Friday, March 19, 2010



Liberalism, as we can see today, is chock full of chaos, anger, change for the sake of change, the pursuit of a failed utopia time and again, confusion, disarray, and turmoil. Indeed, Liberalism is simply one step away from dictatorship as evident in the Democrats profession usage of and Obysmal's embrace of, the Slaughter Rule. Passing a bill because you "deem" it passed. Hell, using THAT logic, the Gunny is a millionaire because I deem it thus. Stupid.

Conservatism on the other hand, which makes it so important to America and our way of life, is it embraces and brings us, ordered liberty.

In this age of madness and bedlam that Pelosi, Reid, and Obysmal bring us on a daily basis, the rise of Conservatism makes great sense. For example, in Russell Kirk's OUTSTANDING book, "The Conservative Mind," (on the Gunny's recommended reading list), he outlines six basic tenets of Conservatism:

1. Civilized society requires orders and classes whereas liberalism seeks to destroy order and the classes. Indeed, the Democrats are well-practiced in the art of class warfare, just listen to one Obysmal speech for that.

2. Personal conscience and religious values rule society. John Adams stated: "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

3. Conservatives embrace a traditional life filled with individual freedom (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) while radical ideologies like Liberalism as practiced by today's Democrats is characterized by a narrow uniformity of group think and group act.

4. Private Property and Individual Freedom are inseparably connected. Conservatives believe that Americans have the right to own private property and the right to prosper and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Liberalism believes that the government has a right to the fruits of your labor in order to redistribute them fairly. In fact, that is the central tenet of Obysmal, Pelosi, and Reid in today's politics.

5. Change must come about slowly and only incrementally. Conservatives believe in change but not radical change like Obysmal. You try something on a small scale to see if it works. Not a "fundamental change" as Obysmal has said in many speeches, while the sheep in the stands clap as their rights and liberties seep away.

6. Man must control his will and his appetite. All things in moderation.

As soon as Obysmal the Lame was elected, and excuse the Gunny on this but he has absolutely no respect for the Liar-in-Chief, liberals called Conservatism dead. Obysmal, is like a man in a boat, floating on a sea of sh*t. He grabs one little turd (health care reform) and swears, "I'm gonna do something about this turd!" as a million other ones float around him. Forget the rise of China, the rise of Russia, nukes in Iran, our rising debt, our falling dollar, rising unemployment, etc. NO! We NEEEEED health care reform according to the Idiot and his myrmidons, but the Gunny digresses.

Conservatism is ordered liberty and it is achieved by mixing the community, the individual, individual freedom, personal responsibility and accountability, limited government, and a free market system.

Liberals heap scorn on Conservatism there is a tradition of American conservatism that was functioning since the Republic was founded. Conservatism first appeared in Jerusalem, with the Jewish perception of a moral existence under God, with purpose and order in Life. Rome added to it with law, order, social awareness, and a responsibility of the people as citizens of Rome. Enter the Christians and they added the Christian ideals of human hope, a duty to man and God, and that man was redeemable. In medieval times, there was customs, courtesies, valor, and chivalry. Conservatism got a boost in Britain with the creation of common codified law and parliament. Thus it was a two thousand year journey to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. A two thousand year journey to an experiment that gave us a national government that ruled with our CONSENT not absolutely. We were given a federal government that was enumerated, separated, and restrained through one little document, the US Constitution. We owe our Founding Fathers much.

In 1953, the rise of Conservatism came when Eisenhower was inaugurated as President. FDR was gone and the New Deal era was gone, much of it ruled UNconstitutional after the UNstacking of the SCOTUS deck. Conservatives began to come together, bringing in new ideas, and forming a new political movement. They were helped by liberals who, like the liberals today, had lost their way, only more so today. From the UNconstitutional New Deal to the Great Welfare State of LBJ then to the support of the Sandinistas' by the Left, the attacks on traditional American values by the Left, and the liberal elitism of clowns like Al Gore, Spielberg, Bill Gates, Obama, etc.

We've lost William F Buckley, who threw down the gauntlet in the 1950's but it has been picked up by a few politicians and a few public figures like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, to name a few. We are far from being a dead cause folks.

Americans are not stupid. They recognize a snake oil salesman and a liar when they see one, although it may take four years to do it. Carter tried to portray Reagan as a right winger opposed to peace, arms control, and working people. Reagan retaliated by speaking about Conservatism, showing the blue collar worker how Conservatism works for him vice how the liberals said it did, and he showed how Conservatism could fix Carter's pathetic economic situation, and he had a PLAN! Americans have already recognized the snake oil salesman who is nothing more than version 2 of Jimmy Carter and his approval rate shows it. Even WITH a LIBERAL majority Congress, Reagan and Conservatism brought 60 straight months of growth! That was the longest run in our history! Reagan and Conservatism created TWENTY MILLION new jobs and the economy flourished. Today, rampant liberalism and the Clown-in-Chief are hemorrhaging jobs and the economy is in the tank.

