Monday, November 21, 2011


Here is how the whiny bitch in the White House appeared before the press in Hawaii, the state he is supposed to have lived in yet no one can remember him nor did he have any girlfriends there.

Contrast with a REAL President
(and American citizen)....

Barry whines and looks like he is getting a colonoscopy while Ronaldus Magnus, complete with tie, shows what being a MAN and a STATESMAN is all about.


  1. Gunny,

    In all fairness, it is a little unreasonable for anyone to be compared to Reagan.

    Having said that, this turd falls waaay short of the mark.

  2. TGP,

    He falls short in every way except being a Marxist! haha.

    Reagan and the other POTUS' showed respect for the office, wore suits AND ties, and did not put their feet on the people's furniture. His lack of respect is well noted.

  3. Gunny, good stuff, these pics really show the difference...Reagan, now that is a man's man! Thanks for the comparison and God Bless the United States of America...

  4. The difference is one is an president who is an actor, the other is an actor who was president.

    Pack Rat

  5. BTW, Lech Walesa unveiled a statue of Reagan in Warsaw yesterday.
    And, the feeling amoungst Poles and most every other former Warsaw pact country is "Thank God for Ronald Reagan for freeing us!"

    20 years later, leftist moonbats in America are begging to be Soviet

  6. Gunny,
    I long for the day when we have an adult in the White House again.

    Comrade zero is an epic failure. Pick a topic. In 3 years he has not accomplished a single thing to help this country. Every half-baked idea that he and his cronies have hatched has turned to crap without exception.

  7. Never will be another Reagan. But,does that mean his ideas and ideals need to die? I believe not. Too bad there isn't many in the GOP today who CAN articulate conservatism WITHOUT holding their damned nose.