Friday, March 19, 2010


Someone has been reading the "NEW" Anti Liberal Zone. See my article on 17 March.

The Washington Times NAILS IT!



  1. Interesting.
    W. Times should pay you something for that.
    The point about the health care system being 1/6th of the economy was brought up by Bret Baier in his excellent interview with Obama.
    Obama said they aren't going to take over 1/6th of the economy......all at once.
    If you listen to what he says, he gives himself away every time.
    Too bad not enough people listened to you and those of us who were warning about this guy before the election.

  2. beachmom,

    They did not WANT to LISTEN, just hear him and his sloganisms.

  3. Gunny,
    I'm up for it!!
    Drudge said that they are getting 100,000 calls per hour calling for impechment!

  4. oops should have previewed.
    Impeachment. not impechment

  5. Here I am again.I made a mistake in my post.
    I read the report on Drudge wrong. Impeach was a separate article than the 100,000 calls per hour. The calls were just to Congress over the health care bill.
    My bad!

  6. Impeachment is too good for this purple lipped lying bastard.

  7. clyde is right and the article should read Impeach the no good sorry sob muslim pos NOW!!! instead of Impeach the pres?

  8. Gunny,
    Seems as if they're reading your blog!!! Good 'cause they listening Impeach botox morticia piglousy as well. The lid that has been simmering on the pot is going to blow sky high if they pull the krap. Has nothing to do w/his race it's all about how he and his minions have run amok trying to DESTROY our GREAT COUNTRY.

  9. Good going, Gunny
    You may have planted a seed that will grow into a field of opinions...

  10. You guys may have already seen this, but in case you haven't,

    The rise and fall of hope and change

  11. So you finally go bounced by Townhall, eh, Gunster. Hilarious. Why am I not surprised? There are depths of madness, incompetence and treachery even that right-wing cesspool can't abide, and it is in those happen that you are a permanent resident.

    Doesn't matter what site you flee to, Gunny. You'll likely get bounced outta here too, when Google decides it shouldn't be a platform for calls to white-sheet race-hatred, fascist insurrection and the murder of Americans who hold certain political opinions.

    You say Liberals are your enemy, but you lie, Knucklehead. It's America that's your enemy, and the Third Reich that's your Shangri-La..

    You're a treasonous cur, Gunster, but no matter where you slink off to, there will be those courageous enough to shine a light upon your vile, rightoid darkness.

  12. Thanks, Ivan, for once again demonstrating that the leftists of the United States consider upholding the Constitution to be treasonous. Have you ever even READ the Constitution that your leader called a "flawed document"?

  13. Crawcritter wrote:
    >Have you ever even READ
    >the Constitution that your leader
    >called a "flawed document"?

    Have you ever considered how nuts it is to imagine that the Constitution is NOT "flawed?"

    Is there such a thing as a "perfect" document? A "perfect" anything that was created by humans?

    "Perfect" in whose eyes?

    Grow up, Fish. Despite what some of your more rabidly insane brethren claim, the Constitution was not handed down by an invisible Big Guy in the Sky. It was written by a bunch of guys. Those guys were imperfect. So is the document they wrote. So what?

    Saying so does not make one unpatriotic, it demonstrates that one is astute and perceptive.

    Denying it makes one a wacko, like you and your rightoid buddies.

  14. USA as a constitutional republic - September 17, 1787 to March 21, 2010...RIP

  15. No,Ivan,the Constitution is not perfect,but it has served us well lo these many years. It is too bad so many in D.C seem to forget all about that fact,dems and repubs alike.If they don't like the way it is,eff it,go the amendment process to get the damn changes they want.In the meanfriggingtime,stay within it. Is that too much to ask ANY of these hacks?

  16. >clyde wrote:

    >No,Ivan,the Constitution is not perfect,
    >but it has served us well lo these many

    I agree wholeheartedly. It's one of the great documents in the history of human governance.

    >It is too bad so many in D.C seem to
    >forget all about that fact,

    What are you talking about? What do you imagine the present Administration, or others among the "so many in D.C." are doing that is in any sense UNconstitutional? What is it, precisely, that you object to?

    Don't make asshole, unsupported, scatter-shot accusations like those those favored by the primitive moron who operates this idiot blog. Be specific.

