Monday, October 31, 2011


for an interview? Afraid his true colors will come out? Afraid Chris will ask him about sending his aides to help Barry create the Frankenstein of ObummerKare? Afraid that Chris will ask him why he won't disavow RomneyKare? Maybe Romney is afraid that Chris may find out that Romney's big backers are bailout banks?

Keep pushing this steaming turd GOP and once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


  1. Gunny, I also would like to see Wallace interview Rodney as well. It would be interesting to see him try to duck and dodge the issues you mention as well as several others. People should and deserve to see him pinned down one on one by the likes of a Chris Wallace type. "The Truth Shall Set You Free" and people should have the truth about Mitt so they can see what he is all just might open some fact people might be surprised to find out he is similar to "the current occupant", ya think ....?

  2. Oh HJC,Guns. You KNOW Wallace ain't going to give the shining sphincter product ANYTHING but softballs. Remember,Mitt IS their guy,after all.

  3. Remember when Obama wouldn't do O'Reilly? Smells like the same skunk to me.

  4. The GOP keeps pushing these types on us.
    And they keep getting defeated.
    How smart are they?
    But then again I don't think the GOP establishment dives a tinker's damn whether a Democrat or a Republican gets elected. Just so long's they get to sit at the table.