Thursday, October 6, 2011


the RINOs in the GOP are worried.

In a recent article by Selwyn Duke, he writes that we must support WHOMEVER the GOP candidate is.

He first discusses the poll numbers: "To truly understand why a RINO (Republican in Name Only) will likely win the nomination, we only have to consider the following poll numbers: Mitt Romney, 25 percent; Rick Perry, 16; Herman Cain, 16; Ron Paul, 11; Newt Gingrich, 7; and Michele Bachmann, 7. What is notable about this list? Romney, widely viewed as the most liberal of the major contenders, leads the pack. Is this because the Republican base now reflects the Massachusetts GOP?"

The problem with poll numbers is that they are bullsh*t. Second, the Liberal Lapdog Media is trying their usual tricks on framing our candidate, as they did with McShamnesty, as the "only one who can win, blah blah blah." THEN, they turn on the idiot like the hyenas they are and back the liberal scumbag. Only a fool cannot see that old trick being trotted out by the left like a decrepit old whore on payday outside of Ted Kennedy's old office. Mr. Duke MAY be a Conservative but he is as wrong here as wrong can be.

Mr. Duke writes: "We could blame the Republican Party for "giving us another RINO" or the NWO for installing another internationalist and then take our ball and go home. But this would be unwise. America may be that proverbial frog in the frying pan of water, but the solution is never to jump out of it into the fire."

That may well be true BUT Mr. Duke is asking us to ONCE again ignore our principles and vote for the RINO. Nay. Never again. The Gunny held his nose for Bush 41 and Bush 43. He refused to hold his nose for McLame along with his Saint Crispin's Day Society brothers. Why? Because McShamnesty is a RINO. Romney is a HUGE Taxachusetts' RINO. An aisle-crossing, liberal ass-kissing, liberal-lite do-gooder who believes in Conservatism about as much as Burackus Obomination does. Once again, nay, never again.

Mr. Duke finishes with: "As far as the primaries go, this means I favor one Republican over the others. And I'll hold fast to this principle come the general election. This means supporting the Republican nominee whoever he may be. Because he will possess a certain very important quality. He won't be Barack Obama."

Here cometh the lecture...

prin·ci·ple /ˈprɪnsəpəl/ noun

1. an accepted or professed rule of action or conduct: a person of good moral principles .
2. a fundamental, primary, or general law or truth from which others are derived: the principles of modern physics.
3. a fundamental doctrine or tenet; a distinctive ruling opinion: the principles of the Stoics.
4. principles , a personal or specific basis of conduct or management: to adhere to one's principles ; a kindergarten run on modern principles.
5. guiding sense of the requirements and obligations of right conduct: a person of principle.

Mr. Duke misses the main point of the Tea Party and the millions of Americans who REFUSE to bend over for both the Liberals and the RINOs, hereafter known as Liberal-lite, which is what they REALLY are. Obama is steering his nation "hard a-port" (Left) whereas a Liberal-lite would be steering us "rudder five degrees to port." They BOTH are going Left, one just faster than the other.

Indeed, the GOP would put someone like big-government, anti-gun, pro-Muslim Christie into the race but thank God he opted out. The Rockefeller wing of the GOP Progressive party was slobbering over him like a Democrat thinking about higher taxes. Ford (drifted Left), McLame, Grahamnesty, Bush 41, Bush 43, etc, all took this nation AWAY from the Reagan legacy (or would have) and ushered in not just TARP, No Child Left Behind, free drugs, Medicare Part D, etc, etc, ad nauseum but they ushered in Burackus The Never Ending Speechifying Obomination! Mr. Duke would ask Conservative voters to hold their noses and vote for Romney the RINO who not only came up with the putrid RomneyKare but DEFENDS IT! Romney is not a Republican for his beliefs do not jive with the bedrock principles of our party. Not no but HELL NO! Romney, Christie, Newt, are all big government progressives, do not be fooled. Christie is for gun control for God's sakes! THAT is NOT a Conservative trait.

Mr. Duke is merely parroting the Liberal Lapdog Media's mantra of stay the course GOP and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They and the Rockefeller wing of the GOP Progressive Party would LOVE to serve us up a sh*t sandwich of a Romney or (gag) Newt "globull warming" Gingrich and have us chow down on it with a smile. The Gunny says HELL NO! , or a Perry. If we get served up a Romney (which is WHO the GOP elites are backing BTW), we're gonna get aisle-crossing like you've never seen before, ass-kissing of liberals to "work with the RINOs" in a business as usual crapulence, and really just four more years of Obomunism, only dialed down a wee bit to make it slide down our throats a little easier.

