Thursday, March 11, 2010


The ONE THING you can count on liberals to do is TAX. The second thing you can count on is that they'll SPEND whatever they can get their filthy paws on.

EXCERPT: WASHINGTON — "The government ran up the largest monthly deficit in history in February, keeping the flood of red ink on track to top last year's record for the full year. The Treasury Department said Wednesday that the February deficit totaled $220.9 billion, 14 percent higher than the previous record set in February of last year. The deficit through the first five months of this budget year totals $651.6 billion, 10.5 percent higher than a year ago. The Obama administration is projecting that the deficit for the 2010 budget year will hit an all-time high of $1.56 trillion, surpassing last year's $1.4 trillion total. The administration is forecasting that the deficit will remain above $1 trillion in 2011, giving the country three straight years of $1 trillion-plus deficits. The administration says the huge deficits are necessary to get the country out of the deepest recession since the 1930s. But Republicans have attacked the stimulus spending as wasteful and a failure at the primary objective of lowering unemployment. The administration defends the economic stimulus bill that Congress passed in February 2009 with a price tag at the time of $787 billion as the right medicine to get the economy back on its feet. President Barack Obama has said even more is needed to battle an unemployment rate that remained stuck in February at 9.7 percent.

Read that again if you missed it the first time. "
The administration says the huge deficits are necessary to get the country out of the deepest recession since the 1930s." How in the HELL can you spend your way OUT OF DEBT!?

It sure as hell ain't working in The People's Republik of Kaulifornia, now on the verge of bankruptcy, and it sure as hell ain't working in Illinois, now on the verge of bankruptcy (until Obysmal bails them out with phony money he printed up in the dark of night). EVERY state or big city run by liberals is BANKRUPT! The liberals RUN the Congress, the Senate, and the presidency (lower case befitting Obummer's status), and they have screwed America up!

So what do they do?


Yes my friends, the idiot liberals in places like Maryland, Illinois, and Kaulifornia are indeed, raising taxes and fees, to end the shortfall. Thus, the cycle is, raise taxes for more entitlements and people begin to move out. Another year, another shortfall, and more people and now businesses, move away. The cycle repeats and the liberals find themselves in a hole of debt the size of the Grand Canyon. They tried to spend their way out of debt and it failed. Liberalism itself is a failure.

Oh the liberals, especially the Clown-in-Chief LOVE to crow about taxing the rich all in the name of creating massive entitlement programs, all to make us equal don't you know, except the rich of course, they don't get to be equal, they get to be taxed. Of course, as we're seeing in Maryland, the rich move away when they get tired of being taxed leaving the onus for the liberal's entitlement program once again, on the middle class.

In the People's Republik of Kaulifornia, they face a $20.7 billion dollar budget deficit! Liberals took the most prosperous nation in America and turned profit into massive debt and the libs running the state are thinking of defaulting on the debt THEY RAN UP! The Gunny remembers being stationed at Camp Pendleton and voting on Prop 187 back in 1987, which passed by a huge margin, only to be vacated by an activist court, the Ninth Circus Court, and THE medical bills of illegals is one of Kaulifornia's major problems. Liberalism at it again. Failure upon epic failure.

Liberals are socialists, they know it and we know it. In their nasty little black hearts, they LOVE taking money from others and redistributing it. THAT is the main platform of the Stalinesque regime of Barry Obysmal, the Kenyan Usurper. Barry says: "TAX THE RICH!" Barry says: "The RICH don’t pay their fair share of the tax burden!" Liberalism at its core, not only objects to every tax cut ever proposed but they also think that a tax policy should be fair to the poor but not to the rich. Funny that much of Congress and the Senate are multimillionaires so are THEY paying their fair share? Evidently not if you look at Geithner, Rangel, Solis, Daschle, etc. The Gunny wonders if a poor person ever gave anyone a job?

The liberals squawk like little girls about the rich guy’s 10% tax cut because it is bigger than the poor guy's 10% tax cut. Well duh, the rich guy makes more, thus, he rates to save more. THAT is the money that gets reinvested in America. THAT is the money that drives the economy by creating more jobs, expanding businesses, creating new businesses, new innovations, and on and on. The poor buy lotto tickets, beer, dope, etc. The rich get richer by investing their money, saving their money, and often, working their asses off to get where they are. Which leads us to the next issue within Liberalism.

Once you understand that the very basis of Liberalism is Collectivism, then you can easily understand it when liberals deny that our God-given rights exist. WHO attacks the First Amendment with "hate speech" laws? The Left. Hate speech laws are right out of Orwell's writings. WHO attacks the Second Amendment? The Left. Who has trampled on the Tenth Amendment? The Left (along with their RINO allies).

