Thursday, October 27, 2011


You know, sometimes a tyrant CAN do good stuff.

EXCERPT: "Nearly half of Americans say they have a gun in their household, the highest percentage since 1993, according to a new Gallup poll. Forty-seven percent of Americans say they have a gun on their property. Gun ownership is up among Republicans as well as Democrats, though only 40 percent of Democrats say their home has a gun, compared to 55 percent of Republicans. Support for personal gun-ownership rights is also at a high."

The Gunny LIKES those odds. The country is more RIGHT than LEFT and WE own more guns than they do! Heh-heh-heh. 

Even better is that Americans WANT private gun ownership more than ever.

(Mossberg 930 SPX);utm_campaign=syndication&38;utm_content=morelink&38;utm_term=Politics&38;wpisrc=nl_fix


  1. Gunny, three cheers for us, yea, yea, yea...I also saw an article this am that posed the question of favoring a "hand gun ban" and the numbers were approximately 76% would NOT support a ban, while 23% (victims) would support a ban. The article stated that this presented historically positive numbers in support of gun ownership and the all-important 2nd amendment! This is a Great story for the day and a significant accomplishment for the "O"....God Bless the United States of America...

  2. TexMan,

    Who KNEW that Obama was such a proponent of the Second Amendment! haha.

  3. Me thinks this is the only reason the Resident has not declared itself king yet.

    Nice new toy, GunnyG.

  4. Nice! I'm still hanging on my 590. Still an awesome shotgun but the 930 is cool.

    My newest toy is a Bushmaster BA50. I need to visit you! No room aroung here to shoot such a gun.

  5. zero is the best gun salesman in the last 50 years.

  6. Jim,

    Yeah, you need the south 40 to shot that cannon! haha.

  7. Hardnox,

    I salute Obama's gun salesmanship efforts. He's a better gun salesman than a president! haha

  8. Sweet piece,Gunny. Better to be armed and live to talk about it than a footnote in your local news.

  9. Gunny,
    You gave me inspiration for another post. Check tomorrow.

  10. Just had to post this on Facebook; my lib 'friends' will be so pleased!

  11. AZVick,

    Make sure you tell your lib friends that Obama is one helluva gun salesman!

  12. Nice weapon Gunny.

    At this point, I am doing alot of target shooting with my 1911A1 and my Walter P22. I am also doing alot of shooting with my left arm.

    I will also be looking at some more "hardware" on 11/11/11. Perhaps a Henry lever action for my grandson. At this point in time, my family is doing alot of target shooting.

  13. I think that maybe Smith & Wesson might have contributed to Zero's campaign.
    heh, heh...

  14. sales of ammo are up also.

    especially in JHP and FMJ.

    Pack Rat

  15. Gray Ghost,

    Good job. Practice, even if it is just using "snap caps" in your house. Drawing and firing and combat reloading are something that needs to be practiced over and over.

  16. Pack Rat,

    I heard that CMP is running LOW on surplus 30.06! I bought another 1000rds two months ago.

  17. Here in my Ohio Valley EVERYONE with a brain is armed to the teeth...Great choice of weapon dude! Be safe...Thousands of crackheads are being released by the Dept. of Injustice on 11-1-11.

  18. Scott,

    We're ready up here. Alaska is great because you are not required to have a permit to carry concealed. And I carry concealed! haha

    Those people living in DC, Philly, NYC, etc, where these loser are going to go back to, are in deep doo-doo.

  19. Gunny:
    I guess those people living in DC, Philly, NYC, etc figure when someone breaks in they will be able to REASON with them...
    I say, "Go ahead, folks. You know best. I'll cling to my guns and religion."