Friday, November 26, 2010


"My fellow Americans in all 57 states, the time has changed for come. With our country founded more than 20 centuries ago, we have much to celebrate – from the FBI’s 100 days to the reforms that bring greater inefficiencies to our health care system. We know that countries like Europe are willing to stand with us in our fight to halt the rise of privacy, and Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s. And let’s face it, everybody knows that it makes no sense that you send a kid to the emergency room for a treatable illness like asthma and they end up taking up a hospital bed. It costs, when, if you, they just gave, you gave them treatment early, and they got some treatment, and ah, a breathalyzer, or an inhalator. I mean, not a breathalyzer, ah, I don’t know what the term is in Austrian for that…"

All of Obama's various gaffes and misreads from his teleprompter are linked here (bottom link) in case liberals stuck on stupid missed them.


  1. Wonder if Obama's busted lip will interfere with his hoping and changing.

    Wonder if it came from harry or Nancy

  2. Pack Rat,

    It was from some clown in the Hispanic caucus! haha.

    Imagine, Obammy has time to play basketball yet has issued any statement on what we're gonna do about the NorK's.

    The Left went nuts about Bush finishing reading that book on 9/11 yet it has been a couple of days for this nitwit! Although to be fair, his teleprompter may be in the shop.

  3. And yet here the dickhead media hops all over ONE Palin gaffe.SHE ought to know they'd jump all over it,whether she corrected it immediately or not. HJC,between Bite me and Obama,they could keep a comedian going for YEARS,if one had the requisite set to take it on.

  4. I love how Sarah rips apart the babbling fool from Kenya, putting all of his gaffes into a "prayer".

    If a Repub had yammered "visiting 57 states" during election 08, that prancing queen Chrissy Matthews would still be giggling about it.

  5. Classic case of the pot calling the kettle black here Gunny.

    If you want to talk about misreads please watch this video.

  6. I disagee frankie. Obama can't speak w/o a teleprompter and does not know shate about being an American. Sarah, whether you like her or not, IS a bona-fide REAL American and NEVER uses a teleprompter. She speaks from the heart, I know, I have heard her in person.

    Also, Obammy was made out to be this brillant articulate superman whereas Sarah is simply a mom! I'm also amazed that liberal women do not like Sarah, for doesn't she exhibit the highest of what a woman can become? Maybe it's the fact that Sarah is hot and smart, and had more executive level experience when Zero got elected. That had to hurt a wee bit.

    I will check out that video tho. quid pro quo.

  7. frankie,

    Meant to add, Sarah's gaffes are NOTHING like Barry's. I mean WHAT kid doesn't know that there are only FIFTY states and not 57 and that American has only been around for 200+ years, not 2000. Even if the teleprompter broke down, he SHOULD have known that, I mean REALLY!

  8. That depends on what your definition of a real American is. They both kind of embody that Heratio Alger rise to fame which is as American as apple pie. Also being the first black president he came into the office with a huge bullseye painted on him, which if nothing else proves he is a courageous guy (another quality of what I believe defines what America represents). He tries hard to be a good father and goes to church. I disagree that the guy does not have any idea of what it means to be a real American. Just because he doesnt share the same views, activities or culture that you subscribe to does not make him un-American. Nor does the fact that he has been inept within the presidency. But if that were a basis for judgment than Bush43 would be Osama Bin Laden. But you are right on the fact that Palin is a much better speaker. And Im not sure why she really doesn't gain approval from women on the left. She also didn't come from money but earned an education and is currently living the dream. An amazing role model for American women. Being that said I wouldn't vote for her, but she is a very intelligent and accomplished woman.

  9. frankie,

    I must admit, you post was excellent. Obama redefines the word inept and this should be a shining example of what happens when you select flash and glitter over substance and gravitas.

    I disagree that Obama represents another form of "american." He is clueless about or customs, traditions, and courtesies, i.e., bowing to every foreign potentate in sight as well as slighting our allies, i.e., Britain and Israel.

    As far as Bush 43, we lambasted him on my old TH blog for his spending habits but if you study the Muslim mentality, Bush43 marginalized him vice making him a martyr, which WAS smart. Especially since Pakistan was never going to pin OBL down.

    I also would not vote for Sarah for POTUS only because she works better for me as the leader of the RNC, replacing the Jellyfish RINO currently running it.

    Petreaus/Christie/Jindal are my choices as it stands now.

