Tuesday, November 1, 2011


WHO supports the unwashed vermin in the OWS crowds? A WHO's WHO of the enemies of our Republic.

Communist Party USA, American Nazi Party, Ayatollah Khamenei (Supreme Leader of Iran), Barack ObummerThe Government of North Korea, Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam), Revolutionary Communist Party, David Duke, Joe Biden, Hugo Chavez, Revolutionary Guards of Iran, Black Panthers, Socialist Party USA, US Border Guard (neo nazis), Industrial Workers of the World (Commies), CAIR (apologists for radical Islam and a fifth column in America), Nutsy Baloney, the Communist Party of China, Hezbollah, 9/11Truth.org, International Bolshevik Tendency, Anonymous (Soros?), White Revolution, International Socialist Organization, Press TV (Iranian government outlet), Marxist Student Union, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, ANSWER (SERIOUS ANTI-AMERICAN VERMIN), and The Party for Socialism and Liberation, NUMEROUS US Unions, TEAMSTERS UNION, Michael Mooreon, USW, NY Transit, Bernie Sanders, AFL-CIO (Trumka), Hoffa, Communist, er Communications Workers of America, NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD, moveon.org, ACORN, United Teachers of Los Angeles, Angela Davis, Bridges Academy of Melrose (an OAKLAND Elementary School!), Russell Simmons, Tim Robbins (Leftist actor), Susan Sarandon (Tim Robbins' wretched hag of a wife), Cornell West, Greenpeace, Elizabeth Warren, .350.org and co-founder Bill McKibben, Roseanne fatass, Congcritter John Lewis, Congcritter Raul Grijalva, SEIU, JOHN BOEHNER AND ERIC CANTOR, Code Pink, Jesse "sperminator" Jackson, Al Sharpton, Deepak Chopra, Kayne West, Lupe Fiasco, Alec Baldwin, Mark Ruffalo, Pete Seeger, Tavis Smiley, Bloomberg, Noam Chumpsky, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Head of DNC), and on and on and on.

The last gasp of the leftists in America is in plain sight for all to see. All the Gunny can say is where is a battery of 155mm howitzers with VT fuses when ya need em?



  1. Quite a rogue's gallery there,Guns.ANOTHER reason to PURGE the damned rinos OUT.Boehner and Cantor. Couple of schmucks anyway.

  2. Clyde,

    I am sure that that is the SHORT list!

    Now we know why the GOP is so gutless. Trying to go along to get along.

    SCREW THAT! I'm for stomping the Leftists heads in, in the government and out of it! ENOUGH with the gutless GOP already, it makes me want to puke.

  3. The 111th and 112th treason congress should be charged, every single one of them. They've abandoned The People, and stood there and done absolutely nothing for almost three years and allowed kenya boy to destroy the country. They're worse than gutless!

    As for the OWS, I believe it's going to get much worse before it's over. I truly believe they will burn and destroy lower Manhattan and it won't be long either.

    I Found this at Big Gov. yesterday morning and it's still at the top of the webpage. I thought I was going to be sick over the young deaf man in his 20's who was raped.


  4. Gunny,
    I read that article yesterday. It is indeed the short list. Readers have added to it.

  5. What a pathetic group of useful idiots.
    None of these people or groups ideology has historically worked what makes them think a miracle will happen now?
    Losers one and all.

  6. live oak,

    Thanks for the comment and I agree. I think that there should be public trials of EVERYONE of them along the lines of violators of their oaths of office and worse. ANYONE aiding and abetting Obama's usurpation of the Constitution should be charged with treason, as should Obama.

  7. Gunny G,
    Thank you. OWS belongs to Bloomberg now, and all who support the stupid morons. As for the treason congress, they deserve the death penalty imho. The only other alternative is gitmo and they have to stay in their cells; kenya boy, Reggie and Moocherella can share one together.
    Btw, Bloomberg has ties with the saudis. I don't have the links to post, but I'm telling the truth. He is a terrible man and a traitor. OWS will be an anchor around his neck.

  8. live oak,

    There will never be true justice in America until our government is scrubbed of these marxist traitors and islamofascist enablers. Obama should have been impeached long ago and Moochelle taking separate planes to the same destination as Obummer should have excoriated!

  9. Gunny G, sometimes it very hard for me to remain detached from all this and the world but I've made it my life's work to fight back and get justice and I'll never let this go.
    Thank God my parents aren't alive to see what's happening to our country. My father would never get over it.