Thursday, November 17, 2011


The Left just had their Tet 1968. Tet 1968, for those of you who do not know about it, was the North Vietnamese Army’s (NVA) attack across South Vietnam, thinking that the Viet Cong and the people would assist in the uprising. It failed and failed miserably. While Wally Kronkite and the rest of the Liberal Leftist Media called Tet 1968 a disaster, a defeat for the US and the SVN government, what really happened was that the Viet Cong was virtually wiped out and was almost ineffective for the rest of the war and the NVA was so badly damaged by the US and her allies that it took FOUR YEARS for the NVA’s next offensive! Just consider this another debunking of a leftist lie perpetuated by leftists in the media.

The OWS crowd has shot their bolt and it fell far far far from the mark. In fact, every event and every picture taken is an indictment of their goal, socialism, and is in reality, a campaign ad for the Republicans, that is, if they have the balls to use them. Rapes, filth, drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, crimes and lawlessness, crapping and pissing in the streets, etc, what was meant to "unite" the masses in America, to get "the people" to rise up against the evil corporations and banks failed miserably and now the vermin can slink home to their proud mommies and daddies.

First of all, these idiots actually espoused that the State can guarantee every American a great job at a "livable" wage (why not $100.00/hr?) that you can have from cradle-to-grave! The problem is, is that the State itself is insecure, i.e., natural disasters like floods, famine, fires, etc, and things like wars and other ills of this world cannot and will never be regulated, no matter how much the Socialist tries! Thus they, the socialist, promises an artificial security shielded beneath a veil of lies, which ultimately results in failure. One only has to look at the abject failure of employment for employment’s sake in the former Soviet Union or in China today. Slaves working a slave job, for slave wages, while the elites shopped at GUM and enjoyed dachas outside of Moscow, in the countryside. For the State to guarantee you a job, a set wage, means that YOU turn over YOUR liberty and freedom for the absolute control of your life, your income, your living conditions, your expenses, your food intake (think Moochelle Obummer), down to the smallest detail. THAT, fellow patriots, IS SLAVERY!

"It would be possible for the state to guarantee employment at ample wages to all who are born. But if it does this, it is bound in self protection and for the sake of every purpose for which government exists, to provide that no persons shall be born without its consent." J. S. Mill. Maybe THAT is why the Leftists are so bound to abortions on demand!

Second of all, the OWS varmints attacked private enterprise. Think that to mean, competition, which is why these "everyone gets a trophy kids" whine and mewl about having to compete because to compete means you either come to the fight ARMED with qualifications and WIN or YOU DON’T, AND LOSE! Private enterprise is a journey into the unknown, a venture, a tenuous goal that may or may not work. Edison, for example tried THOUSANDS of times before he invented the light bulb and where would we be if Edison was a crybaby Socialist, tried once and failed, and said the hell with it, let the State figure it out. Private enterprise IS AMERICA and when they seek to destroy THAT, they seek to destroy the nation by converting PRIVATE enterprise into community enterprise or "it takes a village" as Hitlery Klintoon whines.

Third, these useful idiots seek to end the quest for private profits, which is the desire for doing business in the first place! NO ONE starts a business hoping for a loss, unless it is the board of Solyndra and they know that they have a fellow traveler in the White House who will route taxpayer money to them in the end. No, the desire for profits (individual reward), is the driving force not only for businesses but for the private sector employee! The more you excel, the more the company profits, the more secure your job is, the better your bonus, the more of a raise you get, etc. All business is in business for a profit and that profit benefits us all.

Next, the Useful Idiots attacked private property, whether by occupying Zucotti Park and thus denying its use by decent people or union thugs attacking the port of Oakland and destroying private property there or SEIU thugs attacking the private residence of a BofA executive. Private property is one of the basic foundations of civilization, something that one strives to obtain, pay for, and own outright. Who buys a house for the community? No one. Who buys a new car for the community? No one. Who works overtime in order to be able to buy, say a boat, in order to enjoy better fishing from and turns it over to the community to enjoy? Again, no one (in their right mind anyway). The bottom line of mankind, and this is why the OWS bums have failed miserably, is that private enterprise, profit, and property are the foundation of a strong and sound nation and the OWS idiots attacked all three. In fact, the perfect example of what the OWS nitwits wanted to have happen can be seen in Zimbabwe today, where all three of the above were abolished by Obama’s fellow traveler Mugabe.

Fifth, the Useful Idiots in the OWS bowel movement mewled that the people have the inherent right to ask for ANYTHING! The abject ignorance of such a statement is mind-numbing. They want to abolish what they owe in student loans, freely given and freely taken, because THEY decided to pursue a major, such as ethnic studies or women’s studies or classical studies, which is about as useful a degree as tits on a bull! They are heedless of the cost of these loans and that those who produce would have to pay for what they wish to have happen! In their diseased minds, if someone is driving a Lexus, they have the right to ask for it but when their property is taken, as we have seen, they raise unholy hell about it and complain to the very police officers they spit on! Who pays for all this largesse is the stumbling block of these idiots.

Next, these idiots and their masters declare that democracy rules from the bottom up, which is the credo of Socialism but nothing could be further from the truth! Democracy is mob rule or the tyranny of the few by the many, as we have seen time and again by the OWS fools as they barged their way into a Burger King, demand FREE FOOD, and when denied, proceed to tear up private property, and infringe upon the rights of others either trying to order food, enjoy their meal, or the right of a corporation to earn a profit by providing products or services by those desiring to purchase said items. Moreover, the tyranny of the mob, which they call democracy, infringed on the rights of other private citizens to enjoy Zucotti Park, for one, by infesting the place with a level of filth, that became a public health and safety hazard, again, infringing on the rights of citizens to enjoy LIFE, one of the three rights guaranteed by the Creator, i.e., Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!