  10. Thank you Gunny and your choices for POTUS literally just dropped my jaw! For the last two years I hadnt put a thought in my head as to who else I would vote for, because I was so hopeful as to what Obama would accomplish. And even though I would not want to see him in another term, I would most likely vote for him over Palin. But the thought of electing Petreaus is brilliance! Who better than to decide about issues during war time than someone who has walked the walk. I know that should not be the pure and sole reason but that choice Gunny just seems to make sense. I dont know too much about Jindal but I'm gonna have to read up on him if your throwing that out there. Looks like Romney may get the nod unfortunately.

  11. frankie,

    As I have stated, I converted both of my sisters to the light and both of the voted for BJ Bubba twice! A poker saying goes: "never throw good money after bad." Obama is a busted hand. He is an ineffectual here and abroad, like a condom with the tip cut off!

    I also meant to add LtCol Allen West to my choice. A rock solid American warrior who stands up for what he believes. I would take leave to work on his campaign!

  12. Jindel might not work just yet, I want to see more of a voting record and Romney? HELL NO! He's another RINO and has Romneycare hanging around his neck. He is NOT a Conservative. Rest assured, we are cleaning out the RINOs from our house, they know it, we know it.

    In any event, we need someone who is willing to go before the American people, tell us the shitty situation we're in, from both sides, and HOW to get out of it.

    The BIG problem is that the Left is the party of NO, always has been, and their idea of bipartisanship is US giving up on our principles for their's.

  13. DAMMIT! Meant to add, Rubio is in he mix as well. Jindal also may turn out to be a RINO and I refuse to ever vote for a RINO, no more nose-holding. He bears watching.

  14. DeMint, JC Watts, Governor Christie, Duncan Hunter....

    As for Obama being unAmerican...
    -He states that the Constitution is "flawed"
    -Every proposal he makes is in direct opposition to the Constitution
    -His SCOTUS appointments oppose the Constitution, support discrimination, and say that they would take FOREIGN laws into consideration over the Constitution

  15. I dont think he was trying to say that the constitution itself was flawed but that society is reflecting things which could not have been foreseen during the writing of it. Even if he did mean that though it really wouldnt enrage me to the point to call him unAmerican. The constitution at one point was VERY flawed! It included slavery as a basis for constitutional representation?! And I really dont agree that EVERY proposal he makes opposes the constitution. Maybe one or two would qualify as unconstitutional by some definitions, but I think you are demonizing him more than really need necessary. He may be a failed president but just because he has failed does not make him unAmerican or someone who hates the constitution.

  16. frankie, frankie, frankie,

    Must I take you to the woodpile on this and issue out a spanking!? haha

    One, the 3/5ths compromise was put into the Constitution so that the slave states could not gain a greater ratio of votes by counting their slaves. Pretty smart of the Founders who believed that slavery would die a natural death. Indeed, if you read the Federalist Papers and other writings of the Founders, you will find this out. I have some solid links if you want, just ask.

    Two, as far as Obama goes, he is getting the same treatment from us as Bush43 got from the Left. Check Zombie's Hall of Shame for a pictoral history of it. In fact, the Left was wearing Kill Bush buttons and nothing was done but let someone say something about Barry and they're racists, hatemongers, etc.

    Here is a very anti-American anti-war paper that Barry wrote.

    It made me want to vomit when Barry flipped off people during a speeech by rubbing his middle finger like some child would do.

    Also, here is a great article that outlines Barry's distain for the Constitution.

    The Constitution does not need to change or be changed, WE need to go back to following it and the game plan that Ronaldus Magnum outlined in the 80's.

    And lastly, I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign an domestic, so did your brother! Evidently, that means Barry and his crowd.

    The Left has been playing hardball since the 20's, we're just doing it too. Obama has so many links to Soros, SEIU, and other unsavory scum like commie radical Van Jones, it is nauseating. If a GOP potus had links like this to say, The Birch Society, the left would be having cows over it. You KNOW I am right!

  17. frankie,

    One more point.

    We have WW IV brewing in Korea and Zero gave the NorK's a "stern" warning. Has he contacted Beijing and told them to lean on their puppet? Nope. But he can sure play BB. He's far too busy getting the DHS to grab crotches and shutting down web sites to really pay it any mind.

    Biden said Zero would be tested and he was. He was weighed, measured and found greatly wanting.