    Who's doing WHAT that's "unconstitutional?"

  17. Look at this process,Ivan.The democrats were going to ram this through using the so-called "Slaughter Rule",deeming it to pass WITHOUT a vote? How is THAT Constitutional? Thankfully,they came to their senses on that one. Trying to vote on a "fix-it" BEFORE there is a damn bill that has become law.Is that Constitutional? Requiring in this soon-to-be bill under penalty to BUY something that should be a free choice of the INDIVIDUAL to make? Is that Constitutional? If these few are too much scatter-shot,and assholish,sorry.

  18. Clyde wrote:
    >Look at this process,Ivan.

    I have. Everybody has. It's perfectly legal, and you know it. Not a single credible constitutional expert has said it's not.

    If the process has been convoluted, contorted and marked by procedural legerdemain, it's because the wretched, anti-American Repuglicans and the other insurance industry lackeys who infest Congress made that unavoidable.

    Dig it: It's astonishingly hypocritical that the opponents of universal health care in the U.S. accuse the administration of acting unconstitutionally in passing this bill, when they had no problem whatsoever with the prospect of a handful of Republicans -- the MINORITY party -- scuttling a popular measure via a filibuster.

    Filibuster -- a few senators talking and talking and talking and talking and talking until a bill they don't like is withdrawn -- how is THAT constitutional?

    Is that what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they crafted this democracy, do you think?

    In any case, the bill has passed. President Barack Hussein Obama's health care reform plan will soon be the law of the land, and soon Americans will see how smart and beneficial a move it was and they will give thanks and the Repuglicans will look even more like fools and knaves than they do now.

    A radio commentator I heard earlier today said that if health care fails, Obama will effectively be finished, but if it passes, Obama will emerge from the battle "larger than life."

    Guess what, rightoids?

    Obama wins. You lose. Again.

    To quote the late, great Jackie Gleason: How sweet it is.

  19. Enjoy it while it lasts, Ivan...

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  21. PhoenixLady wrote:
    >Enjoy it while it lasts, Ivan...

    I am and I will.

    Make no mistake, I don't doubt for a moment the possibility that your puppet-masters -- insurance industry lobbyists and executives, investors, "free-enterprise" fanatics, "tea party" nazis and Republicans -- may still find a way to neutralize or destroy a measure to confer the benefits of adequate health care to all Americans.

    After all, what's the health of children matter, compared to the profits of a handful of rich guys, right?

    The sad thing is that if the entrenched forces of capitalism run amok do indeed manage to emerge victorious in the end, the American people -- undoubtedly the dumbest bastards in the world -- will let them get away with it.

    But for now, congratulations to President Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for forging the greatest piece of American social legislation since the New Deal.

    And to all its opponents, grow up or fuck off.

  22. I'm wondering why the muslims in iran, pakistan and other muslim countries are literally dancing in the streets celebrating the passage of that horrendous bill last night.

    I also see that chavez and castro and kim jong il are all smiles. I see where putin noted that this is a "significant step in the right direction" for America.

    America's enemies all agree that they LOVE this development.

    I guess it's just because they care SO MUCH about the poor abused uninsured downtrodden in the capitalist hell called America.

    Sure, That's it. Nice folks that they are, they just want us to be happy.


  23. Illinois Joe - what the hell are you talking about - you have obviously been smoking crack.

    The republicans will definitely regret their stupid stand against health insurance reform.


  24. IvanYackinOff and LinAss, FOAD communist trolls.

  25. Ivan,
    How can a family of 4 making $88,000 afford to pay around $660 a month for healthcare with no voucher because they are phased out? Can you tell me how they can afford a house payment of $2500 that includes taxes and insurance, 2 $450 car payments, $200 in gas,$200 in insurance for those cars, $800 in food, $350 in electric, $100 in water, and $450 so their family can participate in sports and go out to dinner and a movie once in a while?

  26. How a bill is supposed to become a law was covered by Schoolhouse Rock.

    Too bad Obama,Reid and Pelosi didn't watch it!

  27. Linus (anon)

    Repubs were not against health care reform, just against the Pelosi-Reid bill, that they were shut out on input.

  28. An observed quote
    "American people -- undoubtedly the dumbest bastards in the world -- will let them get away with it"

    Does that mean they were that dumb when they voted to elect BHO?