Collectivism, the main tenet of modern liberalism, is against things like the right to own property. ("This land is your land, this land is my land...") Indeed, liberals taxing YOUR WEALTH is the theft of your private property. Obysmal seeks to "spread the wealth around" without acknowledging that to GIVE something to someone means you have to TAKE it from someone else! And the Left in America is so used to taking from us that they think that they are RIGHT to do so, forgetting that Collectivism leads to an ugly lifestyle for many of its citizens and that it always leads to purges, murder, "sorting out those who don't believe in the State," etc. THAT is why they want to disarm Americans. Liberals laugh when we say that but WHO disarmed DC? Liberals. WHO disarmed Chicago? Liberals. WHO fought against dropping the DC gun ban, Liberals led by Ratface Holder and Obysmal. Collectivism is against our God-given rights.

Next, Liberals whine and moan about capitalism being unfair because there are winners and losers and "OH THE HUMANITY" we cannot have any losers, everyone must get a trophy in the end. But liberals and liberalism is a lie. Their collectivism ALWAYS results in mandatory this and mandatory that, turning Americans into numbers (SSN for one) which in the end, leads to a life of bureaucratic red tape and no rights for the individual. (Read the former constitution of the USSR for a great example) Liberalism and Collectivism works backward, like globull warming, from a desired outcome to the necessary data (or lies) in order to justify it.

Liberalism in America today, especially under Obummer, can be summed up thusly: "From each according to his ability and to each according to his need." Unfortunately, until Americans en masse wake up and smell the coffee that our progressive income tax system is a cornerstone of communist doctrine, we won;t be able to throw liberalism on the trash heap of history.

Is it FAIR that 1% of the taxpayers in America are paying over 30% of the taxes and Obysmal wants to squeeze more out of them? When they flee the USA to a country like Switzerland, now offering great deals to rich people to move their businesses to, who will we blame? Liberals LOVE to whine about jobs leaving America BUT THEY'RE THE ONES RESPONSIBLE for it! Our Corporate tax is the HIGHEST in the industrialized world. There can be no doubt friends, that Liberals are Socialists. Barry and Company are chock full of them, and the Progressive Caucus IS the socialist cancer in American politics. Bet on it. Their goal is to redistribute the wealth by means of government coercion and they're working on it daily with Crap and Tax, ObysmalKare, and a myriad of other little items that they hide in their legislative dung heap. Our problem is that a lot of the American public has bought off on their lies and are as much a socialist as Nanny Pelosi is. Yes Peggy the Moocher, the Gunny is talking about you. Wake up America, because Barry has us on the razor's edge of a very slippery slope. We were asleep at the switch as the Feds levied tax upon tax on us to finance every entitlement program that they could think of. The floodgates were open on the Treasury and the Constitution and the 10th Amendment were trampled all in the name of rampant Liberalism. Now we have a Marxist in the White House and we're playing catch up. STAY INVOLVED for the long haul folks, this fight against the Left, who are dug in tighter than a pubic louse, is just beginning.


  1. GunnyG
    OPM (Other People's Money) is to Leftists as Beer is to Hal Drunkahue.

  2. JFrye2,

    AIN'T THAT THE TRUTH! The liberal vermin MAINLINE OPM! haha

  3. Great column Gunny!! How do you spend yourself out of a recession? You don't!! All non essential spending by the Federal Government(IE any spending not covered in the Constitution) must stop. Taxes would have to stay at the same rate they are at now, until the deficit is brought to zero. At this point, taxes could be lowered. It is the only way out of the mess created by our senators, Representatives, and Presidents. I am fed up with the leadership (i use this term loosely) In D.C., believing the American tax-payer are their atm. END the FEDERAL RESERVE, DOE, DOA, Food stamps, welfare, parks and recreation, anything that is not covered in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. The time has come for Peggy the moocher to suck it, up get off the couch and earn a living instead of living off those who work.

  4. BTW, JFrye2 is Georgetwin. HOW can I change it so that Georgetwin appears instead of JFrye2?

  5. CharlesLPKY

    Liberal Economic Theory is akin to digging your way out of a hole.

  6. George! Have you been kicked off of TH also? I smell the Looootenant Kernal's involvement.

  7. Charles LPKY,

    THAT is the problem. They've been raised to expect a handout since LBJ's failed war on poverty days. We'll have to teach them "how to fish" after we crush liberalism.

  8. Boe,

    I'm beginning to think that TH is simply degrading w/o any decent leadership.

  9. No, I'm just a follower of Gunny's Blog.

  10. GunnyG,

    If it continues, we should ALL go to another website EN MASSE. Maybe THAT will get their attention.

