Monday, November 7, 2011


As El Rushbo always says, the Left will ALWAYS tell you who they fear. Consider the quote from Hilda Solis, another tax dodger like Turbo Tax Timmy, high up in Obama’s gangster government: "I’ll be darned if I’m going to set that aside now because a few teabaggers want to somehow muzzle my voice," Solis said, after yammering the usual liberal pablum about more spending, more unconstitutional federal programs, etc.

But let’s jump back to Obama’s ghost-written book (William Ayers), the "Audacity of a Dope", er, "Audacity of Hope" when Ayers writes that Obummer yapped: "So I owe those unions. When their leaders call, I do my best to call them back right away. I don't consider this corrupting in any way."

Yeah, there is no corruption (according to the Left) when Trumka and Stern can visit the White House to tell Obama what to do next and SEIU, ACORN, AFL-CIO, etc, can own a president. Otherwise, HOW could the Labor Secretary use a sexual slur to condemn a very large group of Americans! Organized labor equals socialism, i.e., Andy Stern’s quote of, "workers of the world unite…" yet the Liberal Lapdog Media continues to ignore Obama’s gangster government.

Consider back when Obama’s buddies in purple shirts performed an act of criminal trespass and attacked the home of BofA’s deputy general counsel Greg Baer. They scared the hell out of his teenage son, who locked himself in the bathroom. The Gunny would have shot the first scumbag who trespassed on his property, especially since the cops were doing nothing but watching. Unions are criminal enterprises at this point, nothing more, buying up politicians like Biden and Obama, and who work in their off-time as thugs, leftist thugs. It took months of forcing the issue but when Obama was finally forced to release the White House visitor records, Andy Stern who Obama’s most frequent guest. Andy Stern, under investigation by the FBI, now works for the Regime!

FACT: Sept 2007: "Imagine having a president whose life work was your work." Obama speaking to a crowd of SEIU scumbags. In other words, Obama was telling them that as President, they would own him.

FACT: Stern (SEIU) visited the White House 59 times in LESS than twenty-four months. 

FACT: Richard Trumka (AFL-CIO) visited the White House forty-seven times in ONE YEAR, meeting with Dumbo seventeen times and Gaffes Biden three times. BOTH Obama and Biden are in their pockets.

FACT: "We're gonna punish our enemies, and we're gonna reward our friends who stand with us." Obama. In other words, donate to me and you're in, if not, you're screwed.

The Obama Regime is a corrupt cabal of criminals who violate the law, bend it, stretch it, and ignore it in order to
achieve their agenda into destroying America and turning it into an oligarchy that rules by special interests that line their pockets and screws the masses.

Here is how it works.

1.  The useful idiots like the OWS morons gets trotted out, bussed in, and paid to whine and mewl. They are leftist "militia" if you will, designed to start trouble and are tailored along the lines of the Nicaraguan teen agitators "turbas divinas" that Obama probably learned from his buddy Daniel Ortega and their mission is to disrupt business and create trouble.

2.  The Unions supply the muscle. They are paid to protest, picket, and to thump the heads of the opposition, like the four SEIU thugs who beat up a lone black Conservative who was selling "Don't Tread On Me," t-shirts, or they attack an elderly gent at a TEA Party rally and bite his finger off OR, they infiltrate wearing Nazi regalia and holding up racist signs.

3.  The Liberal Lapdog Media plays their part like PRAVDA did in the former Soviet Union. They cover for the Regime and work to undermine the opposition. They literally REFUSED to vet Obama and yet are printing stories about Cain and those "unnamed" victims of him left and right.

4.  Finally, Obama plays HIS part by trotting out and saying what Soros tells him to say. He panders to his base by attacking Wall Street while spooning with Wall Street and taking their cash! Those who In other words, DC is now Obamaville located in Sh*tcago. He attacks his opposition using the bully pulpit and directs his minions to attack them, i.e., "bring a gun to a knife fight," or "get in their faces," or "punch back harder."

When you examine the Obama/Rahm/Axelrod/Jarrett cabal and how they have consistently attacked and antagonized much of the Heartland, trying to get us to start some civil unrest, which will give them the excuse they need to declare Martial Law, especially in 2012, you can easily see them for what they are, Marxist elites trying to seize power, as they wanted to do in 1968. Ask yourselves WHY Obama could care less about his poll numbers, that if they were TRULY reported, would likely be in the low 30's, and that his reelection chances are poor. The Gunny just reported on the Reichstag Part II and as we grow closer to November 2012, expect the Regime to take advantage of the crisis they develop. Especially with the Unions and the useful idiots in the OWS in their pockets.

And then there are the idiots like Peggy the Moocher and her parasitic grubs.


  1. Gunny, GREAT Post! It's going to be a rough and dangerous year. Fortunately, we do have the castle here in Texas that will help us protect our lives and property when/if the dirtbag children descend on our peaceful communities. You are, in my humble opinion, correct on all of your points and this is going exactly according to tba plans that have laid out from the beginning of the campaign in '08. God Bless the United States of America

  2. Good post. No corruption? Then what the HELL do THEY call it? Christ,the damned fools anyway.

  3. It's going to get ugly and, some feelings are going to get hurt.

  4. I sent Solis an email graphically describing what teabagging is and told her she is and offensive, vulgar socialist. response from her office.
    I sort of expect to see some Barry thugs at the door some day.