Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It is apparent that the wannabe slave masters in DC, specifically the Narcissitic Sociopath-in-Chief, Nanny Pelosi, and Dingy Reid, and all of their myrmidons therein, have ignored the will of the people. They have lied about ObamaKare. They have made sleazy backroom deals on ObamaKare. They have obfuscated, smokescreened, hedged, and falsified information on ObamaKare, all the while knowing that they were going to ram it down our throats. NO ONE, my friends, with a (D) behind their name can be trusted. Stupak CAVED for a mere 730,000 dollars while the Malignant Dwarf Kookcinich caved for a nifty plane ride in AF1 and some nice snacks. WE can NO LONGER trust liberals for anything. They are liars. They are cheats. They are thieves.

Here in Alaska, we are working to oust the socialist six in Anchorage (who the HELL knows who voted for those scumbags) and nationally, we MUST oust liberals wherever we find them.

Ben Franklin stated in 1723:

"Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom and no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech, which is the right of every man. Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech, a terrible thing to public traitors." The public traitors are the ones bearing a (D) after their names in DC, excluding the 34 who stood with the Republicans on ObamaKare. THAT was the only bipartisan action in DC on Black Sunday.

Ronaldus Magnum NAILED it when he said that by our inaction we condemn our children and their children to 1000 years of darkness. We WERE active. We MARCHED on DC. WE melted down phone lines. We met with our Reps and Senators and made our voices HEARD at townhalls across the nation and STILL they ignored us. STILL they betrayed us. It's all good for the 10% that they'll insure as they force insurance companies to cover those with pre-existing conditions, which we'll pay for. How much greed, avarice, fraud, waste, and abuse of the system will we now pay for? It's already started: "It's just going to be like Christmas. It's going to be great. You know, no worries (about) the bills. We are going to go ahead and pay our co-pay and be alright." DeCarlo Flythe, NC. It's gonna be just like Christmas with other people picking up his tab. Where in the Constitution does it give the right to help oneself to the results of someone else's labors? DeCarlo is a liar and a fool. He could have gone to the emergency room for FREE if he could not pay. IT IS FEDERAL LAW! But maybe there is too many illegal aliens in there for him to be seen.

On Monday, a CBS Poll had Nanny Pelosi's favorability ratings at 11%, Dingy Reid's at 8%, and Congress at 14%. The lowest in the history of the United States. CNN of all places ran a poll on The Narcissistic Sociopath-in-Chief and it registered that a majority of Americans DISAPPROVE of his job performance. WHY? Because HE IS A LIAR. Pelosi is a LIAR. REID is a LIAR. They are scoundrels and if this was 1776, they'd be flogged out of town for the vermin that they are.

"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves." Those were the words of Abraham Lincoln, who Comrade Zero likened himself to yet HE denies US the freedom of choice with Obummerkare yet allows the freedom of choice to murder infants by the millions (current tab is over 70 million since Roe v Wade) and he further denied them the freedom of LIFE (for the survivors of an abortion) when he voted AGAINST them getting medical treatment. Obama and his henchmen DENY US FREEDOM therefore, they must not enjoy any. We must work to ensure that recieve NO PEACE, NO FREEDOM, NO MOMENT without a patriot calling them on the phone, emailing them, marching on them, badgering them, hounding them, and in retirement, scorning them for the traitors they are, and in death, marking them for history's sake, as the betrayers of freedom. The Greeks felt that if someone was remembered on Earth after death, they were immortal, so let's remember these poltroons when they pass on, as the anti-freedom lovers they were.

Thomas Paine once stated: "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." THAT, my friends, is our mission statement. We have slept too long. That America is in the sh*tcan of socialism is partially OUR FAULT! We lived our lives never knowing, never seeing, and never realizing that such scumbags, such vermins existed within our midst. Who KNEW that Cass Sunstein, a crazed leftist with a desire to murder millions through poisoned water, who desired mass sterilizations, and mass starvations to "thin the herd" would EVER find succor in the House of Obama. Who KNEW that terrorists would find a home in Obama's Administration? That terrorists like William Ayers would ADVISE Obama? That the radical children of the 60's, so filled with hate and loathing for America, would one day be lunatics in charge of the asylum? Where are we now?

Milton probably put it best.

"Nations grown corrupt
Love bondage more than liberty;
Bondage with ease than strenuous liberty."

Yet the Gunny would use the words of Samuel Adams on the leftists in America and those who support them.

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!"