  11. Georgetwin,

    We can still comment on TH, I dig ripping libs, but my blog will remain here.

  12. How do you teach someone who is unwilling to learn? Everyone on the government handout list simply refuses to do for themselves. Give em a choice, a little tough love, fend for yourself, or starve to death in a cardboard box under a bridge? What do you think?

  13. GunnyG,

    That is true, BUT if WE are the ones supplying/promoting web traffic for TH and WE are being disrespected like you and I have been recently. WHY not go to a BETTER site and let TH sink with the Trolls, RINO's an other trash?

    Just a thought.

  14. CharlesLPKY,

    You are preaching to the choir. I bought a horse from a woman that was 6 years old and untame to the point of DANGEROUS because the woman was SCARED of his size, (16.5 hands and 1250 pounds). The first time he bit ne, I punched him RIGHT IN THE MOUTH. The first time he kicked at me, I kicked him back. I put on spurs and the whatever he tried I gigged in the ribs. Inside of a month he was rideable and I sold him 2 years later for a 250% profit. My point is if tough love works on a dumb animal , why not a STUPID human.

  15. Charles LPKY

    I would say those on the dole get assigned ALL of the sh*t jobs or farmed out to employers until THEY find a job.

    Rest assured, they'll get tired of picking up butts on the side of the road before too long and find a job.

    No work, no check.

  16. Georgetwin,

    Good point. I hate to see TH sinking but until I am sure that i was banned, I can't answer that.

  17. GunnyG,

    I hate to see it sink also. IMHO I really don't think they would ban you, but leave you as top commenter with a current location. BUT the fact remains that since Chris left they are unresponsive and have let the trolls run amok. DEBATE is great, the trolls hijacking the threads is NOT!

  18. GT & Gunny,

    Sorry, did not mean to come off as preaching :-). Here is an idea, if you receive a welfare check, you must work in your county, whether it be on a farm, or cleaning up the highways, whatever the county needs at the time. If you miss a day, the check reflects the days missed.

    How hard would it be to get a bill passed like this? This is also teaching them to fish.

    GT the horse comment gave me a flash back to Blazing Saddles when Mongo hit the horse and knocked him out lol

    I wanted really express what i think needs to happen, just in case one of our liberal buddies decide to stop by. Sorry once again if it come off in a bad way.

  19. Georgetwin,

    You're right on the mark there. Got to run for a few (post office).

  20. Just an old Southern Baptist expression, Charles ;). You come off PERFECTLY reasonable.

  21. This guy that we're stuck with in the White House is about the biggest MORON I've ever seen. The sooner we get him out of there, and I'm hoping for Impeachment starting in January, the better off this country will be.

  22. RJ

    Calling Obama a Moron is an insult to Morons everywhere

  23. Gunny, this is truly getting interesting. Democrts are going down in flames everywhere (resigning, ethics investigations, criminal investigations, etc.). And yet, these "morons" keep supporting their own "executions" by supporting O'Vomit. (I agree "Charles LPKY", calling them morons is an insult to morons everywhere.)

    And I hope "RJ" is correct about impeachment in January for O'Vomit. Even if Conservatives regain control of the US House and US Senate, our "Fearless Leader" can still do alot of damage before 2012.

  24. PS: Gunny, what is a "follower"?

  25. RJ,
    Obama isn't the biggest moron. Queen of the House Red Nanny P-Lousy has him beat six ways to Sunday.

  26. This is how 'out of touch' the liberal politicians are with economics. I went to a job fair in VA, as I've been living w/my son @ Quantico. They still believe(d) that the unemployment rate is 6.5%! I RSVP'd along with the 1st 125, 3 days later 1,000 people had turned in responses, a week later 3,000 had responded, by Monday (the day of) 5,000 had responded! So, this D-Senator didn't 'Close' the fair or make any announcements that they'd reached capacity.

    Instead, they tried to squeeze a square through a circle and moved it into another building without notification to the original RSVPs and held it anyway, without re-directional signs. I suppose we were supposed to follow the stench! Needless to say well over 7,000 showed up and many of us who originally responded were turned away! As usual a government held meeting run amok (and they want to run MY health care?!?) There were people from CT! This was supposed to be for VA! Give me a break!

    The liberals in DC announced JUST TODAY they need to 'reassess' the unemployment numbers! Duh!!! I'm sure it still won't reflect the TRUE numbers, because there are many who ran out of unemployment insurance or were cheated out of it by a disreputable company as I was. They'll try to 'get in touch' with the REAL America - Not the world the Liberals live in where you can scream like P. Kennedy on the floor like a 2-yr old throwing a tantrum or have DUIs and keep your license, or cheat on your spouse and continue in public office as long as you're a democrat (Bill C) even when you've been impeached! Last, but not least - 'giving it away' is OPM or Taxpayer Money... Excuse me, my last sentence was redundant!