Conservatism showed how it could lead the way when in November 1994, Republicans gained a majority in the House and Senate for the first time since 1953. They managed to force BJ Bubba Clinton to sign off on welfare reform, the first reduction of a liberal entitlement plan! They however, lost their way through greed and stupidity. A lesson to be learned by today's GOP.

Liberals and their RINO allies like McShamnesty, Grahamnesty, Snowe, Collins, etc prevent the true "Bold Colors" from coming out in Conservatism and they blur the line between the fundamental differences between Conservatism and Liberals on issues like taxes, the military, federal spending, growing government, foreign policy, national defense, and when Obama failed to put his hand on heart for the National Anthem, patriotism. The ones we need to prune from the Conservative tree are the RINOs and the squishy so-called Conservatives like Chris Buckley, David Brooks, Gergen, Frum, and Krugman. It freedom requires eternal vigilance, than keeping the Tree of Conservatism pruned from rot also requires it. We got lazy folks. We lived our lives, we worked, we raised kids, we paid taxes, and we took our eyes off of the rise of the "progressives."

We have a rich history in modern American conservatism, heedless of what the liberals and their Pravada/TASS media says. The last 50 years in America, Conservatives have thwarted a socialist nation under FDR, uncovered a squirming mass of commie maggots in the FDR/Truman Administrations (Thank you Senator McCarthy), fought Marxism and Leninism through containment even as the Left sought to appease them, forced the collapse of the Soviet Union (and communism), and ushered in the longest running economic boom in our history, and REVIVED it after 9/11, with little or no help from liberals.

We might have to thank the Left and Obysmal in particular for assisting us in creating a renewed skepticism about Big Government in the American people. Our former "get out of the way" and "leave us alone" attitude, that started in 1776 and was strong in the pioneers, had weakened and faded. With the advent of the liberal elites, led by Obysmal, Pelosi, Reid, and funded by Soros, Peter Lewis (Progressive), unions like the SEIU, and the leftists in Hollywood, it has risen like a Phoenix with the Tea Party and other groups. WHEN has a 1.7 MILLION Americans marched on DC in protest of liberalism run amok prior to Sept 11, 2009? In a word, NEVER.

WE Conservatives have ushered in initiatives like tax cuts, welfare reform, and have rebuilt the military after liberals like Carter nearly wrecked it, and in foreign affairs, where liberals dithered (and still do), we have acted multilaterally when we needed to and with a coalition when we could. We "DID" while they "WATCHED" (and complained about it).

Yes, we've lost the Gipper, we've lost Buckley, and we've lost elections to empty suits not fit to run a lemonade stand but the power of Conservatism cannot be dimmed no matter WHAT liberals do. Our basic ideal of ordered liberty cannot be quenched by liberal's group think, group speak, and group act mentality. Our need for individual freedom is a spark they can't put out and they hate it. Our Conservative ideals, beliefs, values, and principles have come under attack by the Brooks and Frums and by rags like Time and Newsweek (Newspeak ala Orwell) yet time and again, conservatism and the conservative movement remains a major player and soon will be the dominant player in America. The "Slaughter Rule" liberals have ensured that and Conservatism after Obysmal, will reign in the political and definitely the economic realms of America. Where the Left has destroyed what we treasure, we will soon rebuild.

"The march of freedom and democracy...will leave Marxism/Leninism on the ash heap of history as it has left other tyrannies which stifle the freedom and muzzle the self-expression of the people." Ronaldus Magnum 1982.


  1. GunnyG,

    The downside is America WILL be SEVERELY damaged by Obama!

    The upside is WE THE PEOPLE can and WILL rebuild it!

  2. damn good to see ya Gunny. missed ya at th. great article. says it like it is. i believe that it is times like these that the founding fathers were talking about. Benjamin Franklin was absolutly right when he said:
    a Republic maam, if you can keep it.

    we need to wake up and smell the usurpation of our freedoms by these drones. we need to send them a message that they cant ignore. if we dont, i believe it is time to exercise our duty to protect the Constitution as our founding fathers taught us. they risked all. can we do less?

    if we dont act now. odumbo and gang will be letting the bluehelmets in the front door. time to stand up and shout NO!!!! if we want to remain free, we need to enforce our Constitution and all laws that support it. holding our nonrepresenting representatives accountable with prison time and exile.

  3. how do i post with my name and url? i dont know what a url is. how do i find it? usmcpgw. just posted as anonymous

  4. Outstanding Gunny! We need another Reagan.

    A Just like you say in your column today, Americans have stomped out Communism in the past. Now we are infected once again, only worse. To be honest, i am not sure what to call the ideology of the terrible three and their minions. All i know it is NOT the American way, or what our Founding Fathers envisioned for America.