Let the LEFT choke on their chains as we on the right do whatever we can to toss off the yoke of this Congress. We have to rededicate ourselves to the fight for freedom. No longer can we sit on the sidelines thinking, "my vote doesn't count", because the left will let the DEAD take your vote! The Left will use illegal aliens to TAKE YOUR VOTE! Indeed, they are already lining up for Amnesty again, with their RINO henchmen lying like curs at their feet. The leftists tyrants in Congress, and that is what they are, are ALREADY working on forcing the bogus science of gloBULL warming down on us, with Crap and Tax and other bogus legislation, as they illegally seize more of our freedom. No longer can WE sit on the sidelines thinking, "someone else will carry my load for me", in the fight to retake America. And it IS a fight my friends.

The Left HATES and FEARS freedom because it allows US to choose. WE THE PEOPLE rejected ObummerKare because we KNEW it was a pack of lies and a pack of TAXES yet the corrupt Congress forced it on us. Ronaldus Magnum said it best in the above video. "You and I have a rendevous with destiny." We do. We can no longer be summer patriots and quail from this fight. We're gonna have to dig our heels in and retrench our efforts to toss each and every Democrat OUT OF POWER! From your city assembly where these maggots come from, to your state legislature, to national office, WE must REJECT them and their statism. Their socialism. Their filthy liberalism. Time IS of the essence, get busy my friends, we have a lot to do.


  1. What can I do to help the conservative cause?

  2. GunnyG,
    The first thing is to debunk the LATEST LIBERAL LIE! NO VIDEO of the alleged racial slur and/or spitting incident exists. With ALL the TV cameras, camera phone and video recorders present in DC over the weekend, you mean to tell me NOBODY has evidence of this?!?!?! REMEMBER when the video of the SEIU Liberal Cowards BEATING a black man who happens to a conservative was EVERYWHERE. WHERE was the Liberal Outrage? Just another example of those Cherished Liberal Values of Lying, Cheating and Cowardice.

    I'm sure there are celebrations taking place at Welfare Offices, Methadone Clinics and other Liberal Meeting Places. These Liberals CLAIM to be Highly Educated. Yet when you ask them some basic questions, they sound like the Purple Lipped Pansy POTUS without a teleprompter: I...uh...I....uh...I...uh". So if you want to see a Liberal look more stupid than usual, ask them the following:

    1. HOW do you add 30,000,000 new customers to ANY sector on the economy while discouraging the owners/workers to remain in this sector and keep the same level of service while lowering costs?

    2. WHO is going to pay for the Insurance Police that the IRS will be hiring? HOW will this keep costs down?

    3. If 85-90% of WE THE PEOPLE had guts and brains enough to find Health Insurance, WHY couldn't the other 10-15% do the same?

    4. Allowing CHILDREN to stay on their parents insurance until they are 26? WHO is so GUTLESS that they want to be under Mommy's Thumb until they are 26?

    5. If this law is SOOOOO important, WHY doesn't it take effect IMMEDIATELY instead of 4 years from now?

    6. IF this Law improves Health Care SOOOO MUCH, then WHY is Congress EXEMPT from it?

    Also don't forget to send a short, pithy, email to ANY Liberals running for reelection in your area:

    Senator/Rep ________,

    Come Election Day, you are GONE!

  3. E,

    GET involved and stay involved. One, educate yourself through reading, Rush, Hannity, Levin, etc. Two, help get the word out. If you have liberals in power, work to get them out. If you can, donate money. If not, volunteer time and effort. Make phone calls. Three, support and demand that the GOP put forth conservatives.

    Lastly, STAY the COURSE.

  4. Georgetwin,

    Excellent letter. We MUST keep the pressure on.

  5. E,

    Meant to add, I recommend Levin's book and Russell Kirk's book, "The Conservative Mind." Then people like Coulter, Beck, etc.

  6. E,
    Get Mark Levin's Book, read it once, put it down and think about it for a 2-4 weeks. Then read it again, the clarity with which BASIC ideas and concepts WILL explode in your mind is AMAZING!

  7. Very well put! I enjoyed this very much. We're going to remove the scum ring around Florida. There are some that will be easy like that moron in Orlando Alan Grayson. But unfortunately there is so much Gerrymandering here that some will be hard to remove. kathy Castor has the most gerrymandered district in history, her district is three minority areas in 3 different counties. Same problem in Miami Dade. But we'll see...

