Monday, March 15, 2010


Glenn Beck often points out, and rightly so, how liberals, i.e., progressives, i.e., socialists/communists, have to change their colors like a chameleon to get the voters to buy off on the ideology. That, to the Gunny, is cowardice in the extreme. WE on the RIGHT STAND UP for what we believe in. America. The Constitution. The US Military. And the greatness of America and Americans. The worse case scenario about liberalism is that they are little more than whiny teenagers and when you call them on something that they’ve railed about and lied about, they shut up and walk away to sulk and pout. It never fails. Engage a liberal in an argument, crush their flaccid position on it, and they call you a bad name (under their breath) and walk away like a spoiled bubble gummer. The crux of liberal cowardice is that they demand what they want but have no real idea why they want it and if it goes south, they take absolutely no responsibility for it, and simply walk away from it. Their far left website, owned and operated by Soros, says it all. Just “move on” whether it passes or fails. Someone else will clean it up. Liberals live in a fantasy world, as we all well know, on our dime (OPM = Other People’s Money) , we pay the freight, they enjoy their cocktail parties and date night in the White House.

Cecil B. Demille made movies that inspired America. Movies about God, the Bible, Moses, etc, and played by characters larger than life like Charlton Heston. What do we get today out of the liberal pissants in Hollyweird today? We get Matt Damon, pansy-at-large, in the “Green Zone” which is yet ANOTHER Hollyweird crapulence about Iraq, blaming Bush, promulgating that the war was based on a lie, and of course, wanting Americans to cheer for the foreign fighters working for al-Qaeda in Iraq but there was one big problem that the cowardly liberals failed to note, Americans AIN’T buying that bullsh*t. Yep, it tanked to a laughable 14 million. Damon’s come a long way from “Saving Private Ryan.” Liberal cowardice at work. Another moron's movies to avoid.

Can you IMAGINE the self-loathing elitist liberals in La-La Land in, say, 1943, making a movie cheering on the Japanese? Or in 1951, a movie cheering the commies running rampant over South Korea, no doubt many of them WANTED to but dared NOT to, because they would have been ripped apart by angry Americans and rightly do.

Today, we’re dealing with liberal pukes like Chris Van Hollen, a dummycrat from The People’s Republik of Maryland, who actually puked up this weekend, the Pelosi end game. That is, using the “Slaughter Solution” to gain, no, seize is a better word, control over one sixth of the American economy without even voting on it. An absolute blatant and willful disregard of the Constitution and the will of the public who do not want this crap forced on them.

Oh, and NOT TO BE OUTDONE is Barry Soetoro, the Kenyan Usurper, who recently stated about mandatory DNA testing upon arrest, “It’s the right thing to do” to “tighten the grip around folks” who commit crime.” Whether you're convicted or not, they're gonna take your DNA. Somehow, the Gunny thinks that it might not pass the Constitutional smell test. So if it is the right thing to do, Barry, when do YOU get tested? Gutless liberalism at work.

Friends, if you have not already guessed it, we’re fighting for the future of America to REMAIN America, not devolve into Obummer’s dream world of rampant socialism, big government, and Orwell’s nightmare sprung upon us. Liberals are cowards. They are intellectual cowards. They are moral cowards. And they must be fought and beaten like a rug.

Remember when the Senate was voting on the Federal Marriage Amendment? The sponsor of the amendment was Senator Wayne Allard (R) who stated: “Marriage in the United States shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman.” He was for it in public, he stood up for what he believed in, yet the liberal Senators NEVER spoke out against him and stated that they wanted homos to marry out in public. Nope, the liberal cowards ducked and ran for cover. The Gunny could not give a damn LESS what people do behind closed doors but this incident highlights what gutless yellow cowards they are. Those evil Senators left Bonnie Fwank (D-MA) high and dry. THIS is exactly what the Gunny is talking about. They are against a hit button issue but they are too spineless to come out of the closet about it lest they anger the America people. They use the Lapdog Media, who is at their beck and call, to do their dirty work, wreck a few lives, do some character assassination, and create their strawman arguments. Over and over, we can see that liberals ditch their leadership responsibilities faster than BJ Bubba Clinton ditching his trousers in the Oval Office, and using their activist courts and a Lapdog Media to do their jobs. Indeed, back in 1988, a LIBERAL Congress gave themselves a 50% pay raise. Remember that one? America erupted in a firestorm of anger and the liberals quickly retreated behind closed doors and gave themselves a 50% pay raise, divided over the next two years. The Gunny was a Corporal then and enjoyed, he believes, a 2.5% pay raise. Ah, Congress, you deserve the approval rate you have.