  18. If those who wrote the constitution wanted slavery outlawed they certainly could have done that, they didnt. The senate looked at the constitution and saw that itself was flawed because it DIDNT outlaw it.The constitution is a living document and just because you support things that are not allowed in the document it does not make you unAmerican. Also I did read both of the websites and one was written by Obama when he was 21 in College. And it didnt seem damn America whatsoever, he was just covering activities from anti-nuclear groups on campus. Most of the views discussed were not even that of Obamas but those of who he was interviewing. And yeah you are right if a Republican POTUS had those ties we would go nuts, and we did. Bush43 and Chaney both had very close ties to reconstruction companies operating in Iraq. That is just how ALL politicians are. Obama is just as corrupt as any other president. Neither party is clean from scandal.

  19. frankie,

    No they could not outlaw slavery at the time. The Articles of Confederation had exceeded their "usefulness" and something needed to be done. Thus, the fight to get all 13 "states" to agree on one document was paramount. BTW, Obama thinks the Constitution is flawed because it doesn't "redistribute" wealth enough. Natural law and Conservatism believes that one KEEPS the fruits of their labor with, as a I stated, a "hand UP, not a hand out."

    Frankie, are you aware that Clinton awarded MORE "no-bid" contracts to Haliburton that Bush43 did and that Haliburton was deep in Bosnia, in a "conflict" Bubba profited from? Rest assured, Bush43 will be treated far better by history than BJ Bubba Clinton or Barry.

    When you state: "that is just how all politicians are," you give consent to their activities. The Tea Party, of which I am a member, wants this crap stopped. I hope DeLay does serious time but the Left only does things like slap Rangel's hands, ignore Ghietner's tax cheating, etc.

    Indeed, Dianne Feinstein was directing military contracts to her husband Ralph Blum's companies back in 2007 and was never charged. Scam.

    frankie, in your heart of hearts, YOU KNOW I AM RIGHT! You're a scrapper but liberalism stinks on ice.

    I wonder how many pardons Eric Holder arranged for BJ Bubba and if he got a cut.

  20. frankie,

    Remember, you can email me with questions you don't want to post here or don't want your commie friends to see! haha.

    One more point before I shut down, look at the actions of the libs with a critical eye, as I do. In fact, I, like my fellow Conservative brethren are harder on the RINOs for they truly ARE traitors to our party. The libs are simply carrying on in the Huey Long and Tammany Hall tradition.

  21. Frankie,

    There is some hope for you since you seem to be open for polite debate.

    I must remind you that the Constitution is "legal" document not a "living" document. The left always cherry picks it when it is convienient.

    We have an amendment process that has served this nation well for 234 years.

    The problem with liberals is that they have successfully used the courts to legislate from the bench whereas the merits of these laws would not survive daylight under normal circumstances.

    Thank you for reminding me of why I am a conservative.

    BTW, Obama WILL NOT cover his heart for our national anthem. I see that as a problem don't you?

  22. Gunny,
    RE Delay,
    I think he has valid grounds for appeal.
    Jury was Dem DA and jury filled with self identified libs and Dems and he was denied change of venue.
    Even Holder would have a chance of a conviction with those odds.
    When the go after the other side with equal zeal, I will think it was a fair trial.

    How about going after the Wikileaks turkey??

  23. Wow! Gunny I had never heard that about Clinton which seems awfully corrupt, but there is far more of a conflict of interest when your vice president was the CEO the company being awarded those contracts. Like I said EVERY politician is going to have some skeletons in their closet. By the way what ever happened to Ted Stevens up in your neck of the woods? I was following it for a while and then kinda lost track of it. And Hardnox...thanks...i think? hahaha! But yes you are correct it is a legal document. But there are issues that are in there that are left up to interpretation (ex. Should a felon be allowed to own an uzi?), and things that have been left out which need to be addressed. I am not saying that it is legal to use a court to misconstrue what has already been laid before us, but as YOU said it is living in the sense that it can and should be amended from time to time in order to keep up with the times. But about Obama refusing to cover his heart for the national anthem I have found LOTS of videos and pics of him covering his heart, you can see them here.

  24. frankie,

    Actually, Cheney sold all of his stock and severed his links to Haliburton before taking the Veep slot. Anything else is lies from the Left.

    Of course you never heard about Clinton's antics, the Liberal media IGNORED IT! Just like they covered for and ignored Obama's links to scum like Rezko, Blago, Rahm, Rev Wright, etc.

