Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The Gunny was chatting with a friend yesterday about how all of the big corporations up here in Alaska want Murkowski to win, even to the point of holding signs for her, posting signs for her within their organizations (the Gunny say this first hand) in many of them, and of course, organizing the work force for Murkowski. Why?

The Alaska Native Corporation was created in 1971 to give natives in Alaska a fighting chance at getting Federal contracts and that is a good thing but now, over 30 years later, with a great resume of getting things done, it is time to end the advantage and compete fairly. And there should be no doubt that they can however, elites like Murkowski whipped them up that Miller was going to attack the ANC, etc, etc. Which brings us to today's issue.

Everyone wants fiscal conservatism, balanced budgets, no QE2, NO QE3, 4, 5, 6...bankruptcy but no one wants their rice bowl attacked and so, the ANC backs Lisa "bring home the pork" Murkowski, not thinking that the pork barrel is near empty and in the long run, they and we, are screwed.

The PAO (Public Affairs Officer) in "Full Metal Jacket" said something about the siege at Khe Sanh and the Tet Offensive that rings true right now. He stated:

"It's a shit sandwich and we're all gonna have to take a big bite."

Our national debt is 91% of our GDP. Hello liberals, YOUR BOY that YOU ELECTED, the press selected, and Soros bought and paid for, added more debt in his first NINETEEN MONTHS than all other presidents combined, which includes WW2 and LBJ's disastrous guns and butter programs in the 60's (War in Vietnam and War on Poverty). YOU. OWN. THIS. MESS.

So where do we cut back? The only group that should not be cutback on is veterans, they who have stepped forward where others feared to or refused to go, should be held sacrosanct. All others, stand by for action. Indeed, if you voted for a Democrat this election, you should expect to get shafted because THAT is what you voted for. Those of you who voted for clowns like banking queen Bonnie Fwank DESERVE to get the shaft. Idiots in Delaware who voted for a self-proclaimed "bearded Marxist without the beard," should be among the first to pay. If you voted for a pork barreler like Murkowski ahead of the good of the nation, then you too shall reap what you sowed. If you voted AGAINST the good of the nation, may you get screwed, blued, and tattooed. You earned it.

Point of FACT: Politicians, especially liberals, have run the federal government at a deficit year after year after year. They passed ObamaKare without a hint of thinking, and racked up $13 trillion in debt. They increased the deficit by $1.5 trillion without a hint of regret. Stupid IS as stupid DOES and there are consequences that will come about because of it.


First of all, everyone responsible for the pending collapse of our government needs to pay for their crimes against the nation. No escaping with their millions to France or windsurfing out of Boston for greener pastures. Oh no, you did this, not us. How stupid can people be to pile debt on top of debt and think that adding more debt will help. That is like having Rosie O'Donnell jump on you and then having Michel Mooreon jump on top of her. (Sorry for the disgusting visual) You are gonna get squashed. We are getting squashed.

The Gunny is predicting that in this Lame Duck session, the Leftists already voted out, who have nothing to lose, are gonna line up to screw us. Scorched Earth. It is the Leftist way and it's the way of RINOs like Murkowski. Didn't win? Why, work to shaft the lot of them.

We need to start asking hard questions and doing the tough things.

1.  Illegal aliens? Run them out of the nation. Period. They are killing us like too many ticks on a dog. They are taking jobs AWAY FROM AMERICANS.

2.  Secure the borders, by force if necessary. Just turn the damn thing into a free-fire zone.

3.  Social Security? Just end the damn thing, except for those getting benefits. That would be an extra 7.3% in our checks and an extra 7.3% PER EMPLOYEE that companies can reinvest in themselves with. Got a problem with this? Reread the FMJ quote above.

4.  99 weeks of unemployment? Gone. We're gonna have to go back to the days where people worked two jobs to make ends meet. The Gunny's father did it for DECADES, the Gunny did it for a decade (while on active duty), and Mrs. Gunny worked two jobs to get us ahead.

Nose + Grindstone = Success

5.  Unions? Gone. They are parasitic scum who have destroyed EVERY industry they've touched. Auto, Airlines, Steel, etc.

6.  Government jobs? Only mission essential. That means NO EPA, NO DOE, etc. Defense of the nation only. ALL politician pensions are ENDED, past and present and future. NO PAY either. A reimbursement for AUTHORIZED expenses ONLY. Yes Nutsy Pelosi, no more free rides, with free booze and food, courtesy of the US Taxpayer. The Pols need a place to stay in DC? Build them a barracks on Fort McNair. Let them eat in the chow hall.

