Saturday, November 19, 2011


This is an unbelievable level of stupidity and thus perhaps only a bullet can cure such overt liberalism, a mental disease in and of itself! Is it possible that liberal useful idiots truly believe such crapulence? The evil banks made this liberal eunuch go to college vice, say, getting a job and saving for college. The evil banks swooped in with former SAS warriors holding silenced MP-5's and held a gun to his head forcing him to sign on the dotted line, to take those loans out to go to the college he was forced to attend! Now, those evil banks actually want the loan REPAID! The...HORROR. Evidently he ain't getting a good return on his investment because mony is actually spelled... money. Now THAT might be something to be angry about if one was this eunuch's mommy or daddy, who is likely paying this turd's tariff to be indoctrinated by the like of unrepentant terrorist WIlliam Ayers or PLO terrorist Rashid Khalidi, Obama's good friend.

Any man who claims you owe him a living is a cannibal. Whether foreign or domestic, he is a cannibal. If you choose to help him, that is one thing. If he demands you "help" as his "right," he is a leech, a sycophant, a parasite. He is a cannibal seeking to survive by consuming you. Paul Harvey, 1964


  1. The asshole cannibal can't spell either. It is spelled M-O-N-E-Y.

    He needs a bullet.

  2. You are way too kind to this incredibly stupid SOB. Just when you think these assholes cant get any dumber, instantly another one comes along. Obviously if he spent one dollar on a college education, he didn't get his moneys worth.

  3. One would think that if you are going to go through the hassle of getting student loans for college, you would be able to spell money.

  4. The colleges should give him his "mony" back.

    The "lones" were wasted if he was allowed to be that illiterate when writing papers.

    Pack Rat

  5. "The banks made me take out a student loan"...
    Yep,there it is. Barrel marks right there on the side of his empty skull.Sheesh. Unbelievably moronic. Looks like the plot to dumb down America has met with great success.

  6. Bullet- a sure cure, also its loans not lones. This country is in deep shit with ass wipes like this.

  7. Hardnox,

    Obviously this idiot's GPA is hovering around 0.0 and his IQ is sub zero.

  8. Navyvet,

    I suspect that there are millions of college kids AND high school kids (public) that are getting nothing but a sub-par education that is steeped in indoctrination and lies.

  9. J.O.B.,

    Amazing isn't it? No wonder the moron is wearing a mask.

  10. Pack Rat,

    Good eyes. I missed the "lones", probably because I was LMMFAO at this idiot.

  11. clyde,

    Hopefully these morons will thin their herd with disease and jail and other assorted injuries and ills and will disappear into the dustbin and be forgotten.

  12. dong_ha68,

    Scary ain't it? I hoping that the millions of good kids out there, doing the right thing, leave these dirtbags far far in the dust.

  13. I see 3 typos: studont, lones, and mony, not to mention the scribbling of the word "my". And then there's mony!!!!!, a sophmoric boob if there ever was one.
    "banks" how long, and how many colleges, we need to investigate these banks who clearly are defrauding a mentally retarded harlequin as this poor soul.

  14. Gunny,
    linked you in my Sunday edition.

    These folks are protesting that they aren't being HANDED money and benefits, while I'm filling out at least 5 job applications per day.

  15. This is what happens when you let retards get Mickey Mouse degrees just so that they don't have to feel like losers.

  16. Craw,

    Hope you get work ASAP. It really pisses me off because millions like you are out of work because this regime is so f-d up and idiots are running the show..

  17. Gunny,

    That mask that is popping up at all these sites has an interesting history. According to The Washington Times, the increasingly iconic mask seen at the Occupy _____ movement sites represents Guy Fawkes a 17th Century criminal who attempted to bomb the British Parliament in 1605.

    Fawkes was executed in 1606. Good role model. But the ironic part is that the masks were ordered from China to circumvent the copyrights held by Warner Brothers. A protester at the NYC site related that he was SELLING them for $5.00 a piece and the PROFITS went into their respective beer fund. Isn't that . . . . . . . . Capitalism?

  18. Damn are you sure that doesn't say "Now they want my MoM"... Ha!Ha!

  19. Yeah, a guy from the bank not only came to his house and forced him to take 100 grand but, also forced him to spend it on worthless subjects such as basket weaving and ethnic studies classes!

    Good thing that Obama took the student loan industry and nationalized it eh?

  20. "Banks made me take out student loans."
    Banks MADE me!
    Did banks put a gun to this imbicile's head to MAKE him?
    How do you MAKE someone take out a loan or go to school?