  8. Gunny,
    This brought a tear to my eye. Your blog is really great, and the Reagan video is wonderful. I knew I always liked Reagan, but I didn't appreciate him as I should have. But I just took my freedom for granted all my life. I never in my wildest nightmares thought of this wonderful Country, MY Country, would ever see a time like this, when so many of our leaders would deem themselves our dictators, and so many foolish Americans stand and drool over them as are now. The leaches, and moochers of this country. I am ashamed for those that say they are Americans, and want Cuban rule..Marxist rule..Democrat rule..The key word being RULE.

  9. There is a quote somewhere about when cities become as populous as cities of Europe...
    Therein lies the problem. Whole congressional districts have been gerrymandered and represent wholly people who have already traded independence for nanny government care and support.
    Look at the most Marxist of representatives and you will see they come from large populated areas.
    Pelosi almost certainly the most hated individual in Congress but do you believe her district will elect someone else?
    Shiela Jackson Lee...ditto.
    Every one of the communist representatives in DC are there because their constituency doesn't care for anything other than more for less, free cheese and welfare from Washington. I say every one. I can't think of any otherwise.

  10. Jim,

    What needs to be done for minorities is to SHOW THEM and explain to them HOW Conservatism FREES them from welfare, government handouts, etc.

    I hope y'all can flush the scum in Nov.

  11. Nanna,

    Nor did I appreciate him until I got older. He will be missed as long as America lasts. He set the path, he blazed the trail, all we need to do is follow it.

  12. Buck,

    All we can do is thin the lib herd in DC and make them a permanent minority until these 60's radicals die off like the plague.

  13. Hey Gunny! Great article. I like the new page, too. I know I've been MIA for a while now, but I just posted a new entry over on my TH blog. Come by and tell me what you think when you get a sec. Keep fighting the good fight!


  14. WB,

    Be right over and thanks for the kudos.

  15. Reagan's comment "by our inaction we condemn our children and their children to 1000 years of darkness" certainly applies to the republikan party in the case of their anti-American inactivities during the health insurance reform process.


  16. Another great post Gunny Thanks,

    I think you were referring to:
    "I think our governments will remain virtuous for many centuries as long as they are chiefly agricultural; and this will be as long as there shall be vacant lands in any part of America. When they get piled upon one another in large cities as in Europe, they will become corrupt as in Europe." Thomas Jefferson
    "The mobs of the great cities add just so much to the support of pure government as sores do to the strength of the human body. It is the manners and spirit of a people which preserve a republic in vigor. A degeneracy in these is a canker which soon eats to the heart of its laws and constitution." Thomas Jefferson

  17. rikdergis,

    The bread and circus crowd will drag us down. What is the FIRST thing gov't cuts? Police and fire but NOT entitlements.

    DeCarlos mentioned above in the article is an idiot in the bread and circus crowd.

  18. I love it that one of the Gunsel's favourite words these days is "myrmidon," an epithet he (over)uses at every opportunity.

    Never having encountered the word before, I was driven to consult my online dictionary for enlightenment. What the hell is a "myrmidon," anyway?

    Enlightenment was not long in coming. According to the dictionary, a myrmidon, is "a person who executes without question or scruple a master's commands."

    No shit. Sounds to me like a perfect description of a U.S. Marine. What, after all, is a Marine but an armed thug prepared to kill whoever his military/political masters order him to kill?

    The Gunster claims to have been a U.S. Marine.

    Ergo, Gunny himself is a myrmidon (ret.)

    What a hoot.

    Aren't words fun?

  19. Obviously, it is possible to read without understanding;
    Point in case...without scruple...

    Military personnel are prohibited from following illegal orders.
    One would have to have contact with miltary persons to know/understand that.

  20. Still . . . having said that . . . great rant, Gunsel!

    It's so exciting, seeing you plumb ever deeper the depths of your insanity and hate. I can almost hear the spittle fly off your lips and your maniac cackle as you pound your psychosis into the keyboard.

    I guess there's no mystery why Townhall decided to send you packing. Fanaticism they understand. Lunacy is more worrisome.

    Or was it when the FBI came calling to ask a few questions about you that Townhall decided to give you the boot?

    No matter, except that you've lost what little cachet had by being hosted at the Heritage Foundation.

    Now you're just one more unhinged bastard among the 50 million+ ranters on Blogspot.

    Bye bye, cachet. Hello padded room.

  21. Gunny,
    I would be a bit careful about letting off the 34 Libs who voted against Commie-Care. Most were probably given permission to do so. I haven't checked, but I bet they all come from red or purple districts.

