Sunday, October 16, 2011


Obama is a disgrace. Whenever challenged, this moron resorts to type, i.e., a community organizer. The GREATTTTTTTT Uniter the douchebags in the Liberal Lapdog Media crowed. Yeah, and Michael Mooreon is a skinny patriot who loves the USA.

EXCERPT: "The White House continued its embrace of the Occupy Wall Street protests on Sunday, using the strongest terms yet to identify President Barack Obama with the growing movement. In a call previewing Obama's upcoming bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Obama "will continue to acknowledge the frustration that he himself shares," about Washington's laggard response to the financial crisis. Earnest added that while on the trip, Obama will make it clear that he is fighting to make certain that the "interests of 99 percent of Americans are well represented" — the first time the White House has used the term to differentiate the vast majority of Americans from the wealthy."

But the facts about Obama are quite clear...

He is a multi-millionaire who never had a real job in his life.
He attended Harvard and Columbia but sealed his transcripts and financial records.
He flies a private jet to golfing trips and his Klingon War Bride flies separately on yet ANOTHER private jet.

The Klingon War Bride wears a $44,000 diamond bracelet.
They both take expensive vacations to expensive resorts and Obama golfs like it was being outlawed by the EPA.
Wall Street showered him with money, i.e., Soros, Goldman/Sachs, etc.
He'll join BJ Bubba Klintoon getting speaking fees after Nov 2012.

No wonder he sympathizers with the "entitlement kids."

Not to mention that this idiot is actually ENDORSING protests that are anti-semetic AND that the commies and nazis are supporting.

Nazis: "What is really MISSING – is the "MOVEMENT" from these popular protests – its time to pull WN heads out of their collective ass’s, and JOIN IN the attack on Judeo-Capitalism."

Commies: "This is an exciting time! Thousands of mainly young people have been occupying Wall Street for three weeks already, and the “Occupy Movement” has spread to more than 200 other cities. On Oct. 6 the actions spread to our nation’s capital. The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) will hold a national teleconference to discuss it: Arturo Cambron. The Communist Party and the Occupy L.A. Movement"

What makes this SO DAMN FUNNY is that the liberal idiots want to tie the Right to the Nazi Party BADLY but HERE IS THEIR SHOW attracting BOTH sides of a tyrannical coin, the Nazis AND the Commies! haha. We should HOPE that these crybabies protest well into the election year! The bottom line is that the Left TRIES to say that these ideologies are different but naturally THEY LIE and the end is always the same. The elites have ALL of the goodies like power, money, and property while we are relegated to serf status. The Liberal Lapdog Media is now PRAVDA USA and sold us out long ago. They are bird cage liner.

This is NOT going to end well for the Left and Comrade Obummer just tied another millstone around his neck. These bastards OWN THIS. Funny that the Red Diaper Baby wanted to play General with his National Civilian Security Force, just as motivated and well-armed as the US Military. Well, since about Mid-2008, he is getting exactly what he wants and you can find us at sporting goods stores, gun shows, outdooring stores, we're skilled in the outdoors, we hunt, fish, drive pickups, wear NRA caps, and we know WTF is going on. Let us THANK Obummer for bringing US together. Like the attack on Pearl Harbor, Obummer has awoken a sleeping giant and the giant ain't happy.


  1. This clown is simply BEYOND disgusting.C'mon,GOP,this is real low-hanging fruit here. PICK IT,already.Sheesh.

  2. Gunny, yes they own this embarrassing, disgusting, rancid, purified, punk-ass mess! It is so sweet that they have hung this around their own necks. The real American Patriots, and we are the majority, will hold them accountable. We are prepared for whatever they want to bring on. I'm glad that they have all unified together with OWS as this clarifies for all who they really are and what they stand for. By the by, the Wife and I had a Great Day at the range (Sunday) just staying "prepared"...God Bless the United States of America

  3. Speaking of...
    Down at the waterhole last weekend.
    An Obama supporter finally admitted she'd made a big mistake.
    I was feeling pretty good until
    she said, "Hillary'll do much better next time."