Monday, October 17, 2011



One has to wonder that if they hate it so much here, why not emigrate to a socialist country of their choice? The Gunny is sure that they could find gainful employment in the sugar fields of Cuba or sweeping the streets of Venzuela, with Chavez urging them on! Dear Liberal asshats, all you need do is get on a plane, fly to Cuba, and renounce your citizenship. It really is that easy. And for those liberals who don't have the dough to GTFO of the US of A, why, simply ask for donations and a ride to the airport. Some patriot will be GLAD to escort you to the gate and ensure you get on.

Don't wait libs, if you hate America so much, GO GO GO GO GO! You won't be missed.

At least the idiot is wearing the right hat for this gig, being a clown and all...

Bush 43 echoes the sentiment of patriots nationwide, towards the Occupy useful idiots and their handlers...


  1. Who's the old bearded guy playing guitar in the background? Kind of looks like Jerry Garcia Brother or cousin.

  2. Nasty filthy corksoaking osamaites who attended the satanic church of the rev wrong with osamabinBastardobamster for at least twenty years.

    The filth living here in this country hi on the hog and stealing from Americans, not working or contributing to the well being of community or country is just about where the left lib moonbats wants it. They have raised at least one generation of blithering idiot robots who will do the hard work of killing off the country. These pukes deserve what they reap.

  3. I agree with GW on this one.

  4. Gunny,
    There are a number of F**K the USA themes at all the protests. It's obvious these jackasses have never been outside our borders.

    Love the GW pic. Exactly how I feel towards these anti-American trash.

    Btw, funny how the left cannot get a protest going without paying these clowns to show up.