Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today, Barry Soetoro, the Kenyan Usurper, declared that he now supports off-shore oil drilling on the East Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico. GLORY BE and ALLELUJAH! We can now thank the Mystical Magical Negro (LA Times) right? WRONG!

Here's the deal.

Barry bleats that he supports the American people on this. (Red Herring)

He bleated that this is to "lessen U.S. dependence on foreign oil." (Red Herring)

Here's what he plans on.

He once again plays both ends against the middle. He "claims" that he supports drilling for oil, building refineries, etc, all in order to lesson our dependence on foreign oil. How? He KNOWS that his allies in the enviro-nazi arena will use lawsuit after lawsuit, that WE PAY FOR, to tie drilling up to the point where it never happens.

Then Barry can sit back and say, "see, I tried. It's THEIR fault we're not drilling." Once again, the narcissistic sociopath-in-chief chucks someone under the bus to keep his hands clean. Like Al Capone, he uses surrogates to do his dirty work while he's trying to enter the White House through the kitchen window! CLUNK!

Barry Soetoro has already told us his stance on American energy. Bankrupt the coal industry, end oil drilling leases, force "green energy" on us, pass Crap and Tax, and force his gloBULL warming agenda on us. Once more, we hear ANOTHER lie from the Liar-in-Chief.


  1. Dang Gunny, I just posted something very similar. You hit the nail on the head, this is a shell game. It's all a ruse to suck us all in. But I think it too will backfire and Obama is going to end up the most unpopular president in history. Check out my post, you'll freak!

    You know the old saying, "Great mimes think alike" or something like that!

  2. He started out lying, and hasn't stopped yet. It's a trick, a trap...BEWARE!!!!!

  3. Jim,

    It's 1105 in Alaska and I JUST heard on ABC that environmentalists are ALREADY starting to protest! haha. Great minds think alike.

  4. Nanna,

    He is a liar. Joe Wilson should have gotten a medal for outing the scumbag.

  5. ole purple rubbers are movin he's a lying like the lowdown lower than a snakes belly dog he is.

  6. Clearly the Dc idiots need a gigantic crisis to get them off their idiot butts and force them to do something for the USA.
    I guess we'll have to crash and burn terribly before they have the sense to SHUT DOWN the eco protesting traitorous useful idiots.
    It seems to me the 68'ers crowd that is now in total power is flat out I N S A N E.
    The only thing stopping a total 3rd world breakdown is the little bit of common sense left in the system from bygone decades and the strength that still has to prop it all up.
    Instead of more of the good logical decision making our nation owned to it's very core before I was born, we've had this degrading idiocy and constant whining psychotic brain fart embolism of complainers that swear they will save us from ourselves, as they implement their endless stupidity of shut down red tape and dollar destruction rape.
    I'm waiting for the gigantic crisis that dwarfs a hundred 911's to shake the retards to their knees and blow away their glossed over dope and prescription induced fantasy bleating idiot communist mindsets.
    One hopes it isn't needed to happen, but all evidence indicates even if it does (Katrina), the zombie freaks in power will blow it anyway.
    I have concluded there's not much hope of them getting out of the way, and while they do - SHUTTING DOWN ANY PROTESTERS, FREAKS, AND LAWSUIT ARTISTS that fill the vacuum and get in the way instead.
    In other words, they offer no hope, and more of the same with change for the worse.

  7. I am just shocked that you don't believe in The One's sincerity! Doesn't He walk on water???

    (Now let me pause for a moment and get a crowbar to pry my tongue out of my cheek! Man, it's getting harder and harder to be sarcastic these days.)

  8. R E,

    And we thought that BJ Bubba was slimy.

  9. Anon,

    If we crash and burn, let us find those responsible and hang them for their efforts. They would deserve nothing less.

  10. theinterfaceofdataandlife,

    Yeah, no lie there. Our satire is their reality!

  11. Gunny, just a thought, but could O'Vomit have been briefed about what happened in Spain with their "Green" energy program? If you recall, Spain is in the "waste basket" financially, having put extremely large sums of money into "Green" energy.

    As an engineer, I am all for any energy form which is ECONOMICALLY feasible. Without grants and subsidies however, solar and wind power are not ECONOMICALLY feasible. Spain found this out the hard way and is now basically "broke".

    Could it be possible that O'Vomit is trying to "cover" both sides of the debate?

  12. Ya, Obama is opening up some offshore drilling. He also attached to this order the closing of more area that can or has been opened for oil and natural resources than he opened.
    He's talking out of both sides of his mouth....again.

    Did you hear what he said when he was talking about this today?
    He said this will lower our dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels.
    Hey genius! Oil is a fossil fuel.

  13. Gray Ghost,

    I have no doubt about it. Barry is great at speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

  14. Remember how Teddy was in favor of alternate energy until someone wanted to build a wind turbine off HIS coastline.
    Drill, drill, drill!

    I lived near the Texas coast for a number of years and most of the oil that washed nup on the shore was natural leakage.
    It was so "bad" that the offshore rig workers supplemented their diets by fishing off the side of the rigs. Fish were plentiful.

  15. Has the P.L.L. said ANYTHING cogent EVER? No. He says drill off the coast today,tomorrow we shall hear about his plan to take over the oil companies as well. Fascism,thine embodiment is in Obama.The asshat.

  16. Pack Rat
    Back in the '50's oil tankers would go outside the 12 mile and muck their tanks. Oil washed up on the beaches and made swimming pretty nasty at times. I never knew any offshore oil rigs to leak or spill... Also they attract...shrimp..I think it is.

  17. Pack Rat,

    I know the people up here are pissed at this. They WANT jobs, they are pissed because they pay 3.33 a gallon for gas in a state FULL of oil!

    Damned Enviro-nazis.

  18. clyde,

    He was schooled in communism/marxist from a young age so we should expect nothing else from him.

  19. Buck,

    I was a youngster in Cal in the 60's and could see the rigs offshore! I never saw any spills.

  20. Check this out