Monday, March 15, 2010



Evidently, the weenie would prefer that we enjoy shelling out about 700 BILLION to countries that hate us but are his religious brethren. Yes, liberals, let's NOT have energy independence. Let's NOT have a booming economy with the fuel that runs it. Let the people suffer right Barry? You pusillanimous putz. So the Cowardly Liar-in-Chief BANS offshore drilling to 2012. Good. Then we'll get TWO gifts in 2012. One, Barry booted in a landslide and two, DRILLING for OUR OIL!

EXCERPT: WASHINGTON, D.C., Mar 8 - After more than a year of delays, Secretary of the Interior quietly announced last week that the Obama Administration will discard the 2010-2015 lease plan for new development on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) and wait until 2012 to put a new plan in the place. This means that the Administration’s initial six-month delay has turned into a three-year moratorium on new offshore drilling. Even if a new lease plan is implemented by July of 2012, no new lease sales will occur during President Obama’s term in office. It will also mark 45 months since Congress first lifted the moratorium.

So in a nutshell, Obummer NEVER had ANY intention of helping America obtain energy independence.

“In 2008, in a bipartisan agreement, the decades-long ban on offshore drilling was lifted that opened 500 million additional acres for new energy production. This area contains an estimated 14 billion barrels of oil and 55 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. The American people expected the Administration to seize this incredible opportunity, not keep the ban in place for years down the road. This is now the ‘Obama Moratorium’ on offshore drilling and the responsibility for this delay lies squarely at his feet. Despite public comments that favored a new leasing plan by a 2-to-1 margin, the Administration has decided to disregard the overwhelming opinion of the American people who support opening additional areas to drilling. By extending this drilling ban to 2012, the Administration is single-handedly preventing new job creation, billions in new government revenue and increased energy security.” House Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Doc Hastings.

Thanks to all of the liberal idiots who voted for this imbecile.


  1. It's OK Gunny, I heard the Chinese are planning on drilling those regions.


    PS You were on vacation long enough, glad to see you back on the job. We may all have to move over here.

  2. Icepick,

    NO DOUBT! It was okay for Obummer to goive 50 BILLION of our money to Brazil (Soros) to fund their offshore drilling but not here at home?

  3. Gunny This guy is unbelieveable. He actually thinks all of his BULLS__T is gong to work! As far as SORRYSOROS goes I have two words: TEA PARTY! ---hey Gunny- I was gonig to get a blog on TH-but they dumped you- I agree with Jim---there may be an Exodus coming--come on by and see my first post---SEMPER-FI from a squid.

  4. And what do you suppose that "new plan" is they are going to put in place?
    Hmmm.....more taxes on oil, more taxes on a gallon of gas, more taxes on vehicles, more restrictions on vehicles, more orders to GM and Chrysler on the types of vehicles to build, more land grabs where resources are plentiful, meters on thermostats, etc, etc, etc.

  5. Yea, pay $7 per gallon but do you think our wages will go up? Heck now, because next he'll invite millions from south of the border to come up and drive wages even lower. Oh don't get me started.
    Hey Gunny, I was so shocked to find that TH booted you. What a bunch of ingrates! You brought in lots of traffic for them and their lousy and annoying pop-up ads. I have little to do w/ TH anymore. Darvin Dowdy

  6. So much for energy independence AND job creation in one assheaded move. Is it me,or does this cahcksucker get more psychotic by the day? Yep,Gunny,thanks again to the 65 million abject fukkin' morons out there. ANYONE bitching about the cost of gas with an Obama sticker on their vehicle gets one free whack with a baseball bat in the chops. Stupid ass libretards anyway.

  7. Guns,
    Darvin Dowdy think the two of us should start our own website and get some serious buckage from advertising. With your pounding and my slashing, I'm thinking "The Sledge and the Rapier"

  8. These people ain't liberals.
    They have gone far beyond that title.
    They are control freaks on steroids.

  9. Blackwater79,

    On my way. Yeah, TH is going downhill. I just show up there to p*mp my blog and rip on liberal fools.

  10. beachmom,

    it's ALL about control. Nothing more.

  11. DD,

    Thanks for showing up and commenting. Well, TH's loss my brother. We'll hit them where it hurts, in the wallet as we leave and their advertisers get less dough, they'll eventually wake up.

  12. clyde,

    They deserve a swat in the head FOR VOTING for that moron in the FIRST PLACE!

  13. Crawfish,

    Sounds good. Maybe we can bring in BrianR if he wants. I like that title! haha. Keep me abreast of it.

  14. buck,

    They are socialists/marxists, control is what they do.