7.  NO MORE FOREIGN AID. They can go to the ChiComs for aid. An earthquake in Iran? 100,000 dead? Tsunami in Indonesia? 300,000 dead? Tough shit. Suck it up.

8.  NO MORE UN. NO MORE NATO. That will save us a tens of billions a year. 

9.  NO MORE spending that is NOT Constitutionally authorized. This means that the 10th Amendment reigns supreme. No more stretching the Commerce Clause like Nutsy Pelosi's face.

10.  DRILL. REFINE. BUILD. HARVEST. MINE. Natural resources were put here by the Creator to use. Let's use em. That means ignoring the eco-nazis, eco-terrorists, and enviro-kooks that make up the Democrat Party. 

11.  A flat tax of 10% on everyone, no deductions. EVERYONE then has skin in the game. END the 35% corporation tax (that really only gets passed onto the consumer). Businesses will FLOCK to America overnight.

12.  No more earmarks, pork, etc. No more Diane Feinstein's sending military contracts to her husband's companies, reaping the profits, and bleeding the taxpayers. In fact, Darrell Issa needs to open up some new investigations into the Congress on things swept under the rug by this Regime.

13.  The US military withdraws from all countries they are in now. Time for Europe, Japan, etc, to carry their own load. Sorry. 70+ years of protection is enough

14.  NO MORE POTUS junkets. Barry wants to chat with Putin? Turn on the damned VTC (Video TeleConference) like businesses have to do.

15.  Return to the gold standard and make it a Constitutional Amendment.

The bottom line is unleash American ingenuity, American grit and determination,  and good old-fashioned AMERICAN KNOW-HOW, and get the damned government out of the way. Everyone wants more not less but as the saying goes, it's a shit sandwich and we're all gonna have to take a big bite. Nations that are weak, with no money, no guts, no army, etc, DO NOT survive. 

In the NEW America, less DOES equal more, if you want to survive as a nation.

If not, then move to Mexifornia, soon to be the Eastern Province of China, where you can buy dope openly, get high, stay high, and party until the end.

For the rest of us, time to stock up on beans, bullets, blankets, band-aids, and making sure your nest is feathered with non-perishable goods and tangible items.


  1. You're motivating me to finish the two pieces I'm working on. I'll probably be up all night finishing it (I'll sleep when I die). You are so dead on here. Go back to the roaring 20s, it was roaring for a reason. After the industrial revolution the economy went crazy and would have continued to if not for the great depression which would have been like any other recession had the Fed and central bank no been involved. You know what a lot of people fail to realize is that if we balance the budget, and start paying off the debt... Inflation will not only vanish but deflation will occur and because of the strength of the dollar, we will be exporting products all over the world and making big profits on them. Inflation for the most part is a result of taxation. The more money it takes out of the economy (especially debt) the more it creates inflation.

  2. 1. Illegal aliens. Just think of the benefits of getting rid of them:
    (a) health care costs go down;
    (b) crime goes down;
    (c) jobs become available;
    (d) dui related deaths will decrease dramatically;
    (e) decrease in uninsured vehicle related accidents;


    (f) get rid of all illegals and all the gasoline they don't burn in their pee-cups becomes available to Americans, affecting the supply/demand in positive way.

    2. The borders are ALREADY a free-fire zone. Only problem is WE cannot shoot back.

    13. No, no! We cannot withdraw from Sasebo or Yokosuke.. Damn, Gunny, you want to get rid of two of the best iberty ports in the world? Talk about something demoralizing the military!

  3. Jim,

    Until we become a business friendly environment, like we used to be, it is all moot.

    Get busy with your pieces amigo.

  4. Buck,

    Great post and so right on the illegals. Why are we allowing them to take jobs that out of work Americans SHOULD be taking.

  5. Anon,

    Please repost. You comment came out to be triple-spaced.

    But the gist of your comment was to deflect from Obama. Sorry. He has outspent every POTUS from Washington to Bush 43 combined. YOUR Democrat-controlled Congress, in place since Jan 2007, has spent like a drunken Senator doing waitress sandwiches.

