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The Gunny used Task Force Smith in yesterday’s example of liberal cowardice. That was the force of GI’s Truman sent into Korea, in June 1950, armed with small arms and a few obsolete bazookas, to stop the NorK’s armored columns. They were slaughtered and those captured were executed by the commies. So much for the Left loving the troops.

Perhaps one of the worst examples of cowardice on the Left is Hanoi John Fonda Kerry’s abandonment of the American POW/MIA’s. There but for the grace of God go I, and my fellow brothers-in-arms. The Gunny declares that he would spit in HJFK’s face over this. The Gunny also declares that Hanoi John has a yellow streak up his back a mile wide that makes a Frenchman look brave!

The Gunny has researched this issue and the ONLY paper that reported this, that he could find, was THE VILLAGE VOICE! If someone else can find where the Lapdog media reported this, please, post a link.

EXCERPT: The Massachusetts senator, now seeking the presidency, carried out this subterfuge a little over a decade ago— shredding documents, suppressing testimony, and sanitizing the committee's final report—when he was chairman of the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs. Over the years, an abundance of evidence had come to light that the North Vietnamese, while returning 591 U.S. prisoners of war after the treaty signing, had held back many others as future bargaining chips for the $4 billion or more in war reparations that the Nixon administration had pledged. Hanoi didn't trust Washington to fulfill its promise without pressure. Similarly, Washington didn't trust Hanoi to return all the prisoners and carry out all the treaty provisions. The mistrust on both sides was merited. Hanoi held back prisoners and the U.S. provided no reconstruction funds.

The stated purpose of the special Senate committee—which convened in mid 1991 and concluded in January 1993—was to investigate the evidence about prisoners who were never returned and find out what happened to the missing men. Committee chair Kerry's larger and different goal, though never stated publicly, emerged over time: He wanted to clear a path to normalization of relations with Hanoi. In any other context, that would have been an honorable goal. But getting at the truth of the unaccounted for P.O.W.'s and M.I.A.'s (Missing In Action) was the main obstacle to normalization—and therefore in conflict with his real intent and plan of action. Kerry denied back then that he disguised his real goal, contending that he supported normalization only as a way to learn more about the missing men. But almost nothing has emerged about these prisoners since diplomatic and economic relations were restored in 1995, and thus it would appear—as most realists expected—that Kerry's explanation was hollow. He has also denied in the past the allegations of a cover-up, either by the Pentagon or himself. Asked for comment on this article, the Kerry campaign sent a quote from the senator: "In the end, I think what we can take pride in is that we put together the most significant, most thorough, most exhaustive accounting for missing and former P.O.W.'s in the history of human warfare."

FACT: There were over 1,600 firsthand sightings of live U.S. prisoners.

FACT: There were 14,000 secondhand reports.

FACT: There were numerous intercepted Communist radio messages from within Vietnam and Laos about American prisoners being moved by their captors from one site to another.

FACT: There were satellite photos that continued into the 1990s showing clear prisoner rescue signals carved into the ground in Laos and Vietnam.

FACT: There were multiple reports about unacknowledged prisoners from North Vietnamese informants working for U.S. intelligence agencies.

All were ignored or declared unreliable.

FACT: Hanoi John gave orders to his committee staff to shred crucial intelligence documents.

FACT: On the shredding it was reported that the committee's chief counsel, J. William Codinha, a longtime Kerry friend, "ridiculed the staff members" and said, "Who's the injured party?" “When staffers cited "the 2,494 families of the unaccounted-for U.S. servicemen, among others," the McCreary memo continued, Codinha said: "Who's going to tell them? It's classified."

FACT: Hanoi John never turned over to the National Archives all of the committee’s documentation and the NA staff and independent researchers reported that many critical documents were withheld.

Hanoi John DID manage to get trade relations opened with the commies in 1994 under BJ Bubba Clinton AND his relative got to manage real estate contracts with the commies, at the expense of the POW/MIAs. The Gunny wonders how Hanoi John Fonda Kerry's political career would have gone HAD the Lapdog Media not only reported this in Massachusetts but dug DEEPER in this cesspool. But then again, the Lapdog Media is a DAILY example of liberal cowards at work covering the poop liberals leave on the rug, like a poorly trained dog, for us to step in.

