Friday, November 12, 2010


Auntie Zeituni, the illegal alien relative of Imam Obama's, sucking up benefits that she never paid into breaks her silence. A MUST SEE insight into the mind of an entitlement parasite. One had to wonder that if she was just some poor schlub's illegal alien aunt, grubbing off of the American taxpayers and the state taxpayers, would they have been allowed to stay her, still grubbing off of us?

And when the host finally dies, the parasites and the illegals will just go to the next free lunch.


  1. You know what? They can have the lunch I just lost watching that, which is a shame, I enjoyed that lunch...

  2. Sad part is ALL these suckers think THEY have it coming to them. Goddamn the dhimmis for starting it,and double damn the repubs for not ENDING it.

  3. Anon,

    HAHA! Yeah. What makes this SOOOOOOO screwed up is that her RICH nephew could care less about her and leaves her on the public dole. Obama has ZERO class.

  4. clyde,

    100 years of progressives telling them they are OWED it, gotta love it.

  5. When she went into court for her hearing to try to stay here as a refugee, she was wheeled in in a wheelchair by her lawyer.
    After the judge said she could stay as a refugee, she got up and walked out of the court on her own with no assistance.
    A lying user through and through.
    A drop of blood runs far, huh?

  6. The man says, "...the mention of her name makes people in Boston very angry..."

    Yeah! Right on! Hey, Barry, why not bring your 1/2 bro over and put him in public housing in Beantown and give him welfare and disability?
    Do it, dude!
    Those beantown idiots think it is so cool to suck off the rest of us, let them pay for a few parasites for a change.
    Funny. Ha ha. Those folks want all the socialist programs so long as it comes from the rest of the country but when it is in their back yard it stinks.

  7. Gunny,

    What I find so repulsive about Obama's auntie is that she feels so entitled and that America owes her.

    Unfortunately, this is how many 3rd worlders feel, however they lack the ability or the will to create their own utopia in their own countries.

    Despite decades and billions in American foreign aid the 3rd world remains corrupt and utterly worthless.

    America has achieved its greatness by attracting the best of mankind from all over the globe. Allowing parasites such as auntie will just hasten our demise.

    She and her ilk need to be deported and America's largess to these cesspool countries needs to be stopped at every level.

    America needs to be charitable to her own first.

  8. And this jerk of a "president has the nerve to quote the bible, and brag about being his brother's keeper. His brother in Kenya is on starvation rations, and as Rush says, living in, "Hut sweet hut". His aunt is on the dole, and Lord only knows what else, and this ass plays golf, and runs around the world embarassing himself, and this country!!!
    Liberals Stink!!!! And Obama taught his auntie well!

  9. beachmom,

    She's like the welfarite in one of Cheech and Chong's movies where the cripple walks up to collect his check and then struts out afterward, hale and hearty.

  10. Buck,

    Exactly right. Everyone wants everyone else to sacrifice.

  11. Hardnox,

    Your last sentence nailed it. There should be NO aliens, illegal especially, who are employed over US citizens. And like every other nation in the world, we seriously need to RESTRICT immigration to those who can HELP us, not bleed us.

  12. Nanna,

    I surmise that Auntie's DNA is rife within Barry. He's simply PLAYING at being potus, just as I said he would back on my old TH blog, and enjoying the ride on our dime.

  13. Gunny:'

    "He's simply PLAYING at being potus,..."

    He is so imature he believes he has just won a popularity contest and the Oval Office and all the trappings are just his prizes.