Wednesday, March 31, 2010


or in other words, "Enter the Wading Pool of Liberal Thinking."

The Gunny said it many moons ago but it is becoming clear to many Americans that the deadly trifecta of Comrade Zero, Red Nanny Pelosi, and Dingy Reid (46%/11%/8% approval ratings), backed up by the idiotic myrmidons in Congress, threaten the very fabric of this nation. How else can one explain the MASSIVE DEBT that the liberals have foisted on America? Almost THIRTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS? What happens when Zero and his minions push our debt to the point where we can no longer make the interest payments much less the principal? The US will be sunk, that’s what. So libs, you’ll have your free health care, you just won’t have a functioning nation to enjoy it in. FINALLY, the collapse of Social Security is evident for all to see (making Bush right on yet ANOTHER topic) as it now pays out more than it takes in, so forget seeing any of your money there my friends, it has been pissed away long ago to pay for more welfare to illegal aliens and the lazy and stupid in America. Funny how politicians cut police and fire services BEFORE they ever think of cutting entitlement programs, bread and circuses…

Now, we have Lurch, some other liberal skivvie stain, and wonder of wonders, Lindsey Grahamnesty writing the Crap and tax bill, which is nothing more than a huge tax on the energy we NEED and use, with amnesty for millions of illegal aliens (new Democrat voters) on the horizons. South Carolinians, please remove that pile of dog squeeze, Grahamnesty, from office next election. PLEASE!

Comrade Zero took office in Jan 2009. As of that date of infamy, he OWNED it and by December 2009, with a LIBERAL Congress in place since 2007, the federal debt was $11.8 trillion. Economists predict that when we chuck Bonehead Barry out of office in 2012, the U.S. will owe:

1. $17.8 trillion in federal debt
2. $2 trillion in GSE debt (Fannie and Freddie)
3. $500 billion in FDIC obligations
4. $500 billion in FHA obligations.

MOST of which has been obtained through entitlement programs that are unconstitutional. In fact, the CBO states that Obummer's 2011 budget will generate $10 trillion in cumulative budget deficits over the next ten years. That is as usual, MORE than the Obummer administration projected, which will put the federal debt at, get this, 90% of our GDP by 2020.

Now here comes the weenie… The interest payment for this RIGHT NOW is almost $1 trillion dollars. Guess how much the federal government took in from income taxes in in 2009? $ 1 trillion dollars. We’re already at the tipping point and these morons are piling on more debt, they’re taxing our energy, and Comrade Zero just said NO to offshore drilling in Alaska and the PRK (People’s Republik of Kaulifornia). We need the revenue, we need the jobs, we need the frigging energy but those in power deem it NOT in our best interests to drill, mine, build refineries, etc.

Why can’t liberals think logically? Have they ever? Have they all been lobotomized? Is the failed ideology of liberalism devoid of reason?

All logic begins with first principles or presuppositions, i.e., A+B =C. Liberals, however, have chucked out first principles with the bath water thinking A+B=Z. Their failed ideology is chock full of fallacies and as such, it is intellectually a failure. That is why we have liberals doing stupid things like voting for free health care knowing that it will bankrupt the US. First of all is their need for group think. At it’s roots, it is “monkey see, monkey do, ” or even better, the herd mentality. Just take a look at liberals today, they act like they’re independent thinkers and doers, but when Obummer snapped his whip, the curs all voted along party lines. Second is their demonization of opponents which results in the the shouting down of their opponents. Take Ann Coulter going to Canuckistan for a great example of this. They cannot beat her arguments so the herd loudly bleats and moos so that she cannot speak or in this case, used it to prove a point on freedom of speech. Third is their inability to form a logical argument or point of view. Take the global warming hoax for the perfect example of this. Not only has it been proved to be a hoax after the Anglia email scam but Owl Gore REFUSED to debate Lord Monckton on this. Why? Because Lord Monckton would have obliterated Owl Gore fallacies through logic and thus, destroyed the High Priest of Gaia’s oral dog squeeze. The leftist can’t take having their propaganda proved wrong and will go to any lengths to avoid it, like dodging debates, declaring the consensus won, etc. Comrade Zero is great at this as he reads off of his teleprompter. Fourth, and probably the most hideous of all is their usage of indoctrination techniques in schools, from elementary to the university. All the Gunny needs is one example on this, “Barack Hussein Obama, MMM! MMM! MMM!” Enough said.

What all of the above does to liberals, and by proxy to us, because these morons are in power, is blinds them to the real issues and dangers we face because they are obsessed global warming, implementing their Marxist agenda, appeasing our enemies, bowing to foreign potentates, etc. They cannot take real threats seriously because they have illusions of impending crises within their ideological framework, i.e., GOP challenging ObummerKare took Mr. Soetoro away from creating jobs, which is what America needs most! How DARE they challenge the messiah, the Mystical Magical Negro (LA Times)? The ability to apply logic and reason has disappeared from the liberal camp like a fart in a hurricane.