Liberal cowardice at work. And to think liberals actually ran that pile of dog squeeze for president. Good God Almighty. Hanoi John Fonda Kerry and Love Puppy John Edwards on the same ticket. Only an idiot would vote for them.

Readers of the Anti Liberal Zone will note that not ONE TROLL showed up yesterday to refute what was written on their cowardice. Why? Because they know damn well that the Gunny has them in his sight picture and squeezed off an “X” ring shot.

Think of this my friends. Henry Waxman, possibly the ugliest man in American history (inside and out) approves of Code Pink sending 600,000 dollars of money, food, and medical supplies to the foreign fighters in Iraq, managed by al-Qaeda, in Fallujah when they were fighting the US Marines! Did THAT get covered by the Lapdog media? Hardly. A US Congressman AIDING and ABETTING terrorists in a time of war. That’s ALMOST as bad as liberal Congcritter Andrew May giving out Top Secret material to the Japanese in a radio address that got US Sailors KIA’d! And Waxman, not vilified, not scourged, not tar and feathered (it would improve his looks) STILL serves in Congress and not only that but Nanny Pelosi put this clown in CHARGE of his own committee. The Gunny says that this Congress stinks on ice and is chock full of gutless yellow cowards and he is SICK OF IT! DAMN Waxman. He was involved with getting the Gunny’s brother Marines killed, wounded, or maimed for life.

What do liberals have a love affair with ANYONE who is our enemy? Who is the enemy of FREEDOM? Might as well ask for a definitive answer on how many planets in the universe. These cowards and that is what they are, take their cheap shots from the sideline, wait in the shadows to stab us in the back, and will help our enemies every time they’re asked. Bet on it. Just ask liberal puke Lynne Stewart. She helped the sheik who tried to kill thousands of NY’ers. At least she is OPENLY against America, scum like Waxman HIDE in the shadows to work their scumbaggery.

Ted Kennedy? A liberal coward. Daddy Joe buys him a cushy job in Paris to avoid combat in Korea. Runs away from a drowning woman to save his “political career” and liberals call him the “Lion of the Senate.” The Gunny deems him a maggot from Massachusetts. We’re well shed of him.

Speaking of maggots, who can forget Jimmy “the dhimmi” Carter, who lately has been trying to repair his reputation and “revise” history as liberals are wont to do. He betrayed the Shah of Iran. He forbid the US Marines to defend the embassy in Tehran and left them as guests of Amahdinejad for 444 days. He has supported: Hamas, Hezbollah, the PLO, against Israel and ultimately the US. He met with the KGB to try and throw the election in 1980 for HIM because Ronaldus Magnum was stomping his guts out!

Bill Clinton? A draft-dodging dope-smoking coward who couldn’t even define the word “is” and who sold pardons to noted scumbags like Marc Rich. Enough said on him. Let him fade away into history along with his doublewide presidential library.

Finally, the coward-in-chief, who can’t even come out of the closet with his rampant Marxist views and radical socialist ideals, but rather, hides behind proxies to do his scut work for him. The Gunny has NO respect for Obama and might have a thimbleful of it for him if he acted like a MAN and came out of the shadows and STATED his agenda! He lied during the campaign, from soup to nuts, and he lies today, over and over, and he tries to shove legislation that we DO NOT WANT down our throats. He uses his power like a cudgel and THAT, my friends, is the epitome of a bully. A bully who is in reality, a coward that preys on those weaker than him. His every act is an act of cowardice, except when he leaves the throne in January 2013, that is, unless he can rig the election with ACORN, now renamed and hiding again, to keep him in power. As they pass healthcare, with education bills that enrich the NEA in it, and then Amnesty, and then open immigration, these cowards WILL fundamentally change America, as Obummer stated MANY MANY times during the campaign, into a Third World hellhole run by a little man with a big ego and no guts.

Liberals are cowards.

In closing, Shakesphere must have had a vision of today’s leftists when he wrote: "Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! Rage! Blow!"


The full article on Hanoi John Fonda Kerry can be read at:


  1. Gunny,
    Find a time when Liberals have NOT been cowards. THAT will be news!

  2. Georgetwin,


    I came to that conclusion in my research. I felt that I needed to remind Americans exactly what we're fighting for and against.