    Frankie, they may have skeletons in their closets but when they commit crimes in office, they need to be tried and punished, just like you and I would be. For example, the Left embraced a Kluxer by the name of Senator Byrd. Bush 41 threw racist David Duke out of the GOP when his ties to the KKK became known!

    The conviction of Ted Stevens was overturned due to malfeasance on the part of the prosecutor and the FBI who withheld evidence that could have altered the verdict. Naturally, under the corrupt POS Eric Holder, nothing happened to them.

    What makes it so funny is that Obama said that Stevens needed to resign to help "put an end to the corruption and influence-peddling in Washington." This from the guy in Soros's pockets and in league with ACORN and SEIU criminals with Goldman/Sachs lobbyists in his admin, not to mention kooks like Czar John Holdren! (Research that idiot's book and what he said in it!)

    frankie, you're on the right path and as Glenn Beck says, "Question with Boldness!" Facts and Knowledge are POWER (and your friends)

  25. frankie,

    During the campaign he not only did NOT put his handover his heart, but he refusd to wear a flag pin in his lapel. I'm a Fed and when I have to wear a suit, I wear one with pride!

    This pic is from the campaign and he took a lot of heat for it.

    NO real American POTUS would refuse to show respect to the flag like this. As I stated, you KNOW inside that he is a phony and that his admin stinks on ice.

    I understand your liberalness but believe me when I say, the Democrat Party is done. They're a walking zombie and the GOP is next if they don't get the message we in the Tea Party are sending.

  26. frankie,

    Two things. One Ted Stevens died in a plane crash a couple of months ago. Happens a lot up here. Two, you CAN own an Uzi, i.e., fully-automatic weapon IF you pay the tax and IF you pass a background check through the FBI like all legal gunowners have to. I have a buddy who owns a Sten and a Tommy Gun. FUN FUN FUN! Nothing like busting caps and then reloading them for the next day!

  27. Pack Rat,

    That pencil-neck Wikileak scumbag needs to be the guest at a necktie party. When he starts WW IV, I hope he gets his first! Rest assured, NOTHING is gonna happen to him because Europe is loving this. Time to gird our loins and let the world suck hind tit. No more US police officer or US Aid. They can all suck on it except our allies, the UK/Can/NZ/Aust/Isr

  28. frankie,

    Interesting article from your neck of the woods.

    As I stated, the Dems are crumbling thank God.

  29. Frankie,
    Felons are already prohibited from owning firearms and have been for decades. Fully automatic weapons is another issue altogether. A person (usually a collector) needs special BATF permits which cost thousands. Plus they go through extensive backround checks.

    Regarding Obama's stand on our flag and anthem speaks volumns about how he feels towards America. The fact that his handlers have convinced him to cover his heart NOW and wear a flag pin is transparent. He is supposed to be the President of the United States. That means the representative of all the people in this country. Instead he apologizes whenever he is abroad.

    We have NOTHING to apologize for. America is not a colonial power and never has been. The only real estate that we own abroad are the cemeteries of our war dead.

    We have bailed out every nation in a time of crisis for the last 100 years. We apologize for nothing.

    We are the last beacon of freedom on earth. It is high time that liberals embraced that idea as well.

  30. Hardnox,

    Take a bow brother. That was, as Rush would say, a full-throated defense of America and freedom.

  31. Hardnox, Exactly!!! Felons are prohibited from owning firearms! This is a classic example of how interpreting the constitution as a living document is not a bad thing. You know how it is written but the laws have been adapted to the interpretation of the second amendment. Just a GOOD example of how we do not have to take everything from the constitution as a ridged legal document. And you are right, we do not need to go around apologizing to anyone. For all the aid that America gives it is us who should have a line AROUND THE CORNER waiting for apologies rather than those with hands extended waiting for support. And Gunny, just read that article you posted and I regularly read the columns of CW from the chronicle and he seems spot on. I would like to say MOST of us, but it is more likely MANY of us do not align our political ideologies with the far left by whom we are represented by. But unfortunately we lack the progressive reform based parties that the right has, the Tea Party, so we are left with the old adage of the lesser of two evils. Hopefully for our sake we can get something going soon.

  32. Gunny,

    Thanks for the kudos. Comming from you it is a great compliment.

    Semper Fi

  33. Frankie,

    There is definitely hope for you.

    If you are returning to read Gunny's words of wisdom, engage the rest of us, and if you agree with any or all of the what we have said than you are a closet conservative in the making.