Founders intended, limited government, freedom to keep what YOU earn, and a strong and vibrant America. How can that be wrong?

    My challenge to you would be to listen to Limbaugh and Beck for 30 days and see if they do not make sense. Call it the Gunny G challenge! haha

    One point on Beck. TWO YEARS AGO he said that the Left would pull the mob thing (occupiers) and here we are, yet everyone called him crazy at the time.

    Another point, Rush has over twenty MILLION listeners and if he was not speaking the truth, his numbers would be about as low as Mike Malloy or Randi "drunken bum" Rhodes, i.e., sub zero. I have listened to him since 1996 and he has always been on point.

    Amigo, liberalism has never worked. Period. You might embrace some of their ideas, as I once did as a young man, but they NEVER WORK!

    Low taxes = more investable income.

    Limited gov't = more freedom

    Yet the Left wants MORE govt and MORE taxes, even as THEY game the system. Find someone who has lived under communism/socialism and ask them about it. It sucks. It is a failure.

    The Iron Lady once stated: "Socialism always works, until you run out of other people's money."

    Compare the 1.6 MILLION people at Beck's 8/28 to the Zucotti Park douchebags. One cleaned up before AND after themselves, the other group brough in filth, lice, STD's, crime, etc.

    Who do YOU want to stand with is the REAL question. WHO has respect for you, your comments, and other people? The Nation? The Flag? Brother, I am the THIRD GENERATION of warriors in my family, my son and daughter are THE FOURTH! Ask yourself WHO cares more for the nation? Us or them? I have raised the flag on five continents and have shed blood, sweat, and tears for it. The Left spits, burns, and shits on it.

    I'll ask that others check your site out and I will try to get in there from time to time but work, research, chores, etc, straps me for time.

    Drop me an email if you have sidebar issues.

    Saved Round: You have a Conservative inside of you clawing to get out. Let him out!

  29. Yea, surprising how libs can suddenly see the utility of Tea Parties now as they try to imitate their effectiveness. What better poster child than Van Jones to make the case for Tea Parties....saying "if you thought Tea Parties caused an earthquake in politics, wait."

    Yea, we can hardly wait; after smelling the OWS's stench for months now. What will be the fate of the feces?