Thursday, October 13, 2011


so bet on the fact that Jesse the Race Pimp and Al the Rent-a-mob guy will soon parrot their leader.


Obama: Republicans Don't Want A Place Where People "No Matter What They Look Like" Can Succeed

Obama is clearly delusional. The more time passes, the more President Alinsky resembles a detached Hitler fumbling around in his Berlin bunker, still thinking that he is winning and trotting out phantom units to fight for him. Here in America we have, horror of horrors, RICH PEOPLE OF EVERY COLOR! We have WHITE CONSERVATIVES endorsing Herman Cain, "OH THE HUMANITY!" Meanwhile, racist blacks on the Left call Cain "not black enough." Really? A man who came from a poor black family in the South and makes it to the top and WORKED to get there AIN'T BLACK ENOUGH? These racist bastards on the Left should be ENDORSING Cain as a black HERO but instead, they turn to sh*tbirds like Jesse the Race Pimp  aka The Love Puppy of the Rainbow Coalition and Al of the Twanda Brawley Sharptons and the "resist we much" group.

Obama is a hateful little man, envious of others for THEIR accomplishments because he has not accomplished ANYTHING! Obama did nothing but ride the Soros gravy train into the White House on a bed of lies, bullsh*t promises, and half-truths. President Alinsky spent a whopping 140 or days in the Senate and did NOTHING as an Illinois State Senator, well, he DID vote "present" a couple of hundred times. Even his TWO autobiographies were GHOST-WRITTEN by the unrepentant terrorist William Ayers! (THAT is the real hoot there. President Alinsky has TWO autobiographies when he has done nothing of note; well, other than working to implement the Soros agenda for America.)

The areas where President Alinsky HAS succeeded is dividing America along the lines of various "injustices" from the 1600's to 2011:

Social, Racial, Economic, Illegal aliens being mistreated, Environmental injustice, various minorities, i.e., unions, Muslims, homos, transgendered, black, red, yellow, purple (SEIU), American injustices to the world since 10,000 BC, oh wait, Before Christ ain't PC, make that BCE (the Gunny would not want to have a liberal bust a vein reading the initial B.C), various apology tours, etc, etc,.

This is why President Alinsky trots out the race card again and that is, because it is the ONLY card in the Dummycrat's deck. Oh wait, Nutsy Baloney said that the GOP wants to kill women in the floor with abortion laws. Emotionalism and asinine projectionism is all these dirtbags have anymore.

Note to TOTUS: Go AWOL next speech and leave President Alinsky stammering like the brainless moron he is.

SAVED ROUND: Haley Barbour says Cain would sweep the South! How can those racist rednecks even THINK to vote for Cain! OH THE HORROR!

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  1. I think Alinsky may have been smarter than this assmunch.