In closing, the OWS nitwits and the Socialist elites in our government behind them, i.e., Obama, fail to understand that Socialism won’t work and as we have seen the adherents of it, i.e., the OWS clowns, refuse to work as well! Private enterprise and Capitalism work because those who have an interest in doing something usually do it FAR BETTER than someone who is "assigned" the job merely to fill a slot, especially since under Socialism, we are all interchangeable. Thus, the private sector does better than the public sector since the quest for a better profit ensures the marketing of a better product or service, through horror or horrors, competition! Americans do not need the government to tell them what news outlet to listen to or not to listen to, or what kind of health insurance we must have or not to have, nor is it their duty to tell us what to eat or not to eat, to smoke or not to, or how to live, as long as we are within the bounds of common sense laws! The truth, if one dispels the smoke and smashes the mirrors of Socialism is that under that failed ideology, the opportunity to accept or reject what we will, as individuals, is lost to us. To a free people, in a free society, that is unacceptable, which is why the OWS Tet Offensive of 2011 failed just like Tet 1968 did, no matter what the liberal lapdog media says.

"Where everything is done through the bureaucracy, nothing to which the bureaucracy is really adverse can be done at all." John Stuart Mill (The Left actually considers him a Socialist but nothing could be further from the truth, i.e., "On Liberty," JS Mill)

"I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."
Barack Hussein Obama MMM MMM MMM!


  1. Gunny, GREAT post! Very good history and insight. Thank you very much, we must continue to educate and enlighten all who will listen. God Bless the United States of America...

  2. Outstanding essay, and I couldn't agree more. Take a bow.

    Despite what the media would like us to believe, the OWS vermin showed everyone who the left actually are. For that, we on the right, should say "thank you".

  3. THAT was a damn good,world-class post. You're exactly right.The ONLY ones still cheering these anarchists on are the fellow travelers,such as the laughable idiotic media. I just wonder if the moron Bloomberg has second thoughts about his initial pandering to the fools. Doubtful.

  4. I don't know which statement is most appropriate,
    "The definition of insanity...."
    "Those who fail to learn from history..."

    In the Soviet everyone was guaranteed a job.
    Everyone got paid.
    There was nothing to buy.
    Bread was scarce and if you wanted a Russian Ziv car you got on a list and waited...ten years, I think. Except if you were in the party and at least medium way up...
    Oh, yeah. If you didn't work you didn't get paid.

  5. TexMan,

    Thanks for the kudos. The TRUTH is ON OUR SIDE and THAT is what will ultimately triumph.

  6. Hardnox,

    Thanks brother. Did you see the OWS idiots THIS MORNING? CLASSIC! Ii is good to be right but what is better is that the Dems ARE TIED to these idiots.

    ANY comparison to these maggots and the TEA Party is a JOKE!

  7. clyde,

    Thanks amigo. Bloomberg is a moron. Period. He and the rest of the elites ARE THE PROBLEM!

  8. Buck,

    Even worse is that people were ISSUED a job and ISSUED a house and they owned NOTHING! They could not MOVE if they wanted to. Slavery.

  9. Gunny,

    The big difference between OWS and Tet, during Tet we got to kill about a million communists.

  10. I well remember the 1968 Tet Offensive. I also remember in my ROTC classes our TAC officers showing that the Tet Offensive was a massive FUBAR for North Vietnam. About the only thing that my officers got wrong was the number of Viet Cong casualties. (They under-estimated them by a factor of 2.)

    But in 1968, the American people did NOT have the internet. More and more photos and stories of the OWS movement are being passed around the internet. And more and more American citizens are starting to realize that the Main Stream media is lying through their teeth about what is actually occurring with the OWS.

    As of this morning, O'Vomit is at a -24% favorability rating. And as more info gets out on the internet concerning "Fast and Furious" and Solyndra, I expect O'Vomit's numbers to "tank" even more.

  11. Gunny,

    Very good post - I heartily agree. It was the traitor Cronkite who turned a decisive defeat on the battlefield into a victory for the Communists.

    I do think that you under estimate the bravery and potential valor of the Occupy Warriors as evidenced by this story from NYC where those intrepid Occupiers focused on children:

    It's past time to put a stop to this outrage.

    A fellow Marine and I went to the Occupy DC location this week and handed out copies of the Constitution to the idiots. I chronicle that visit on my blog. It was kind of fun - I'm thinking about going back - maybe with bars of soap.

  12. Gray Ghost,

    Great post and I agree, the Internet is going to sink the SS Obamatanic and THANK GOD for it! Owl Gore be praised.

  13. Common Snse,

    BE CAREFUL! These clowns are looking to create violence and chaos. Apparently they are stockpiling weaponry.

  14. Gunny,

    Thank you for the caution. There were about 30-40 of them and two of us (both retired Marines). We had them out numbered.

  15. CS,

    One of you would have had to just watch or it wouldn't have been sporting.

  16. Actually Common Snse, if there had been only yourself at the Occupy DC site, as a retired Marine (and only 30-40 of those idiots) you would have still had them out-numbered.

  17. Thank you all - but it was a pretty low threat environment. A local News crew showed up at one point (NBC) and we thought that something important might happen. However the DC crowd seemed a lot tamer than the NYC crowd.