  27. Gray Ghost,

    It means that you follow this blog. I think that you get an email when I post.

  28. I gotta agree with Crawfish, Nanny Pelosi is an outright moron. She could NEVER hold a job in the private sector.

  29. Str8talk,

    Hey Cutie! Long time no talk to! There is a FRESH post on my Townhall blog:

  30. We No Longer Own Our Homes
    Look at it this way. No matter where you live you have property tax to pay.
    A Tax on Your Home means you no longer own your home. If you don't pay your property tax your home will be auctioned off on the courthouse steps. So a property tax is the rent you pay the city/county/state to live in "your" home.
    Not even the Homestead Laws will prevent the city/county/state from confiscating your home under eminient domain.

  31. GunnyG

    Read Pelosi's history. Her Dad was mayor of Baltimore. She rode in his city owned limo to school, then she married money. She has NO CLUE about ANYTHING because she never had to WORRY about ANYTHING!

  32. buck,

    I'd burn my house to the ground first.

  33. Georgetwin,

    Yep, and she employs illegal aliens at her vineyard and nothing happens to her.

  34. str8talk,

    I saw Kennedy p*ssy little rant. Disgusting. Good luck on the job hunt. Stay motivated.

  35. RJ,

    I would LOVE to see him impeached or even challenged by Congress to produce a valid birth certificate!

  36. Gunny, I'd love to see him produce a valid birth certificate also, but I've been reading Jerome Corsi's The Obama Nation and according to that OBUMMER WAS born in Honolulu.

    BTW, I posted earlier and even though I put USMC Lt. in as my name, it came out with my first two initials, RJ.

  37. As per Charles LPKY's post, I sincerely apologize to morons everywhere for insulting them so horribly as to put them into the same category as my Coward in Chief who is nowhere near as smart as you are.

  38. USMC Lt,

    Yeah, I'm not a birther either but I say it to yank the chain of the libs. I DO believe that there is some hijinks in his past however, with his mommy and other men.

  39. But he's soooooo smart, all the libs say so.

  40. Carter was smart, too.

    Obama has surpassed Carter as the worst president ever.

  41. GUNNY!!! GUNNY!!!



    Townhall is in fix mode: "New blog creation is temporarily disabled while we tend to some technical issues. Thank you."

    Maybe they are unarchiving a back-up of your blog?????

    We can only hope!

  42. I wonder if these lib geniuses get their credit cards out at home when their bills are larger than their income in hopes of increasing their income?
    I know, I know, people like Charlie have a steady stream of "gifts" flowing in so it doesn't matter.

    I emailed TH and told them I was having trouble connecting to your blog. I asked them if there is a connection problem or if there is a problem with your blog and what that problem is.
    I wonder what I'll get for an answer.

  43. Gunny--I am torn. I am SoooooP_ssed off at what TH did however, there are fine troops still there fighting the good fight.

  44. Glad to see the Zone back up and doing what you do best. Exposing these cahcksuckers for who they TRULY are. My prediction: trolls by Sunday.

  45. Gunny great blog. Y'll remember that if your 20 years old and not a liberal you have no heart and if your 40 years old and not a conservative you have no brains.

    Mike in Philly

  46. Gunny
    Man, I'm glad I found your new home.
    If this is how the other site "evolves", it works like a self dirty-ing oven.
    Start with original, conservative posts, add parasitic, ad hominem drivel and voila (french lingo) a site unworthy of respect.
    An unfortunate allegory for the insidious effect of Marxist beatniks upon American culture.

  47. Hey Guns! Is you one of dem dere former badd a$$ Force Recon Gunny Sar'hints?
    So now you are a "Spook" working in AK. Good for you!

  48. Gunny!...Finally I found you!
    Brian R told me where to find you, thankfully.

    I'm p'od at TH and their liberal PC BS,...something stinks in Denmark, and if it turns out that they've "86ed" you,....they can "go to hell" IMO!

    Hope you do well in your new site and keep up the good work.

  49. Gunny,

    This is the all new "proud socialist" democrats we're talking about. Old line dems used to tax and spend, whereas republicans borrowed and spent. Now the dems, no doubt in a bi-partisan move, borrow, spend and then tax.

    This last year+ has been a nightmare. The fraud alone will likely amount to tens, if not hundreds of billions of dollars that we don't even know about yet.

    BTW, AK? It wasn't cold enough for you in Virginia this winter?