Wednesday, November 30, 2011


from the tallest tree we can find.

WHY in the name of God are we bailing out OUR COMPETITION? Does a company help their competition when they are going bankrupt through the stupidity of their own actions? Yet we have an UNCONSTITUTIONAL Federal Reserve Bank likely printing up MORE money to bailout the EURO-PEE-ONS and their bogus and corrupt EU!


EXCERPT: "(Reuters) - Central banks from the world's leading developed economies said on Wednesday they will take coordinated steps to prevent a lack of liquidity in the global financial system, as the euro zone attempts to find a way to stem its debt crisis. The U.S. Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank and the central banks of Canada, Britain, Japan and Switzerland said in a joint statement they had agreed to lower the cost of existing dollar swap lines by 50 basis points from December 5. Other measures included setting up bilateral swap arrangements between the central banks so that any bank could tap additional liquidity in their own currencies if necessary. The swap arrangements are good through Feb 1, 2013."

Let the Gunny be blunt here. He doesn't give a fat baby's ass about Europe. Screw em. France and Germany are OVERRUN with Muslims who hate them AND US and we're going to use OUR MONEY to bail them out? The EU, who competes AGAINST us on foreign markets and Europe who has screwed us over consistently since 1945 and we're going to bail them out? The Marshall Plan was not enough? TRILLIONS wasted on NATO is not enough? Hundreds of thousands of American LIVES was not enough for Europe? We NOW have to CONTINUE to bail them out with OUR MONEY when WE ARE FRIGGING BROKE?


Bernanke should be drug out from the Fed and hung. The Fed should be audited and everyone responsible for it screwing us over for decades, if alive, should adorn the gibbet right alongside Bernanke. Then the Fed should be burned to the ground, the ashes scattered, and salt sown where it once stood.

Let us hope that if these idiots crash the US economy that they somehow end up at the end of a rope. These traitors deserve nothing less. Seize their assets for the Treasury and pauperize their families, it is only fair.

(Note to the Paulistas, yeah, I know about Paul's plan for the Fed, who cares? He's a nutjob, a liar, and an anti-semite.)


  1. I have a sugestion: A new form of quantitative easing. We ease a boot up his Obama (ass) and kick him right out of the country.

  2. I just put the same link in my draft for this week.

  3. Tampadoc,

    Next time post a spew alert! I damn near shot coffee out of my nostrils reading that.

    I could not agree more but I want Obama and his czars and the other vermin like Holder, Incompetano, Sotomayor, Kagan, and the rest of them put on trial and then off to Gitmo.

  4. I don't think one boot is enough. Time for SOMEONE in the so-called opposition party to stand up and say STOP. Goddamn cowards in the congress and senate anyway. WHERE is the authorization for THIS bullshit coming from? Santa Claus? Idiots,the lot of them. The excuse is the markets? They're going down in flames ANYWAY when the chickens of printing up of these worthless dollars comes home to roost.

  5. Every day you see commercials telling you to buy gold.
    Well I'm too poor to buy gold.
    Silver's good. But the poor man's gold is bullets. And primers. Whatever's available. Envision a day when you have to fall back to the barter system because these traitors destroyed our monetary system. At the same time think about the unavailability of ammunition. Any ammunition. Or primers. Gunpowder is easy to make but unless you have a flintlock it is no good without primers.
    Again. Think barter.
    A loaf of bread for a .30-30 round?
    That's the poor man's gold.