To that the Gunny says, SCREW YOU GOP! NO more holding the nose. NO more accepting the same old same old RINOs, NO MORE compromise. LOSERS compromise with the winners, not the other way around and WE ARE GONNA WIN with a CONSERVATIVE candidate like Cain, for example.

"War gives the right of the conquerors to impose any conditions they please upon the conquered." Julius Caesar

If the GOP allows the Liberal Lapdog Media to pull another 2008 and selects the putrid Romney (bby pushing him forward again and again), then we as Conservatives MUST turn our backs on the GOP and if the Obomination wins again, our fight would be to stock the Congress and Senate with Conservatives who would stymie ANYTHING the Community Organizer would do. The bottom line is do we continue to eat sh*t sandwiches from the GOP with a smile and NEVER get a menu change or do we REFUSE to bite and thus FORCE a menu change?

The Gunny stands with his Tea Party/Saint Crispin's Day Society brethren AGAINST the GOP Progressive Party.


  1. I'll vote for Mickey Mouse before I vote for a RINO. Romney has as much chance of getting my vote as Obama does. People wondered when I publicly cheered Christie's last announcement. I told 'em that we already have enough Democrats running for President.

  2. Craw,

    INDEED! Glad Palin is out as well. Her liberal policies up here are still hurting us.

    I am LOVING Cain's 9-9-9 plan. He wants to abolish the IRS and income tax! Our economy would take off like Ted DRUNKennedy after a waitress or Bonnie Fwank after a male intern!

  3. The 9-9-9 is VERY vulnerable to Congressional increases, but it is a good START. I still prefer the Fair Tax.

  4. Craw,

    Agreed. I was onboard with the Fair Tax from DAY ONE!

  5. Great piece Gunny - I agree we need to hold to our principals not the expediency of winning.
    If we do we have a much greater chance to win than to waffle with a Romney.
    Cain seems like the guy to me non-political elite/lifer, smart, has a good sense of humor, has a lot more experience at most things than Obummer ever had.

  6. Gunny,

    With respect my brother. This is why my active participation in the TEA movement was relatively short lived. I will not return - I have a higher calling, I am a conservative Republican.

    I was at the very first TEA protest in my county and attended several after that including a couple in the Commonwealth's capitol. It was in Richmond that I ran into the organizers of the Virginia movement and came face-to-face with all this RINO crap - that's right crap.

    I don't want Mitt Romney to be sure - but conservative's failure to coalesce behind a candidate is the weakness - not some subversion from RINOs. If you were to add the supporters of Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Michele Bachmann to the totals of Rick Perry or Herman Cain - then you have the mass required to take the Party's nomination and win - those names aren't interchangeable because some of them can't win - period.

    However conservatives don't have the discipline to do that - we will stay in this ridiculous circular firing squad and blaze away until Romney wins. We (conservatives) are the problem not the RINOs.

    I realized when speaking with the TEA movement leaders in Richmond how this movement would fracture the Republican Party and give the opening for Democrats (Progressives, Socialists, Liberals, whatever). We saw the results in Delaware, Nevada, Alaska, and other places. I don't know what is in the water in Delaware, but Rush Limbaugh is not going to win a Senate set there - but Bob Castle could have. 45 hard core conservative Republican Senators along with 15 RINOs gives us the Senate - we drive the train, we blow the whistle - you can't discount our very real need for ALL Republicans to make this government work.

    Sharon Angle split the Republican vote in Nevada and two good, solid Republicans - either of whom could beat Harry Reid - lost to a candidate who couldn't win. This is political suicide. We have the same thing happening now in Virginia with a ridiculous figure from the TEA movement who is challenging former Senator George Allen - this is pure and simple stupidity. The TEA movement isn't learning from their mistakes. Tim Kaine will destroy Jamie Radtke in an election.

    As long as the TEA movement remains in this adversarial relationship with the people who are their ideological soul mates - we will be fractured and subject to defeat in detail.

    When faced with this EXACT SAME situation in the 1960s Conservatives took back the Republican Party. We didn't call them RINOs in those days, they were "Country Club Republicans." The result was the Reagan revolution.

    Take back the Republican Party don't weaken it by absenting yourself from the battle. And if you cause us to fail and Romney gets the Party nod - then you had damn well better come out and vote for him so we don't have another 4 years of Barack Hussein Obama - not voting is even dumber.

  7. Common Snse,

    I could not agree more in taking back the Republican Party from the East Coat RINOs. But taking it back is the fight and getting in solid
    Conservatives is what needs to happen.

    Rest assured, we ARE NOT absenting ourselves from the fight, quite the opposite, as I have kept writing the GOP/RNC about their backing of RINOs as well as sending my money directly TO the candidate vice going through the RNC.

    Don't forget that the GOP did nothing to back Angle in Nevada AND Dingy Reid had a massive amount of SEIU voter fraud to help him win.