  22. JoseyWales,
    the one from central KY has lots of competetion for his seat. He decided to vote no when he got so much heat for NO townhalls and only had one "public" meeting with restricted attendance.

  23. Excellent Gunny!
    I used a few of the quotes you put here on my facebook.
    We all need to be reminded and to remind others what the founders of this country did, what they sacrificed and what they set as the foundation of the greatest country on the planet.

  24. Oh Ivan, you're so Butch you tell off these wingnuts! I'm so happy we can be together again. I can't wait to fulfill you! I'll do all those things that make your blood bole! I know what makes you hot! I'll reed Marx to you while I shoot the tube!

  25. Gunny-The trouble with so many in America today they do not know the difference between Ben Franklin and Ben-nake. They are drunk with the Kool-aid the Obama-bots are now pouring down Americas throat--tragicaly, for our Constitutional Republic it will have the same effect as Jonestown.

  26. Gunny,
    This is a response from my 23 yr old daughter to the quotes I posted from your fine post here:

    Language alert*

    "I stayed up all night silently crying due to me (even being only 23 ) never expecting to see our last free country turn socialist. It makes me sick to hear about "this huge SOCIAL legislation" I can imagine where we will be when im 80 and the years of life start winking out well be like god damn russia and cuba. Is there a reason why 20% of people with cancer (who are considered treatable in England and Canada) are considered terminal by the time they recieve treatment.........oh yeah shitty health care like this. I dont want anyone putting a price and worth on whether my life is worth saving. Why do we "grow up" go to school, try to get in a good college so we can get good paying jobs if we just cant do anything for ourselves and "need" the government to take "care" of us??Why dont we just scrap the education system if we just look to government for our basic needs. DID YOU KNOW PORTLAND WESTBROOK FALMOUTH AND ALL TOWNS IN THE TRI-CITY AREA HAVE SHUT DOWN OUR HOUSING SYSTEM BECAUSE IT HAS BECOME SO OVERRUN!!@!@??#%$%^%&& Medicare was projected to cost 37 billion...the actual cost from their first year was 107 billion. Whats going to happen when the government decides that everyone needs a house? Am I going to have to pick up a morgatge i cant afford or be fined? I dont have money for health insurance, I have bad blood sugar, low blood pressure heart palpatations and I still dont want to be forced to have health insurance. I dont have it because i cant afford it, so what are people like me supposed to do?People like me would be forced to get government health care...see how that circle runs? "

  27. Great article, Guns. obama is only doing what he said he would do.

    "America is still the greatest Country in the world... but with your help, we can bring about the fundamental change Americans deserve."

    This HC garbage is only the beginning. Our "leaders" have thwarted the will of the people again and have embraced lawlessness. They have declared open war on the American people.

    Where is our Washington?


  28. "certainly applies to the republikan party in the case of their anti-American inactivities during the health insurance reform process"
    You're correct! As it applies to their pro-American activities! Did you finally come around to the light of truth or are you just the spit drooling moron we always suspected you are?

  29. Josey Wales,

    I agree, you have a good point. They should be examined and IF they pass muster, it's cool, if not, they join the other vermin.

  30. beachmom,

    As you know, One Team, One Fight. Getting the word out is 50% of the battle for us. We're behind the libvermin on this one, they have Soros to pay for bussing them in to a protest, we have to pay our own way!

  31. Lemmiwinks,

    HAHA! You're gonna have Ivan the Dullard as a stalker you keep that up. He's asked me for dates several times via email.

  32. Blackwater79,

    Also, they don't learn it in school and their parents don't teach it too them. I was there to corect the sh*t the teachers filled my kids ears about American history and I challenged more than a few teachers to a debate in class (they always refused). It starts in the schools with sh*tty liberal teachers and liberal textbooks.

  33. beachmom,

    Research one of Zero's czars, Cass Sunstein, (I've blogged him before), and you'll have your answer where we end up.

  34. Illinois Joe,

    You are dead on, they waged war on US. As I stated, first round to the libs, our round comes in November.

    If we can flush the scumbags out of office, and with ACORN gone, it'll be easier, we can retake this nation. Much can be repealed and IMHO, it's ALL unconstitutional and can be chuhcked out.

  35. Hey Ivan, what's with you and Lemmiwinks? I clicked his/her link and that only leaves more questions....
    Care to tell us?

  36. Jim wrote:
    >Hey Ivan, what's with you
    >and Lemmiwinks?

    Better ask him.