    Come Nov. we use the second box of liberty. I pray and hope that we do not get to the third.

  5. Alright! This is more like it. Good to hear you, Guns. Keep stickin em.


    The URL is the "address" in your browser. Or you can create a profile and use that.

    Thanks for the comment and kudos. There is always a silver lining in a black cloud and Obysmal and his myrmidons have shown us the threat.

  7. Charles,

    Indeed. We fell asleep and we're to blame just as we blame the GOP. We got fat and lazy. Now we're awake and fighting back and as you can see, the left HATES IT!

    As I say, hope for the best, prepare for the worse.

  8. Illinois Joe,

    Thanks for the comment. Rest assured, I WILL NOT be silenced, by TH or the anyone else.

    ONE team, ONE fight.

  9. Eisenhower was not a true conservative. He was a WWII hero who never heard a shot fired in anger...okay, maybe a little London blitz...
    I believe he was a democrat before he was a republican. He was the big stick at Columbia, "The Little Red Schoolhouse, East". He put Earl Warren, a man with NO legal experience, on the SCOTUS. Chief Justice, no less.
    Robert Welch wrote a book about Ike way back in the late '50's or early '60's. Good reading.
    I believe the book title is, "The Politician" but I might be wrong... Gimmee a break. That was 50+/- years ago.

  10. Good article Gunny.
    The RINOs and their runaway spending and regulation during GW Bush's presidency helped usher in this marxist bunch and helped embolden them.
    It is still amazing to me how many people are ignorant of what this bunch in the WH and Congress are all about. They only watch the 3 lamestream media channels and don't bother to check anything out for themselves. Even my 65 yr old neighbor. He doesn't know who Karl Marx was. (shaking my head)
    Thankfully, we have blogs like this and conservative talk radio and web sites.

    Tomorrow I am going to a Hands Off My Healthcare rally in Portland, ME.
    Last time we met there, we had standing room only in the building. This will be in the parking lot. The locals will probably ignore it.
    That won't shut us up though. Because real conservatives do what's right, not what may make someone like us a little more.

  11. More on Robert Welch
    Founder of John Birch Society.
    His book, "The Politician" was written in 1964. It was actually a letter he wrote in 1954.
    He told an associate he thought Ike was either a communist or a dupe. The an asked how he arrived at that conclusion. The letter was his response. He put it in a book about 10 years later.
    "The Politician" is available at Amazon for about ten bucks.

  12. buck,

    Don't get me wrong, Ike was NO conservative but he wasn't a socialist like FDR. For this essay, he's just a marked where the New (Raw) Deal ended.

  13. Buck,

    I'll check it out. Funny that as a teenager, I was interested in the Birch Society.

  14. Gunny,
    Such a great article!! So SO true!!

    I was just a little squirt, not even in school
    yet, and FDR was president. Later as I got a little older, my mother expressed how much she disliked him. She said here in Okla, that he paid people not to take their potatoes to market. They were piled up to rot. Others were just paid not to work their land.(My uncle was one of the farmers.) It caused a big rift in my family.
    Obama is planning things for this country that are horrible.
    As you said, we have gotten so busy with every day life that we let this happen.
    We have lost freedoms a little at a time, along with our morals. Then it took a president and Congress that pulled out all the stops, and began pushing for the whole ball of wax in re: Socialism aka Marxism, to finally begin to wake people up.
    We need to pray that we're not too late!!

  15. DAMN good article,but I will take issue with you on Limbaugh. He said during one of his schpiels today on the show,had we voted for McShamnesty,we would NOT be seeing this fight.Does this asshat forget during the first or second debate, McCain said he fundamentally AGREED with Obama on ALL the major issues? This is the SAME asshat who would not back ANY candidate.Until a couple days BEFORE the fukkin'election,then he came out and said we MUST vote for McCain. AFTER blasting him all along. F%$k Limbaugh.

  16. Clyde,Limbaugh was probably right.Had Mac the weasel been elected,we probably wouldn't be in this fight...for now! It would've come eventually because the politically correct progressive liberals have been working toward it for a hundred years.BhO just brought it to a head.I say good,bring it on.If there's gonna be a fight,let's do it now.No more limp wristed PC feelgood hogwash from libbs.It stops here and now.

    Good essay as always Gunny...

  17. Gunny you know you don't need to be excused, most of us have no respect for the liar in chief. I like that analogy of jughead on a sea of sh*t, it fits him to a tee. He is the only individual I believe that I ever saw that everything he touches turns to sh*t.
    I can't wait to see that great and glorious day that the osamabinobama's chickens come home to roost.
    Good LORD willing and the creeks don't rise.

  18. Nanna
    The government still pays farmers not to grow certain commodities. They also pay ranchers not to run cattle on their land. That is called "land bank".
    Some of the nation's largest welfare recipients are farmers and ranchers.