  3. GunnyG,
    Any word from TH on what happened to your blog?

    BTW, although TH has you listed as the top commenter. The figure DOES NOT update as it formerly did.

  4. Gunny,

    Once again an outstanding column. It is amazing that Kerry ever got elected. Well, i am sure, if the American Citizen would research the candidates, instead of relying on the Lame Stream Media, most of the jokers in congress now would not be there. From what i have heard and read about Kerry, he was on the borderline of Treason. Just my humble opinion.

  5. Hey Gunny. Great blog. I don't think you could come up with enough space to list all the liberal cowards in our history, and we know they are running ramped, or rancid, either way, today.

    The love fest they have with the liar in thief is completely mind numbing. But they do give us entertainment. We will prevail. Why? Because we are "AMERICANS"

    Michael, WA.

  6. Gunny, just a reminder - There was one other high profile Vietnam vet on that Senate panel which deemed (despite all accounts to the contrary) that Hanoi had accounted for all POWs. One who was credited with helping to "normalize" relations - John S McCain.

  7. Georgetwin,

    Nope and I'm way past them now.

  8. Charles,

    I won't even get into the times he has violated the Logan Act and was never punished for it.

    One law for all or none. There ain't no in between.

  9. Michael,

    Thanks for posting and indeed, we will prevail. it will be a long fight but we will win.

  10. Saltwater,

    Oh, I have not forgotten Juan McShamnesty. He, however, is a RINO, not a leftist, although sometimes I wonder.

  11. The point I didn't make very well, Gunny, is that leftists will try to cover their tracks by taking advantage of willing dupes to use as front people. McCain allowed himself to be the political equivalent of a human shield that provided legitimacy for abandoning those left behind.

  12. Oh yeah, he was a tool. But don't forget, HE also runs the Reform Inst and has taken Soros money.

  13. Luck Fiberals. You KNOW there is ONLY one way Kerry will pay for his treason. Unfortunately,all those sailors,soldiers,and Marines HE is responsible for sending to their graves,will not be in the 9th ring to greet this rat bastard. Only ones waiting for this piece of debris will be his fellow travelers,such as ol'Dead Ted,along with the rest of the not-gone-soon-enough cahcksuckers.

  14. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE trolls, trolls, trolls!

  15. As for your poll question...only if he willingly signs it.

  16. Hey Gunny, glad you're back. I was missing my daily dose of cracking lib-skulls...

    Met an "operator" last fall while gun shopping who claims to have known Kerry during one of his tours in Vietnam. Claims he was a real POS. I know, big surprise. Everyone in that Swift Boat outfit thought much the same. You just know the handful of guys supporting him were bought off with some of Mrs. Heinz's billions in that 2004 campaign. Thankfully the vast majority of the unit couldn't be bought and were willing and able to make the truth known is spite of Kerry and the MSM's efforts to whitewash it.

  17. This was a great blog Gunny. Enjoyed it like you wouldn't believe. I have missed you!! I tried to find you on TH, they had you listed as the most popular blogger.
    I finally figured out, with the aid of my grandson, (who acted like the poor old lady was so cute, trying to play on her computer)Anyway, he helped me, and in a few seconds, poof I was back in business, and able to post.
    But it's sure good to be back, and have you back!!

  18. Okay, Okay. I am listed as Nanna on your followers, but Google won't let me post as Nanna, only as my name. Now what do I do??

  19. Testing testing this is a test

  20. John Kerry. He might have made it. Except he got blown out of the water by the Swiftboaters.

    Eric Massa. Folks might have gone for his story. Except he got blown out of the water by Swiftboaters on a battlewagon.

    Sometimes my Navy just makes me smile.

  21. GunnyG,
    So what do you think? Is it time for a MASS Exodus from Townhall?

  22. I had to go back and reread the Kerry Report.
    It made me nauseated.

    Correct me if I am wrong but I read it twice.
    It seems that McCain was on Kerry's committee.
    McCain the Patriot!
    McCain the Hero!
    McCain the POW


    for what???

    If I read this right then he is a bigger POS than Hanoi John....