Conservatives believe in the First Amendment, even when it’s some liberal burning the American flag in front of us. Disgusting? Yes. Foul? HELL YES. But they have the RIGHT to do it and we’ll protect that right even if it makes us puke at the thought of what we’re protecting. However, the cowardly Left allows the NY Obama Times to post classified material, our sources and methods, and put people at risk, but they’ll work to put Fox News out of business because they point out the lies of Obummer and his myrmidons. They trot out the “non-profit” groups to condemn Fox News, and hell, Conservatives in general, as their liberal buddies in the Senate and the Congress gnaw away at our rights. It was liberal douchebag Woodrow Wilson who banned free speech in WW1 by chucking anyone in jail who spoke out against him and the war. Guess Wilson didn’t believe in the First Amendment. Yep, it was Wilson who put Eugene Debs (commie puke), in jail for opposing our entry into World War I. The Gunny hopes Debs is burning in hell along with the other liberals/commies/socialists but he had the RIGHT to speak out in protest. It was Wilson who then whipped up the first Red Scare in the early 1920’s and who deported thousands of immigrant radicals. Naturalized citizens seized and deported. Hmmm, reminds the Gunny of FDR throwing American citizens into concentration camps in 1941.

The disgusting cowards on the Left use their trumped up strawman excuses for forcing legislation on us that we don’t want, need, or desire, like the Ninth Circus Court did in striking down Kaulifornia’s Proposition187, that passed by a landslide in 1987! Today we hear:

“We have to have universal health care for everyone!” What that means in elitist libspeak is: “having to decide IF you want, need or desire health insurance and then using it, is too hard for us stupid commoners. Or even better is:

“America must have a foreign policy that never has us use force to defend America’s interests because if we did, we might, “OH THE HUMANITY”, be unpopular in the world. The horror of it all. No, what the gutless cowards on the Left will do is wait until it’s the ninth inning, two outs, the count is three balls and two strikes, and they’ll send in the military, undermanned and under gunned, to try and save the day. And if they die, oh well, we tried. “Let’s move on…” Truman, another liberal whose cabinet was chock full of communists and communist sympathizers, did exactly that with Task Force Smith. Research it. It’ll rip your guts out.

And speaking of liberal cowards, who can forget Jimmy “the dhimmi” Carter. A man so gutless and putrid that being his Secret Service detail is considered a sh*t job for people who screw up in the Secret Service. This clown was so gutless he let the assassination of the American Ambassador to Afghanistan, by the Russians, go unchallenged. Whew, can’t make those Russkies mad huh Jimmy? Otherwise, they wouldn’t help you against Reagan right?

The cowardly Left demands things like rent control to keep the commoners away, thousands of pages of Federal regulations and laws lest the commoners will be running around chasing Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness with no controls on how they run their businesses, their homes, their children, and OH NO!, their lives. Why, that would be like FOLLOWING the CONSTITUTION! MADNESS! CHAOS! Liberals allow their “non-profit” groups like the Sierra Club to file thousands of useless lawsuit to prevent us from drilling for oil, building refineries, and having OUR OWN OIL run our economy because fossil fuels are destroying Gaia and causing gloBULL warming, gloBULL cooling, gloBULL bullcrap. Oh yeah, you can’t have nuclear power, even though France has used it safely for decades, because it will create Godzilla who will destroy all mankind. We CAN have things like welfare, social suckurity, medicare, medicaid because, you know, we’re too stupid to plan for our own retirements, our own health care, etc. God forbid that someone might make a BAD CHOICE and be left for the community he/she lives in to give charity to. That’s how we USED to do it you know, the community, the church, the people chipped in, not the Federal Government. Well, until the liberal coward himself, LBJ, created the now failed, 10 TRILLION dollars wasted, War on Poverty.

