Thursday, November 10, 2011


like asswipe. The Gunny himself could have have ripped the liberal mushheads better.

Whether you like Newt or not, HE ATTACKS LIBS AND OBAMA like Michael Mooreon on a free buffet or BJ Bubba Klintoon on a fat intern.


  1. With the idiot Cramer on the panel,it is EASY. As in,so simple,a caveman could do it.

  2. Gunny, if only we could get the others to go after the libs et al. instead of each other so much...we might start focusing more people on the real issues and why it is so imperative that we win in 2012! Time to re-focus on the true opposition. God Bless the United States of America...

  3. Gunny,

    I like nothing better in these debates than when the candidates agree with each other. All of them should have been applauding Newt, cause he is right. Anyone who thinks a guy is evil because he works his ass off is just stupid and lazy. Hard work always pays off, sloth never does. And that should be beaten into every child born into this world.

  4. I applaud Newt for making fools out of the liberal drone moderators. It's about time someone made them look stupid and he does a good job of it.
    I like the way Newt does not speak ill of any other candidate on stage and it seems that maybe the rest of them have picked up on that. They don't need to beat up on one another when the liberal loons are doing it constantly.

  5. Wouldn't you just love to see Newt go one on one with Zero?