Wednesday, October 12, 2011


and likes how it tastes.

EXCERPT: "Governor Mitt Romney today announced that Massachusetts will take another major step in meeting its commitment to protecting air quality when strict state limitations on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from power plants take effect on January 1, 2006. Massachusetts is the first and only state to set CO2 emissions limits on power plants. The limits, which target the six largest and oldest power plants in the state, are the toughest in the nation. In addition to reaffirming existing stringent CO2 limits, the draft regulations announced today, which will be filed next week, contain protections against excessive price increases for businesses and consumers. They allow power generation companies to implement CO2 reductions at their own facilities or fund other reduction projects off-site through a greenhouse gas offset and credits program."

How did Obummer say it? Oh yeah, "under my plan, energy prices will necessarily skyrocket." Heating oil up 8% so far this winter and Natural gas is up 3%. Of course in the White House, Obummer can prance around in his panties for Reggie Love, with the thermostat turned up to 80 degrees and WE THE PEOPLE pick up the tab.

And Mittens bought into it.

BTW, the rogue agency known as the EPA will be shutting down EIGHT PERCENT of US power production, thus reducing electricity and making it HARDER for Americans to heat their houses.

When Americans are freezing this winter, what say we set liberals on fire for heat seeing as how THEY installed this idiot and his myrmidons into the government where they can impinge upon our daily lives, inflicting wholesale misery in the name of Gaia and the insanity called Liberalism/Progressivism.


  1. Much more than 8% to be shut down in Texas.

  2. Craw,

    That figure is 8% of the nation's TOTAL electricity output.

  3. Odd that the libtards go insane when they lose power for a few hours due to a snowstorm or hurricane but they support these policies without knowing the consequences.

    As I have said a thousand times, you can't fix stupid.

  4. Here in Mississippi, the number of plants is less. ENTERGY has one coal-fired rig in Jackson. The City of Greenwood has one small coal-fired plant. And TVA operates a lignite fueled plant in Choctaw County. I am not sure if the TVA unit will have to shut down as it is "state-of-the-art" with the latest air quality equipment on its stacks. (Most of the other generation in Mississippi is nuclear, gas-fueled, and oil-fueled.)

    However, even one plant being shut down is one plant too many.

    Gunny, you know I am an electrical/mechanical engineer with utility experience (I have been the General Manager, the Operations Manager, and the Generations Plant Manager for several utilities.). All of this is POLITICAL. There are no major problems with any of the units in Mississippi. But I am willing to bet the farm and my first grandson that Obama and his friends are going to make a sh*t-pot full of money on all this.

    After the 2012 elections, Obama MUST pay the penalty for all of this.

  5. Anybody supporting Mitt needs a swift kick in the ass. NOT a conservative. No matter HOW badly Priebus,Krauthammer,Kristol,et al want him to be.Yet another sterling example of how the media,even the supposed "conservative" outlet,is trying to pick FOR us. Eff'em,IMHO.

  6. Now do you understand why the MSM is hyping this clown?
    Now you understand why Christie endorsed him?

    Only thing I can't understand (a little off subject) is why Ann Coulter was so hot on Christie.
    Christie and Romney are both establishment RINO types and both have a seat at the country club table.

  7. What if the only choice is between Romney and Obama?

  8. Gray Ghost,

    We should be BUILDING MORE power plants, not less but the left is nbound to inflict Giaism on us!

  9. Buck,

    I saw it back when Mittens ran before! The GOP is interested in big government, as long as THEY are running the show.

  10. Pack Rat,

    That is a question that we are gonna have to answer for ourselves in our heart of hearts. My question is, is WHEN does the GOP go BACK to the Reagan playbook which WON over and over everywhere it was tried?

    Maybe another question is, has the GOP been infiltrated by Romneys, McLames, Grahamnestys and turned progressive?

    Maybe even better is the question, do we continue to support THAT?