    The GOP needs to learn one lesson permanently and that is, Conservatism WINS when it is backed up BY the GOP against the Left.

  8. Kitman3,

    Cain's big thing with me is that he has business savvy and is fiscally Conservative. The US seriously NEEDS someone like that at the helm and with a supermajority Republican Congress, they can fix what Obummer has wrecked.

  9. Oh you silly little T baggers crack me up..The GOP doesn't have a prayer of winning with any of these clowns....So store up your food and ammunition, put on your powdered wigs and tri corner hats, wave your culpepper flag and tune in to Rush and Beck.....I can hardly wait to see the first debate between Obama and whoever they pick from this wacky bunch....

  10. Anon,

    Ain't you so cute? Using the sexual slur that your ilk loves so much! haha.

    Oh we're stored up all right, and when the sh&t hits the fan and you're hungry, you can empty my septic tank with a bucket for a plate of chow! haha.

    Obumfvck in a debate? That moronic Marxist asshat can't come up with a complete sentence without a teleprompter!

    Cain is gonna tear your megalomaniac liar a new assh0le in the debates and I for one can't wait to see a REAL black man, who can produce his REAL birth certificate, tear into that paper assh0le you can potus but the rest of us laugh at!



  11. Gunny,

    Interesting comment by Anonymous - I guarantee you that no man more than me wants to see any of our candidates debate Obama.

    On Angle - she might have cut her own throat by bad mouthing the GOP. However Senator Cornyn the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee immediately pledged the full support of the organization following her primary victory. They followed it up with a $5,000 a plate dinner for Angle.

    I think that our local TEA group has come around. They sponsored any number of rallies, meetings, and protests during the 2010 election cycle. They were uniformly ineffective - a local Republican Congressional candidate lost by 910 votes that year. Elections are won by candidates - and this year the TEA folks have shown that they might have learned that lesson by publicly getting behind candidates.

    Yeah, you probably have to march on Washington once in awhile - but we win elections through donations, door knocking, and phone calling for specific candidates. The Gadsen flag isn't on the ballot.

    Keep bashing the GOP leadership - it will help keep them on their toes. Just remember - we're after the same thing.

  12. Common Snse,

    I could not agree more. I, like many of my Conservative buddies simply will not tolerate any more betrayals. Period. F**K COMPROMISE! That is what got us into this position in the first place with asshole like McLame and Dole and a host of other aisle crossers.

    I simply want the GOP leadership to abide by the platform of the party and quit using us like the Dems us the blacks and the Jewish folk and KICK ASS!

  13. Interesting discussion. You know where I stand.

    First of all, the Reagan Revolution took place in the late 70s-early 80s, NOT in the 60s.

    Reagan was always despised by the Establishment GOP. His prior efforts to win the nomination failed. He lost to Nixon in 68 and Ford in 76. Look how well THOSE elections turned out.

    And ever since Bush 1 took over after Reagan's second term, this country, INCLUDING the GOP, has been moving back away from Reaganism.

    It's too "extreme". Since when is real conservatism "extreme"?

  14. BrianR,

    Exactly right. Common Snse has a great point in that we MUST work together but when does the common ground between US and the Rockefeller wing of the GOP (east coast elites) and we commoners begin to move away from the common goal?

    I voted for Bush 41 and expected him to continue to march to Reagan's playbook but no dice. Bush 43 as a laugh.

    I see 2012 as a war against the darkness of Marxism and we cannot afford to lose so WTF are we playing pattycake with the Leftists for? Our candidates need to be going after Obumfvck hammer and tongs AND Congress and the Senate need to contribute with heavy artillery!


  15. Politics as usual! The GOP have not one ounce of testosrone, let alone a swinging "set"!

    Look, they put up lame mcain against this Godless usurper in charge and stuck it to us, all because he was "next in line"!

    The base of the GOP is the same bullshit, nother day as the career Dems, power and survival, but the sleeping giant is awake! And my friends, that sleeping
    Giant aint a bunch of stinking fucking punks with community organizers
    And union thugs, its the tea party middle class! And we far outnumber these thugs, and we are feared, hence the boots on the ground hippy occupy wall street punks!

    GOP, DO NOT think for even a second more we the majority are going to support a RINO! Stop making the same stupid mistakes by pushing people who talk out both sides of their mouth and are willing to go sit on the other side, get out of our way and let conservatives have someone with the Balls to Smack Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Durbin, Jarret, Crook Holder...right square in their fucking commie corrupt mouths!!!

    Stay strong patriots, this fight is only going to get worse as the smear and dirt roll from the blue lipped leader and thru his water carriers, MSM!