The Cowardice of the Left is their own fears projected on us. They hide behind an enlightened sense of concern for us, “do it for the childrennnnnn”, they whine, while covering up, as cowards do, their utter contempt for us commoners and not only that but a deep seated fear of the consequences of their actions! For example, they’ve seized our money, like a tyrant, for social suckurity, passed without our consent, inflicted upon without our consent, and raped into bankruptcy by the same clowns who started it in the first place! Oh wait, uh, let’s move on. It’s solvent Owl Gore told us. There is IOU’s in there. Yeah. Liberals refuse to engage in plain speech because plain English doesn't allow them to duck and cover the truth of an issue so they resort to their lawyerese pseudo-intellectual yapping and tossing out red herrings by the bushel. They resort to strawman arguments, “I get letters from people without health insurance,” (Obummer) yet we never KNOW the names of these poor people who die by the thousands,! They use ad-hominem attacks (ask Sarah Palin) and hyperbole chaff clouds to disguise their real agenda, CONTROL, and every issue is a MUST FIX IT RIGHT NOW OR WE’LL ALL DIE issue.

More on this in tomorrow’s issue of the “NEW” ANTI LIBERAL ZONE.


  1. Outstanding column Gunny!!! I twitter every blog you write, everyone should read this!!

    I could only imagine the films of today (with the anti-American/soft on our enemies content) being made in the 40's and 50's. The producers, actors, directors, and anyone involved would have never worked again.

  2. Charles,

    Thanks for doing that.

    I have an extensive DVD library of old movies and when I see something current and then watch something older, the difference is amazing.

  3. Gunny,
    Great work as usual. Good tip on Task force Smith, I was unaware.
    I find the most sickening tactic of the left is to prey upon people's emotions. Most Americans are too busy with their duties to their families and jobs to keep up with their civic responsibilities, like being an informed citizen voter. The left uses their lapdog media to stir up these emotions to drive people to their point of view.
    When I debate my fellow uninformed countrymen, they fail to make coherent arguments on just about every issue and invariable fall back on name calling and emotional tirades. I don't get angry with them I just laugh and tell them that they should try using the brains God gave them and think for themselves. Like you state, they walk away muttering unsavory things under their breath. On its face I find it amusing but deep down I fear for the future of our country.

  4. Gunny,

    No Problem, we have to work together!!!

    The days of John Wayne and "The sands of iwo gima" are long gone :-( What i want to know is, what happened to Tom Hanks? I thought he was a patriot until his last comments about WWII and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    He has moved from Patriot to Pinhead.

  5. rikdergis,

    Read about Task Force Smith. It was horrible. But even worse what that the libs SLASHED the US military PAST the bone after WW2 and then sent thse guys in KNOWING that they'd fail. Why didn't anyone call for Truman's head? Oh yeah, he was a lib.

  6. Charles,

    Yeah Hanks is a puke. He spent too much time around Speilberg, another softheaded liberal.



    Jarrett defends Obysmal's "womaness!"


    This explains his propensity to spend like a woman!

  9. Great piece of writing Gunny, as usual. Keep up the pressure!

    But I also wanted to let you know that, your screen name when posted on Townhall, still points you back to TH.

  10. Thanks for getting back to me Gunny. If TH is fed up with you I bet they can't stand me. If I aint mistaken Linus aka zak called you a scum bag before me which makes my new moniker of SB RE a badge of honor. Give em Hell Gunny.

    Maybe I should correct the spelling of my libsducsic email.

  11. Pretty good summation of the puerile bastards. When I first started following your blog,I thought to myself,WHY does this guy HATE liberals so much? After seeing,and reading so much of their words and actions the last few years,I figured it out. Your former e-mail address says it all.LIBSMUSTDIE.

  12. By this time tomorrow evening, I'll have a new post up...and I definitely skewer the "Slaughter Rule"

    Give 'em all colonoscopies with Mark 82s.

  13. And the cockroach scurry continues. Keep firing, Gunny!

    You touched a nerve about Congressional v Military pay raises. I was the generation before you and well remember the screwing we took from the group that left us hung out in the wind in Vietnam. Congress got 20% and military pay rates were frozen.

  14. TF Smith was just one of a number of units that got tossed into that meat grinder completely unprepared and unsupported. Pretty much the whole 24th "Victory" Infantry Division was tail raped that way until the Pusan Perimeter could be secured.

  15. As of now, townhall has not responded to my query as to why I could not access your site.

  16. RE Lib behavior

    the behavior of the liberals at the Texas
    State Board of Education hearings on textbooks (walking out when they were losing the battle) is not a big surprise.

  17. Hi Gunny, I agree with you that liberals are soft, gutless turds. However I find your own position vile and simplistic, resorting to caricature anything that doesn't conform to your blinkered view of the world. Get smart.