    He seems to be a sexually confused kid who harbors homosexual fantasies about me (as does The Gunster -- see his yarn about me e-mailing him to "ask for a date." In his dreams -- literally.)

    See what allowing racism and hate to consume you does to a person? It even screws up one's sexual identity. Poor Lemmiwinks. Poor Gunny. Lonely gay guys, stroking their keyboards.

    Hope they get help soon.

  37. Oh ya! I've read about Sunstein and his "nudging" regulations to reach his end goals.
    And guess what? The next step in the socialization of health care is taking the bill and writing the regulations!

  38. No one need bother to wonder why you see no posts from me for the next week or so.

    The luscious wife and I are heading down to Cuba for a few days of clean air, blue-green seas and sunshine, liberally lubricated with Cuban rum.

    (We are free people, so we go where we will, and the U.S. State Department can kiss our ass.)

    Chupario ello, amigos.

  39. It's OK Ivan, I don't care if everyone knows about us. Ivan is meeting me in Cuba. He can only be there a couple days so his parole officer doesn't catch on. Then it's up the tube so he can smuggle me back into the US. Oh Ivan, I'm so excited. If I spell someting else wrong will you call me names again?

  40. Ivan

    Hope you have a nice trip.
    Should you run afoul of Cuban law
    I'm sure the State Department will tell you to kiss their ass.

  41. We should send some anonymous emails to Castro and tell him that he has a dirty American spy coming down disguised as a dirty American faggy drunk.
    Maybe he'll keep Ivan for a while.

  42. Heck they can keep him, he'd fit in there. Unfortunately when they see who he's with they'll kick him out.

    Ivan, this thing with Lemmiwinks is just wrong! You could be shot for that in Cuba!

    On second thought ignor what I just said.

  43. Ivan,you pr!ck,bring back cigars. Tell Fidel we hope he heads for hell with ol'Dead Ted soon,eh?

  44. Funny how the libs like Ivan always have to sneer at us because we're so stooopid and have no idea what's good for us. I suppose they'll also rip my proposed revision to the Constitution (posted on my blog at Townhall, http://phoenix-rising.blogtownhall.com/) as well, because it states point blank that all executive, legislative, and judicial power vests in the individual and can neither be given nor taken away (like it or not). That leads to the idea that all "higher" levels of governance must be derivative, and that the model for jurisprudence has to be dispute resolution rather than the mess we have now.

    Check it out and tell me what you think. I know it has 0 chance of ever being enacted, but oh well. The novel I'm writing around it makes a good fantasy about what might happen if all the capitals of the nuclear armed belligerents as well as all the holy places of the major religions were destroyed by a flock of nickel iron meteors.

    I'm still working on the story and have no idea when I'll have it ready for sharing. After all, I do need to work for a living to pay those taxes for the lazy, and I do need to do what I can to make sure Colorado is moved back into the conservative column with the election of a Republican governor and a Republican senator to replace the useless Democrats in office now. And turning the legislature Republican again wouldn't hurt.

    What would really be nice would be if we could persuade the Californiacs who have moved here and brought their idiotic liberal ways with them to either move back to California or grow up and become conservatives.

    Still, living in mostly conservative Colorado Springs (and now in one of the most conservative parts of the Springs or technically El Paso County just outside city limits) makes up for the frustration of having to listen to the evil deniers of reality and their places in it.

    Note to the evil: the word "evil" is the word "live" spelled backward. One lives only as long as one accepts Reality and ones place in it, and therefore the responsibility for all other choices and actions. One "evils" (if you will) as long as one denies Reality and ones place in it, and therefore the responsibility for all other choices and actions.

    There will, in time, come a separation between those who choose life and those who choose death because they are like water and oil and don't mix. I'd much rather live than "evil."

    FYI, a black hole is not black if you're inside it, so don't think in your wildest dreams that you can crawl into a black hole and pull it in after you. If you persist in choosing denial of Reality and your place in it, you will find yourself in a place of excruciating pressure and light, simply because you're not prepared to see Reality as it truly is.

    Fortunately, the choice to accept or deny Reality and your place in it is ongoing. You can change your choice from denial to acceptance anytime you like.

    Choosing to live rather than to "evil" makes life much more enjoyable for you--to say nothing of everyone around you. Try it. You might like it.

  45. Why can't Ivan torment us from Cuba?

    No access to the internet(legally) is a possible factor.

    Enjoy the trip, Ivan, visit GITMO while you are there.