Tuesday, October 18, 2011


God MUST have a sense of humor since he created liberals.

EXCERPT: "WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. senators and health officials are taking on a baseball tradition older than the World Series itself: chewing tobacco on the diamond.

With the Series set to begin Wednesday between the St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers — a team that started life as the Washington Senators 50 years ago — the senators, along with health officials from the teams' cities, want the players union to agree to a ban on chewing tobacco at games and on camera. They made the pleas in separate letters, obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press.

"When players use smokeless tobacco, they endanger not only their own health, but also the health of millions of children who follow their example," the senators wrote to union head Michael Weiner. The letter was signed by Dick Durbin of Illinois, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, and fellow Democrats Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Senate Health Committee Chairman Tom Harkin of Iowa."
Dick(head) Dirtbag Durbin is a Muslim appeaser and a backstabber of the US Military time and time again and one corrupt SOB. Frank Lautenberg is a gun grabber corruptocrat from the most corrupt state in the Union, next to Illinois that is, or maybe Michigan, who has not had an original thought since he ran out of ex-lax AND a damn gun grabber to boot. BLUMENTHAL lied about his Vietnam service, not unlike Hanoi John Fonda Kerry or Obama about his grandfather liberating Auschwitz with the Soviet Army while simultaneously serving with the US Army! Barkin Harkin is a total shitbird so steeped in corruption that he reeks of it and a flaming leftist to boot who ALSO pulled a Hanoi John Fonda Kerry. They want a ban on smokeless tobacco in baseball when we're almost 15 TRILLION FRIGGING DOLLARS IN DEBT and a MORON is in the WH! THIS is what these dirtbags are worried about?

So they want to ban chewing tobacco in the World Series because it might influence kids.


Where is Dick(head) Dirtbag on telling Muslims not to listen to their radical imams in order to stop raising their children to become human bombs? How about calling for a ban, Dickie, on selling yourselves like whores so that any kids watching C-Span don't grow up to be streetwalkers! That is YOUR logic, you asshat. Lautenberg should try telling Arabs not to visit Washington DC so he isn't influenced like his buddy Murtha was in the ABSCAM deal. Maybe Lautenberg should call for a ban on lobbyists who seek to line his pockets for him. Maybe Lautenberg should tell the kids to read the CONSTITUTION and the FIRST AMENDMENT (and the Second) so that they don't say stupid stuff like, "Tea Party people don't deserve rights" or try to take the right of self-defense away from honest law-abiding Americans! As for the douchebag Blumenthal, that lying sack of manure should hide his head under a pile of cow flop for lying about his service in Vietnam. What a pile of crap.

ANOTHER FAKE WAR HERO is that dumbass from Iowa, Barking Harkin. WHO THE F**K VOTES for this lying ass buttwipe? Maybe Barkin Harkin can tell the kiddies NOT to watch his speeches so that they won't be influenced to grow up to be lying liberal scumbags! Maybe Barkin Harkin should tell the kiddies to watch movies like "Twelve O'Clock High," about REAL combat pilots, instead of listening to fake ones who ferried planes from Atsugi but said THEY flew combat strikes in Vietnam, then over Cuba, but sadly, were lying all along. That way, they won't follow in the footsteps of scummy liberal politicians!

Excuse the rant but HOW IN THE HELL do these idiots, these triple-vested jackanapes, these used condoms with the tips cutoff, chancre sores get reelected? To the people of their states the Gunny asks, "ARE YOU STUPID!? CAN'T YOU READ!? WTF IS YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION?"

How about we BAN STUPID LIBERALS (and RINOS) and UNBAN tobacco, transfats, french fries, sugar, oil drilling, cigs, greasy hamburgers dripping with cheese, mining, logging, KICKING the crap out of our enemies, punishing criminals with fast trials and fast execution, and forcing smelly hippies to BATHE for the public good? THAT is a ban that a majority of Americans COULD GET BEHIND! How about we start holding these dirtbag politicians accountable instead of them WASTING OUR DAMN TIME AND MONEY with STUPID REQUESTS LIKE THIS? Idiots like this should be flogged out of the Beltway once and for all. If stupidity was a virtue, these four morons would be as pure as the wind-driven snow!