Conservatism is superior to liberalism because our ideas click in the real world whereas the progressive statists cannot match theory and practice. We see work as an end to our retirement years. We work, we save, we plan, we enjoy. Responsibility and accountability are our buzz words. We know the world is hard and we adapt and overcome. Liberals, on the other hand, see a utopia just around the corner. They are like a gambler living in a fantasy world of the “jackpot is coming, I can feel it,” only they feed their need with our money. We see man as inherently good and act accordingly, to each his own. Liberals see man as inherently bad and thus, needs to be led, of course by the elite, as they do their five year plans for a utopia that never comes. They reward failure with the fruits of other people’s labor and wonder why the welfare rolls grow. Mismanagement, misappropriation, laziness and sloth are their buzz words. More government, they whine, will fix this problem! If the Gunny is wrong here, can a liberal please explain WHY LBJ’s War on Poverty, now at $8 trillion dollars and rising is an abject failure.

We have the advantage over liberals because we see the world as it is, as we have since Edmund Burke codified it, whereas liberals continue to “hope and change.” We use logic, they use emotions. Liberals LOVE to call Conservatives the Party of “NO” yet it is liberal reform plans, liberal entitlement plans, and liberal social engineering plans that rip apart the social fabric of America and damage our society. Take Roe v Wade for one great example. It has wrecked the Black family structure and the welfare programs that liberals love to tout has destroyed Black industry. In fact, blacks has more businesses in America BEFORE LBJ’s “war on poverty” was enacted. Maybe the liberals should have called it, “the war on the black family to keep them on the liberal plantation” plan. It would have been closer to the truth. Yes, we’re the party of NO and damned proud to be as we fight to protect American society from the utopian reform plans that liberals love to hatch in the dark of the night.

Think of this my friends. We conservatives see our communities, our traditions (family, church, military service, nation, etc) as something to honor and cherish. We honor and love the flag, the Constitution, our Founding Fathers and their sacrifice, and love being patriotic and proud about America, unlike Michelle Obummer who wasn’t proud of America until the nitwit she is married to entered the race after 140 days in the Senate. Liberals piss on our traditions. They are anti-religion, anti-American, anti-flag (the Gunny saw a liberal at the GOE counter-protest simulate wiping his butt with the flag and Obummer’s buddy William Ayers is in a photo STANDING on the flag), and they stand in direct contravention to everything WE stand for. Worst of all, they are notably anti-Constitution. This joke of a president, with the clowns in Congress and the Senate, have wadded up the Constitution and tossed it in the sh*tcan. THAT, my fellow Americans, is perhaps the greatest insult they have laid to us. THAT is WHY WE MUST CONTINUE TO FIGHT THEM!


  1. Liberals are moving this country directly backwards, as you pointed out, with their Marxist ideals, globull warming crap, and attacking regular Americans who believe in this free country. Liberals don't care what Obama does, as long as it increases our government twofold. In fact, Liberals only advocate what they do best, raising taxes and spending hardworking American money.

    I've met people who bought into Obama's spell who are wondering what the hell he's doing. I've informed them of what he's really about and the history of similar social attempts.

    I just finished a blog about their disconnect with nature and the greenies wanting of telling us exactly how to live. The greenies are econazi's, plain and simple. I'm tired of their crap, their attempts to kill our countries continued growth, their policies that force developing countries to purchase "green energy" when they can't afford it, and Al Gore continuing to be one of the largest hypocrites in American History.

    You nailed this post. We must continue to fight and resist the dismantling of this great nation.

  2. Good point on them taking us backwards, yet they call themselves progressives. I wonder, have the Dummycrats had an original thought since, say, after 1918?

  3. These liberals (progressives and enviromentalist) are a blight on this country, and indeed the world.
    They want their ideas heard and followed while stifling any other speech.They care not that they are ruining everything they touch. Environmentalists have caused more deaths than the wars of the world have. Yet the libs follow them breathlessly to oblivion. The trouble is they want to take everyone else with them.

  4. Mrs AL (Always Learning)March 31, 2010 at 11:43 AM

    Hey, Knuckles, good to have finally gotten over here. Been awhile. Only one comment on this particular post of yours ...
    You said, " Liberals LOVE to call Conservatives the Party of “NO”..." Darned right. NO MORE BIG GOVERNMENT TAKING AWAY MY LIBERTY. I am proud as a peacock to be a member of the party of "NO."

  5. AH! Gunny, you did it again! You used the word "mind" to describe something a "liberal" would allegedly have!

  6. theinterfaceofdataandlife,

    HAHA! My bust. I should know better after having battled libs for decades.

  7. This was all I could think of...

  8. Goddamn good essay and comments by Eric.Reason and logic are to liberals what sunshine and garlic are to vampires.

  9. Liberal thinking:
    Pass a law. If the law is unworkable, no matter. Pass another law saying it is mandatory to obey the first law.
    Nothing is ever the fault of liberal policies. Someone or something is always to blame for liberal failures.