Sunday, November 20, 2011


Dig the Lib getting a face-full of pepper spray. Evidently they don't teach Police Etiquette 101 at her university! haha. No permit to gather. Refusal to disperse. Assault on the police by rocks and bottles. Assault on a police horse. Add it all up and it amounts to getting your ass waxed by the cops. It should also be mentioned that Miss Libtard had been arrested on the 13th for refusing to disperse by the Federal Protective Service. Sweets to the sweet!

Then of course after the vermin are taken away, the 53%ers gotta fess up their tax dollars to clean up after the Leftist Pigs.

Hopefully they're using a bleach solution to wash away the feces, urine, lice, crabs, and other assorted filth usually associated with liberals.

Contrast that with Beck's 8/28 Rally where anywhere from 80,000 (Liberal Lapdog Media number) and 500K (Sky News figure) gathered for the entire day and left nothing behind them, in fact, they left the Mall cleaner than when they found it.

TEA Party (Conservative)
OWS (Liberal)

Enough Said.


  1. I was at the Gathering of Eagles III rally on the National Mall back in 2007. We left it cleaner than when we arrived. Contrast that with the Code Pink parade that same day. They left Lafayette Park a mess, trash along Pennsylvania Ave., and another mess at Crapitol Hill.

  2. Gunny,
    As always right in the ten ring. Frigging maggots go occutard 1600 Penn.
    Ave. Washington, D.C. There's our problem + the Capitol bluilding. Yes we are TEA party members non violent and not scum! We pick
    Up our trash and police ourselves! We don't tolerate race baiters/ haters and the like we respect the police/ military, God Bless America now more than ever
    Lord help US. Take care Gunny keep yer powder dry and....
    Dennis from Reagan Country! God I miss him!

  3. Craw,

    Nee and I did the one in 2004 and the Leftists totally trashed their rally area. It was disgusting and the cops were pissed.

  4. Gunny,
    That first picture is a classic. The cop no doubt got her tonsils. The cop should get a marksmanship award.

    Your last paragraph is indeed correct. I was there. My attendance initially was a protest to the counter rally that hatemonger Al-not-so-Shartpton staged, but I was happy to attend. I arrived early and left late. I didn’t see as much as a gum wrapper left behind. However, I did visit the area where the hate-mongers were and the place was trashed. No surprise there. That was the first time I saw the commie placards.

    My whole experience at the 8-28 event was extremely pleasant. It was if I was there with 500,000 extended family of every race, creed, and age. No pushing, shoving, … nothing. It was great to be in the company of Americans that LOVED America.

  5. Point blank with the shot too.Sure hope the maggotess enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the First Wookie getting booed at Homestead Speedway at the start of the race today. Her and Bite-Me's wife were the damn grand marshalls.Already a screech fest at Huff&Puff about it.A HUGE congrats to the 14 team of Tony Stewart. EXCELLENT close to the racing season.

  6. CNN is now claiming that pepper spray incident will cost a few officers their jobs. They were called "peaceful Occupy protestors".

    Climb in the time machine: the left had to fabricate a fictional event that Tea Partiers spat on Congressman -- for lack of any real acts or violence. They never did prove their lie, and still propell it as fact.

  7. I just sit back and laugh when everyday another elected democrap voices support for these scumbags.
    OWS = Obama's walking scumbags.

  8. Gunny,

    Meanwhile the next "Greatest Generation" works to keep them free:

  9. Gunny,
    Nee was with me (and my daughters...ages 6 and 9 at the time) at GOE III.

    I was also at the original Philly Tea Party rally, despite the rain and cold, and 3 days later at the original Bucks County (PA) Tea Party rally at Washington's Crossing.

  10. Clyde,
    Those two then went on ESPN during the race and proclaimed that they were there to show their love and respect for the troops. My bullshit meter exploded.

  11. Craw,

    Be careful letting things like your bullshit meter get broken. Spare parts are getting awful scarce these days.