Tuesday, November 15, 2011


and the 99%ers are AWOL!

Once again, the taxpayers foot the bill for a vacation disguised as a campaign tour disguised as a fundraising event, again, paid for by the taxpayers.

EXCERPT: "KAPOLEI, Hawaii (AP) — Politicking in his boyhood home, President Barack Obama told supporters Monday that everything they worked for and that the country stands for is on the line in his 2012 re-election bid, warning of a bleak America should a Republican win. At ease in Hawaii, where he was born and vacations each year, Obama sprinkled his standard campaign speech with personal memories and called himself the "hometown kid." But his message turned urgent in trying to get his backers to think of the next election as a choice between a vision of a big country of opportunity or one where regular people lose their voice.

Lardhead said: "You kept up the fight for change long after the election was over, and that should make you proud," Obama said inside a lush resort on the western side of Oahu. "It should make you hopeful. But it can't make you satisfied." The president spoke inside the waterfront Disney-themed Aulani Resort to a relaxed crowd of about 250 people at the fundraising brunch, where tickets started at $1,000 per person."

AIN'T THATTTTTTTTTTTTSWEET Y'ALL? Lardhead takes a free trip to Hawaii, where only one person remembers him from school and hangs out with him, lives in a "lush resort" and slaps a tariff on liberal morons starting at $1,000 bucks a shot. The Gunny wonders how much it cost the taxpayers for Air Force One, security, limos, etc. Indeed...

WHERE IS THE OCCUPY CROWD HERE? How DARE President Alinsky enjoy a lush resort when unemployment is in double-digits (if the truth was told that is) and 45 MILLION Americans are on food stamps, the highest since the Depression, and those poor poor student have to repay their student loans for bullsh*t degrees in ethnic studies, women's studies, advanced ancient basketweaving, etc? THE HORROR!

But HERE is the LAUGH OF THE DAY: "Ol' Lardhead said that "Republicans want to engage in a "race to the bottom" with other countries, rolling back wage protections and environmental standards. "Their attitude is, 'Let's go ahead and pollute," Obama said."

Race to the Bottom? Has Lardhead taken a look around and seen the devastation that he and his cronies have laid down upon us, thanks to idiots and morons who voted for the schlub? Simply amazing that the Serial Narcissist can be so clueless. Well, not really.

EXCERPT: "The president promised that his wife, Michelle, and daughters, Sasha and Malia, would be back in Hawaii for the winter holidays as usual."

Yep, all on the taxpayers again. Will their mutt take a separate plane again?

After the fundraiser, Barry went and played golf with one of his criminal pals, Bobby Titcomb, who evidently is the only person who remembers Barry growing up there. Bobby was busted for soliciting a prostitute and like Obama's illegal alien aunt and DUI uncle, Ol Bobby was hooked up by being a FOB (Friend of Barry) and the charge to be stricken from Titcomb's record.

This entire administration, from Obama on down, stinks on ice. If Congress had any balls, and that is a BIG IF, there would be impeachment proceedings and indictments handed down left and right. Especially after reading that Obama's Energy Department wanted to keep Solyndra's layoffs QUIET until AFTER the midterms!


Hopefully WE THE PEOPLE will take care of this problem in 2012. Obama and his entire administration need to be relocated to Gitmo, in orange jumpsuits. Enough is frigging enough.



  1. Gunny, I hope that this very significant behavior and entitlement mentality of the "first family" is exposed and that the in-informed become informed. These folks are living about as "high on the hog" as they possibly could, on our borrowed dime. All of the unemployed should be wondering what the f__k. The lavish vacations, over the top luxuries and finest of the fine foods during these unprecedented and difficult times is shameful. Couple that with the constant lecturing about how soft and lazy we have become and you have one very out of touch chief executive...yes it does and should tick people off...God Bless/Help the United States of America...

  2. TexMan,

    THEY ARE OWED don't ya know? haha. They are the result of Affirmative Action and continue to expect the gravytrain to continue.

    Hell, Chelsea Clinton went RIGHT INTO a reporter slot at NBC without paying her dues! Typical. Although I can see her bypassing an intern slot after having BJ Bubba for a father.


  3. Where is a giant tsunami when you need it? Race to the bottom my ass. He SUPERCHARGED the engine powering us to the bottom. Eff'im and the horse he rode in on.

  4. Gunny,
    He looks good in stripes don't ya think?

    Sadly the nutless Republicans won't do anything. Image ya know.

  5. Ol' Zero.
    An Hawaiian?
    A papollo.
    Ask a local boy (Hawaiian) about that.

  6. http://www.opinion-maker.org/2010/08/why-obama-is-subjected-to-blackmails/#

    Some pix from hiz bath house days would be humorous as well. What say you about all this? Blackmail/extortion is a powerful tool used on cowards/liars/deceivers from both Partys. Remember the Nat. EnQ. had to blow the lid off of 'pretty-boy' Edwards, or I'm sure he'd be on the campaign trail right now..JoeDaddy in NC

  7. I don't want anyone in the O'Vomit Administration placed in jail until after the new administration takes over in 2013. Let's face it, O'Vomit will issue and sell pardons like pancakes until the day he leaves office. But if none of his administration (or friends) are in prison, he cannot issue a pardon for them.

    The new administration can start the criminal investigations and start placing these thugs and thieves in prison.