These abject IDIOTS HAVE NOT passed a budget in YEARS, passed 2,000+ page bills that screwed America, kiss the UN's ass, pander to the IPCC, and have held a majority in the Senate since January 2007 and THIS is what bugs em? GROWN MEN CHEWING TOBACCO while playing baseball? ADULTS WANTING TO DO ADULT THINGS!? Next we'll have Congressional investigations on steroids in baseball and in the WWE, wasting more of our time and OUR MONEY! Wait, some Congcritters (ugly-ass Waxman and former Black Panther Bobby Rush and others) without a brain already did that. Morons. How did this great nation EVER MAKE IT so far without liberal buttwipes and RINO diaper stains moaning like unpaid whores about everything we did?

Here is a piece of advice for liberals: "STAY THE F**K OUT OF OUR LIVES before WE get fully involved WITH YOUR LIVES!"

The Gunny fully understand WHY Sulla entered Rome and put the Senate to the sword. The ones in his time were just about as useless as ours and probably as corrupt. In November 2012, let us make it our SACRED DUTY to run each and every one of these corrupt, stupid, ignorant, mentally arrested, ban-everything-for-your-own-good, liberal asshats and their RINO enablers OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT once and for all and then hound them into obscurity where they belong. They can join Obama and the other has-beens and never were's.

Maybe WE need to OCCUPY DC, say, a few MILLION of us? And impose OUR WILL on them? Maybe Nutsy Baloney will say to us like she did about the filthy hippies in NYC...

"God Bless them..."         Just thinking...

Dear Congcritters and Senators...



  1. Can I hear it for my bill,S 2012,The Incumbent Removal Act of 2012,a Bill to remove ALL 100 current Members,to forthwith insure NEW thinking in our abominable Senate. See also the companion House bill HR 2012.Same issue,same cure.

  2. Clyde,

    I second and third those bills. These bastards give me the runs. Dick(head) Durbin is a real slimy POS, only topped by that greaseball Chuck U Schumer. You are correct, the House and the Senate are full of incumbents no better than a pile of hot cow flop.

  3. BINGO!! from JoeDaddy in NC.

  4. Don't these people (and I use the term loosely) have better things to do than go after baseball players? Oh, but watch the games and see how many COMPLY.

  5. Soon they will oversee forced marriages so that only a race of pure democrat children will be born who will continue the destructive policies of the party into the future...........maybe a thousand years.............hey wait a minute, this sounds familiar?????

  6. Our country is broke. Unemployment is over 10% (regardless of the MSM saying it is 9.1%). We are in a recession. The Middle East is exploding. The OWS mobs are in the streets of our large cities.

    And these idiots want to talk about chewing tobacco?

    (Please God, hurry up November 2012!)

  7. Funny thing. While they are trying to ban tobacco on the diamond because they say it is a bad example for children they seem to ignore other bad example role models such as dog torturers, pedophiles and drug snorters...

  8. Mrs AL,

    If the idiots ban it, the players should walk out en masse.

  9. Gray Ghost,

    November 2012 cannot get here fast enough. All three branches need to be thoroughly purged of Liberal filth and RINO bums.

  10. I'm sorry but I must disagree theologically that the existence of liberals is a proof of God's sense of humor. Rather, they are the proof for the fall of man into the cesspool of sin and how low man can go. What is proof of God's sense of humor is the variety of forms true conservatives can take, along with their multifaceted senses of humor, humor being totally lacking on the left side.

  11. I mentioned this in my latest rant...er...column. Oh, did I mention that it is now posted?

  12. Perhaps they should ban the taxes they collect on this product. Oh, Hell No, they don't want to do that. Talk out of both sides of your mouth why don't you Mr. Senator, Sir? I wonder if they plan to blame the need for this on Terrorists? When in doubt throw out the terrorist card. Second only now to the race card.