  6. Way with you pulling the military out of foreign companies. In reality the militarys budget could stand to be cut by two-thirds. We currently spend more then the rest of the world combined on our military. It would be a great way to reduce the deficit

  7. Great post sir, and great ideas.

  8. pushpins,

    I would say that there is pork to be cut from the military's budget BUT I was on active duty when BJ Bubba sliced our budget past the bone and we had no money for training, spare parts, etc. If we cut ANYWHERE, it should be at the top, i.e., zillions of generals, colonels, etc, especially in places like NATO.

    The real pork is in the entitlement programs that have grown under the Left.

  9. Anon,

    Thanks. However, remember, this is a TEAM effort and we're ALL involved in returning America to our former greatness.

  10. SPOT ON and to the point Guns! "porky"pig has to get on the show "biggest loser"--the new GOP in the house have their work cut out for them. NOW let us see if THEY have the BACKBONE to "cut it"

  11. Gunny:

    "War and Politics make strnge bedfellows."

    So true. So true.

    Back when Oklahoma was trying to legislate liquor by the drink do you know which block of groups opposed it?
    The Baptists and the bootleggers.

    Now the same thing is happening on the illegal alien mess.
    Dems don't want to make waves because they see free votes;
    Pubs don't want to make waves because they see cheap labor.

    War & Politics

  12. Okay Okay, and just why aren't you running for office?????

  13. 8th Man,

    I reminded my Rep that HE IS BEING WATCHED. My Senator, Joe Miller, who WILL defeat RINO Lisa, already had his fat cutting knife out.

  14. Good shit.You just scratched the surface of the crap that needs to go on the shitheap. Now,WE have to hold the newcomers feet to the fire. They ABSOLUTELY MUST stay away from the damned herd of RINOS.2011= the year of neutering the colossus.

  15. Buck,

    Exactly right. What sucks is that THEY are not affected by it as we are. Will they wait until there is outright violence and revolt before they do something?

  16. Nanna,

    Two reasons. One, I'd end up in jail after beating some snot-nosed liberal punk who stood in my way! haha. Two, I don't have a million bucks to oppose the Ruling Class. Nice thought though, thx.

  17. Yeah, Guns, a great post. I am all for cutting the crap out of the government. We should get some debt forgiveness for being in all those countries militarily...heh.
    I LOVE the idea of no salaries for public servants. Yeah, buddy. Then you would see who does it for the people, wouldn't you?

    I don't know, however if I would totally cut them off. I might make them privy to the VA medical system, unless they choose to buy their own, and absolutely no expense reimbursement beyond what you or I might get TDY. Work it, work it.

  18. Flat tax without deductions, OK, as long as it takes the form of a Constitutional amendment replacing the 16th with the rate (10% sounds good to me) written in so that it would take another amendment to change it.
    I like the FairTax also. Either way, something has to be done about our "progressive" income tax, the only thing progressive about it is how it gets worse.

  19. Hey, guy who claims to be an ex-Marine, afraid to post the comment with data showing your assumptions are wrong?

    You can check the data yourself and see that every number is correct.

    So too lazy to check the facts or coward? Or ________ ?

  20. 11 and 12.....
    I'd prefer the Fair Tax to a flat tax. If you have read it, you can't be fooled by the BS the left tries to say about it.
    In addition to no earmarks, every bill must be clean. No amendments or riders to any bill unless they are germane to the main subject of the bill.

  21. Anon,

    If you would have taken the time to READ my reply, you'd have found that I ASKED YOU to repost as all of your cutting and pasting made the reply about a page long, triple spaced.

    If you take the time to write it out, and repost, I would, as I stated, report it.

    And you can spint it all you want but YOUR party, following Cloward/Piven, have almost bankrupted us.

  22. Crawfish,

    I like the Fair Tax and read the book. I'll take Larry's stance on taxation. Anything that rids us of the Progressive's Progressive tax rate works for me.

  23. clyde,

    Agreed. That is why Bachmann is forming the Constitutionl Caucus, so that Trent Lott and the other RINOs can't co-opt the newbies.

  24. Nee,

    It would be amazing how much we could save if 535 people didn't make 175K a year plus all of the freebies they can swallow.

    Barracks and a chow hall, it's all they need. Fort McNair has rooms to spare! They can even ride the Metro to work like the rest of us.

    Of course, Dingy Reid would have to smell the tourists.

  25. The next time some Democommie says, "You people only say no and offer no solutions. (Sniffle, sniffle)." Shove this article in their face.