Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It appears that The Gunny was censored at Townhall. Evidently, the Gunny's bombloads are hitting dead center on the liberal swarm otherwise, there would be no complaining from the crybaby bedwetting liberals.

Starting Thursday, it's on with the liberals again!



  1. Censorship is un-American, so what happened? Looking forward to your next blog!!!

  2. D*mn Gunny. I thought the Liberals had captured you!

    What was the specific censor?

    I will return tomorrow and read your next set of posts.

  3. Gray Ghost,

    I have no idea, TH has not answered any of my emails. I'm guessing that liberals complained and TH caved.

    Better blog here anyway. No errors, no botch ups, a blog roll that WORKS, etc.

  4. Charles LPKY,

    I'm guessing the libs complained to TH about something and they caved and stopped my blog. No problem.


  5. Alright Compadre, it's time to quote Ahnahld the Barbarian from the movie "Commando".....

    "Hey Bennett, let's pahtee!"

  6. Good to see you up and running again....I kinda like this format better anyhow.We'll see....

  7. It will take a couple of days for AdSense to start showing ads on your site, but they will eventually show. Since you're sure to get more hits than me, you'll probably get more $$ as well.

  8. I was wondering what happened.
    The trolls are probably partying tonight at the thought of being able to get TH to cave and shut you down over there.
    At least now I only have to sign in once.

  9. useaeagles1,

    Thanks. It could have been a redirect error but I am tired of it.

  10. beachmom,

    I don't know if I was banned or what, I am guessing I was as Chris told me way back when that a lot of liberals b*tched about the ALZ.

  11. Gunny,
    Anne (Townhall screen name) just told me that Chris Regal hasn't been at TH since before the holidays, and there seems to be a vacuum at his old job.

  12. Hey Gunny,

    I'm glad I found your new ALZ. Keep up the fine work and keep fighting the good fight!

  13. Guns! I sent you an e-mail. Glad to see you hear.


  14. Never count a Marine down and out. This may actually provide a better position for your FOs. The libs are in for a real surprise when you start lobbing them in on target again.

  15. Hey Gunny! Crawfish just told me about your being taken down at TH! What the___ happened?? Did they give you an advance notice or just shut you down? Or can you get an honest answer from TH?

    I've been wondering where TH stands lately.

  16. You mean to tell me the "Conservative" website caved to libs? Frickin RINOs.

    I thought I actually saw a post to your sight yesterday from Linus but when I clicked on it it took me to the front page. I thought they were trying to fix your page.

    Hey Gunny, did you ever get my second email?
    Email me, I don't have your new email address.

  17. Hey Guns...
    Imagine my surprise when I saw your blog was not at the number 1 spot...And, I did notice that Regal was posts since the Tea Party. Fishy shit, I'd say...oops, did I spell *that* out loud...mwahahahaha
    Libs...they can't handle the truth! Maybe I'll get a blogspot...
    Nee(can't get my typepad to work)

  18. Goshawk,

    No notice, just down. As Saltwater stated, this is a better position to attack from.

  19. Jim,

    I don't know what happened, possibly a redirect error but being banned is possible although I dont know WHY unless the libs whined enough and some nitwit tanked the former ALZ.

  20. Jim,

    new email is:

  21. Dang, Guns! You've been open for bidness less than a day and already have almost as many followers as me!

  22. I THOUGHT SO!!!

    Somehow I just knew you and TH had butted heads.

    TH has sold out to the dark side.

    Never mind my comments were withheld because I used such words as "Nigeria" (a country in Africa) and "Faggot" (a hot coal in a fire) and once I was censored for using the abbreviation for transmission (tranny) which I am still scratching my head wondering about...

    Truly TH has gone overboard.

  23. C-Fish

    But YOU blazed the way.

    I look for some of the others at TH to come over.

  24. I'M HERE!!!I wondered what happened to Gunny--Libs can't handle truth like Sunshine to vampires. KEEP ON THE FROUNTLINES MY BROTHER!!

  25. I think it was an accident. Sloppy administration. They nuked a bunch of bot accounts which had advanced into the top ten. It was about at the same time Gunny disappeared.

    My theory anyway...

  26. Anywho.....

    Glad I was able to find you, Gunny....

    I was going through withdrawals. You appear to be addictive. Maybe we should get a surgeon general's warning tattoo'd on your forehead.

  27. GUNNY!!! GUNNY!!!



    Townhall is in fix mode: "New blog creation is temporarily disabled while we tend to some technical issues. Thank you."

    Maybe they are unarchiving a back-up of your blog?????

    We can only hope!

  28. Our so called Conservative leaders still don't get it. If we can't speak plain and tell it like it is, then TH might as well shut down.

  29. Steven Mark PillingMarch 12, 2010 at 8:42 PM

    Dear GunnyG:

    This is what happens when I'm off-line for a few days! Your blog has been #1 at Townhall ever since there's been a Townhall. I even considered starting a blog there myself. Just as well I didn't, huh?

    One of the great banes of the conservative movement has always been that of cowards within the ranks- particularly in the few media outlets we have not controlled by the left. They quail at the thought of attacking the left with truth and logic, as doing so will necessarily be confrontational, given the nature of the left itself. Yet, we're expected to endure the frenzied, disinformational attacks from them. The only way to fight evil is with the truth.

    If the truth is ugly... so be it. Until enough leaders on the right get that through their heads- and grow a pair!- the left will continue to spread their poison. Gentility is a non-word in their vocabulary. While we SHOULD hold ourselves to a higher standard, it should not be at the expense of the truth.

    I held a lot of hope for Townhall when it first came online. This proves that it has become fatally flawed in its original mission. It's just as well that I delayed renewing my subscription.

    My thanks to Crawfish for posting a link to your new site.

    Steven Mark Pilling

  30. Hey, Guns! I thought you had gone over the hill. TH is bleeding bloggers and I've been considering a move myself.

    Glad to see you up and running again. Semper Fi, my friend! Give'm h*ll!

  31. I was awonderin' why my links to your Townhall site kept bouncin'! Well, I recently left Townhall myself, for other reasons. I'm glad Crawfish found you and posted your new site.