  16. Gunny,

    You bring up an interesting point that also goes to the core of Zesta's semi-literate non-point. Who exactly is the "GOP?" Many of these posters talk as if it is some monolithic organization like AT&T or It is not.

    The GOP "belonged" to Nelson Rockefeller until the conservative guerrillas took back the Party and drafted Barry Goldwater. That set the tone for the Reagan Revolution.

    The GOP didn't "choose" John McCain. Voters did. The problem was that McCain was the last man standing. Go back and look at the field and I only see Thompson, Brownback, Gilmore, and Hunter as possible "authentic" conservatives. Why did they go away? They didn't have enough votes, money, or both. Those problems can only be solved by "We the people."

    If Conservatives are sitting on the sidelines waiting for the GOP to come up with a nominee - the GOP will. Whether or not they will be any good is another situation all together. If folks want to go out and wave Gadsen flags, that's fine too - but understand it has no effect on the process.

    There is going to be a nominee. People can have an effect on the process or they sit on the sidelines and whine.

    Get behind a candidate. If nothing else sign up to get their e-mail blast. Put a bumper sticker on your car (mine all say "Perry") or put up a yard sign. Send them some money. If you really want to make a difference get out and knock on doors, make phone calls, or distribute campaign literature. Your candidate is going to require several thousand signatures to get on the ballot in your State's primary - pick up a petition and start getting signatures - I can tell you that Mitt Romney is way out ahead of the others. I signed a Herman Cain petition the other day.

    Politics is a participation sport. Again - there will be a GOP nominee - if you don't like him or her - and if you did nothing, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

    The other side of the coin is that with all these candidates, odds are your guy or gal is not going to get picked. The TEA movement is about the same size as the population who are self described liberals. Guess what? You might not get your way. That's the democracy part of this equation. It doesn't absolve you of the responsibility to get on board and help the winner.

    Saturday I knocked on over 100 doors, Sunday I went to a fund raiser, and tonight I have a Republican organizational meeting. What are all of you willing to do?

  17. Common Snse,

    Great post. I'll be out for Cain and Perry, who are my choices.

    I DO like Romney's answer on RomneyKare and that he did it for Taxachusetts and would NOT do it for the rest of the US. Good 10th Amendment answer.

    I will be sending out money and making phone calls and you are dead right to ask what are the REST OF US doing!

    I do disagree on McLame. He was seleted by the media and voted in during open primaries ala Rush's Operation Chaos! The Left torpedoed us! Which is why I want CLOSED primaries in the 57 states so that only registered Republicans vote, not Indies or Libs.

  18. Zesta,

    Thanks for the post but in the future, only Clyde gets to use full-blown F-Bombs! haha. He is an incorrigible reprobate on that.

  19. Again, CSense, your comment doesn't reflect the reality of party politics.

    Yes, voters in the primaries determine the ultimate outcome. But the party hacks can -- and do -- stack the deck so badly that they can in reality determine any outcome they want.

    The party hacks decide who gets the financial backing, and the volunteers in the war rooms. THEY determine where the money goes that they've raised by all those phone calls and letters that show up in the mailbox.

    How the heck do you think a boob like McIdiot could ever get into the position to actually WIN the GOP nomination?

  20. Gunny - Thanks. See ya on the campaign trail.

  21. BrianR,

    You don't know what you are talking about. I would be considered a "Party Hack" in your world. I know how it works. You have to be involved. I explained to you how McCain got there - people like you sat out the entire primary process and then one day you were surprised that McCain was the nominee.

    McCain got in while everyone else was sleeping. Even in the election nearly 40% of registered voters sat at home. Go to your State or County website and check voter turn out in elections. It ain't rocket science friend - most people don't care until it's too late. I've been manning the polls for the Party for years - you would be amazed how many people show up without knowing who is even running. Two years ago people showed up in our Gubernatorial election and most didn't know about the three changes to Virginia's constitution that were on the ballot.

    We are less than 30 days from an election and most people I talk to when I knock on doors haven't even thought about it. They'll get around to it though - won't they?

    People don't come out to vote in primaries. They don't want to interrupt their lives to get involved. Congressional candidates for 2012 started popping up right after the 2010 election - if you don't know who they are you aren't paying attention.

    Are you a member of your county Republican committee?

    Are you registered to receive e-mails and town hall announcements from your representatives? From the candidates you support?

    Do you attend town hall meetings?

    Have you ever been to a nominating convention in your County? Your State? Or your Nation?

    The game is won or lost by the people on the field. If you aren't there - you don't count.

    If you are too busy to work the polls or walk your neighborhood - don't worry - will pay some lefty nitwit to do it for you. You won't like the outcome - but hey - most people just don't have time - right?

    I'll bet they'll find to to complain later.